Your Groom Speech Should Reflect Your Personality - Tips and Ideas on How To Produce Great Groom Speeches

Along with all your groom’s duties, you still have to write your groom speech. Most grooms find their speeches one of the hardest to write because they want it to be perfect. And so does your bride. So hold off on the drinks until after you say your speech at the wedding reception. So, how do you write the perfect groom speech?

Good question and here are a few tips to help you write that perfect groom speech.

First, the only place you can find a "perfect" speech is within your own heart – sentimental, I know but true. A lot of men are under the misconception that good groom speeches must be full of flowery language, clever references and gut busting anecdotes. Let me rid you of these ideas.
Your speech should come from your feelings and memories with a sense of humor added. Your speech isn’t open mic night at the local pub and using a generic script full of popular married jokes is just in bad taste. So that said, how do you write the perfect wedding speech?

You Start With Preparation for your Groom Speech

Groom Speech InformationTake some time to think about what you want to say in your speech. Do some brainstorming and do it with your bride-to-be. After all, if you both agree, you’ll be speaking for both of you. She may want to have a speech of her own. If that’s the case then you can easily share the list of people to thank. You also might want to think about what marriage means to you.

You'll most likely come up with items like fidelity, family, commitment, loyalty, and love. These are the kinds of ideas that you can center your speech around. As the groom, you also have some groom duties to take care of.

As the groom, you’re the guest of honor and it’s your duty to thanks the guest for being there, for those who helped with the wedding plans, the best man, groomsmen, the maid of honor and bride’s maids, your parents and the parents and family of your bride. That’s a lot of thanks but it can be split between you and your new bride.

Your groom’s speech can cover anyone you want to give special attention to and thanks for helping. All weddings and families are different so it depends on your circumstances on what to add to your speech.

The Length of Groom Speeches

Many people who give speeches think they have to talk for certain number of minutes for their speech to be good. However, that’s not the case. Your speech will be perfect if you cover everything you want to cover. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 minutes or 20 minutes as long as it comes from your heart, it will be perfect.

And your guest will thank you for keeping it on the short side. Five minutes is more than long enough to say what you have to say AND for your guests! Five minutes is a long time to listen to someone talk. So as long as you’re reasonably prepared, don’t mumble and stumble through your groom speech, your guests will be eternally grateful if you keep it on the short side. Most listeners are forgiving of speeches because they are there to share the tender moment of the day, not to listen to an Oscar acceptance speech.

As long as your groom speech is given warmly, sincerely, and briefly, they will be as happy as you are.

The Order of Groom Speeches

You’ve done the brainstorming, you share some of the thanks with your bride, you have a list of things you want to say, and so, what order do you say them? That’s easy. Every wedding is different but the first things you say are to the most important people to you. Here’s a list of the most popular topics and the order they are given.

Start your Groom Speech with thanks

Use a sentence or two to express your thanks to the important people you’re honoring. You can start with a quote, saying or poem or just go right into your speech. Be sure to mention what you’ve learned from that person and don’t forget to say his or her name! Continue with others that you want to give special attention to keeping to one or two sentences per person.

What marriage means to you

The second part of your speech should cover what marriage to your bride means to you and what your hopes for the marriage are. Also, cover anyone who has given you any special meaning to your life. Like your parents, uncles or aunts or even your best man.

Ending your Groom Speech with a toast

End your speech with a one-sentence toast. Depending on your life you can toast the guests, such as “May you always be as happy as I am today”, your parents, such as “To my mother and father, who showed me what marriage is like”. You can toast your bride’s parents, your brothers and sisters or your bride. If you try to toast everyone, you’ll be there half the night so keep the toast to one or two sentences.

It’s not mandatory to talk about everyone who had a hand in your marriage plans; you can thank them individually during the wedding reception. Nor is it necessary to make your short stories gut busters or tear-jerker, just talk from your heart. You’ll be surprised at how moving it can be. Don’t forget to practice your groom speech. It will make it more natural sounding the more you practice.Finally, I would like to introduce to an excellent groom speech resource. If you want a quick solution to whatever problem you think you have in writing or delivering your groom's speech - try this complete groom speech guidance site.

The Making of A Successful Groom Speech

Groom Speech SketchIt’s your wedding day. The wedding ceremony is over and it was flawless. Everything went fine. Now you are at the wedding reception and right now waiting for your turn to give your groom speech. The father of the bride is in the last phase his speech and you have to be there in a few minutes. You obviously would like your speech to be flawless again. You know that if you can deliver the speech in style and with confidence there would be wide spread appreciation but if you fail, I don’t want to scare you, it would be nothing less than a disaster.

The clandestine of lettering a first-rate groom speech is in the fact that how you plan and prepare for it. But it’s always easier said than done as a groom also have the whole wedding to plan. It’s your responsibility to organize the service and the reception, select those all important people who contribute to make a wedding successful, organize a wonderful honeymoon … so on and so forth.

Regardless of having to take care of such huge responsibilities it is essential that you keep some time aside to prepare for your speech. A groom speech requires that you do some research before you actually put pen on paper and then practice it several times until you have the confidence that it’s the groom speech you always wanted to give on your wedding day.

By the way, do remember that you are giving the groom speech on behalf of your newly married wife also. So, it would be better to say “my wife and I” whenever and wherever it applies. It’s a wonderful traditional groom speech etiquette that you need to follow.

In your speech you need to personally thank the both your and the bride’s parents and everybody who contributed towards the wedding arrangements. Traditionally you are also expected to extend your tanks as well as present gifts to the best man, the groomsmen, the bridesmaids and others in the bridal party. It’s needless to say that no groom speech is complete without welcoming and thanking the guests who joined you at the wedding reception not just to give company but also o wish the two of you a very successful marriage.

There are several other stuffs you need to mention in your groom speech like appreciating the father of the bride’s speech and assuring him and your mother-in-law that you will take good care of their daughter … and wrapping up your speech with a wonderful wedding toast.

You can scroll down and read the posts already published about groom speeches to get the complete idea.

Groom Toasts - Who Do You Toast in your Groom Speech

The wedding ceremony is over and your wedding vow was quite good, thankfully. Now it's time to get ready for the wedding reception. And now you want your groom speech to be even better. Of course there are other responsibilities and duties that a groom has to take care of. But it's the groom's speech which you know you have deliver perfectly since you are not an affluent public speaker and prepared for it as much as you can. You are confident but overly excited. Only a couple of hours left before the wedding reception is going to take place. Everything seems to be in perfect order but are you really ready with your groom speech? I hope you are. However, let me remind you of a few useful tips on groom speech or toast you need to remember at this last moment.

As already discussed several times groom speeches are generally short and formal in character. You have to thank a lot of people you can have the names in a card and read from it. But the best way to do is simply look around the reception hall and thank the people you think you need to thank. Begin with the bride's family. Then thank all the guests for coming and for their gifts. Thank your parents for everything, the best man and the other groomsmen for their support and the bridesmaid for helping the bride. OK, now look around . . . there's Cousin Paul who helped you to rent this wonderful place … thank him and greet his wife. And there's Uncle Joe and Aunt Kay who came all the way from Arizona just to be present at the wedding reception . . . they deserve huge thanks. I think you got the idea. It's not difficult, is it?

Once you are done with the "thank you's" it's time to praise your bride as well as the bridesmaids or maid of honors. There are quite a lot of posts in this blog on how to do that in style, so I won't be doing that again now. Instead I will say a few words about groom toasts with which you would want to wrap up your groom speech.

Traditionally, the groom toasts the maid or matron of honor, and also other persons from the bride's family including the parents of the bride but nowadays several families don't hesitate to come up with innovative ideas. So, you as the groom you can propose a toast to the bridesmaid also. In fact, for many families it's a tradition to toast the bridesmaid. I like the idea. By the way, you need not recite a verse (well, you can if you like but it's not mandatory) while proposing the toasts. "Ladies and Gentlemen, please raise your glasses and join me in a toast . . ." is fine.

Hopefully, this post will make you more confident and help you give a wonderful groom speech and propose those groom toasts in a classy manner.

More help on groom speeches including sample speeches and toasts could be found here.

More Tips For The Groom's Father To Make His Speech Even Better

A lot of the father of the groom speeches you listen to at different weddings often fail to make an impression. Sometimes they are so long and uninspiring that they bore the audience to death. This isn't exaggeration by any means since it keeps happening more often than not.

Now it's time for you to get ready for your father of the groom speech as your son is going to be married soon and insist that you too should make a speech at his wedding reception. You may be beginning to give some thought to your speech already. You're stressed and a bit nervous regarding exactly what to say in your speech and the way you could deliver it properly. You seem to be clueless and afraid that this would probably lead to a situation that's not going to be very favorable for your reputation. You never imagined that even today you are scared of public speaking like you used to be ages ago. But having said that, since you are reading this article, it's apparent you don't want to end up like one of those pathetic dads who failed miserably while giving their wedding speeches.

Don't panic if you are yet to get started with your speech. You could start writing your speech in a few moments from now. Try to unwind yourself and go through the following guidelines I have listed below. I am sure you would shortly discover that you have the ideas you need to start writing your speech - the one you ought to give at your son's reception party. Honestly it's not that hard to at least compose the speech.

Begin your speech by introducing yourself to the audience. You must keep it short. All you need to mention is who you are and how you happen to be connected to the groom and the bride.

The main section of the speech should be mainly focused on the wedding couple. You could share a few anecdotes with the audience. Try to make your speech inspirational. Don't just hurry through your speech by reading from a sheet of paper.

Be creative with your speech and make it interesting. If you have a good sense of humor make sure that reflects in your speech. Guests love to listen to funny stories about the couple.

Also share a few good marriage related advice to the bride and groom. But do not let your speech become a monotonous preach. Just mention a few that are relevant and also significant.

End your speech by way of thanking your son's in-laws, especially the parents of the bride as well as he entire bridal party and the rest of the guests. Finally toast the newlywed couple congratulating them and wishing for their long married life.

Remember your wedding speech is not measured by it's length but by the amount of applause, cheering and laughs your speech gets.

By the way, in some weddings the father of the groom has to play the role of the best man. Well, your speech as the best man who happens to be the father of the groom, would be necessarily very different from what you just read here in this article. Also, father of the groom speeches are not as common as the bride's fathers' speeches. There are some similarities but they are also very different from various perspectives.

In order to find out more about how you can compose a remarkable father groom speech and, more importantly, to get in depth guidelines on how you can deliver it fluently, visit

Exchanging The Wedding Vows

Loving someone so much, that you are willing to devote the rest of your life to that one person is an amazing feeling, one you want to share with all of those closest to you. I can't think of a better way to express your love not only to your future spouse, but to all of those who are present sharing this glorious day with the two of you, than saying it in your wedding vows.

If there is a day that you want the love of your life to know exactly how you feel about them, and how their love has touched your life, then your wedding day would be it. Take in all of those special moments shared together, and express the emotions through your wedding vows.

Our wedding day is a day we will always remember, and a way to make it even more special and memorable is by showcasing that level of emotion through our wedding vows. Make everyone in the room feel your words. Wedding vows don't have to be strictly the promises you make to one another. They can be so much more than that. The person standing before you is the person you'll be waking up with everyday for the remaining days of your life, so be proud of that, and share everything you have felt from the moment you mat with them and everyone close to you.

Just imagine, years from now on your many wedding anniversaries to come. The two of you thinking back. Taking a walk down memory lane, and the one thing that stands out is your wedding day. The day you two vowed to love each other for the rest of your lives, and those wedding vows are what brings the two of you closer together, remembering just how special they were, how personal they were, and just how incredible they made you feel.

Why make anything questionable, when your wedding day gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase that special bond. Being in love is definitely something to be proud of and something a lot of individuals spend a lifetime searching for. Once you find it, let it shine with your words by providing your soon to be spouse with the most heartfelt wedding vows they will cherish for a lifetime.

I am a strong believer in family values, and one way of ensuring yourself a strong healthy marriage is to never let your partner question just exactly how you feel for them. Start things out right from the very beginning. Make that bond and connection the two of you share even stronger, unbreakable by binding it with emotions they won't be able to question. Include those moments that stood out, that meant something to you, by letting them know just how much. Hold onto that feeling, and make your wedding day one to remember with your very own personalized wedding vows. It doesn't't matter if you consider yourself a very expressional person or not. You made it to the altar and something got you there, so revisit that place, and the wedding vows will just come to you. Trust me, it will be worth it!

Groom Attires, Tuxedos and Wedding Suits

When it comes to wedding day attire, the first thing that comes to everyone's mind is. “What is the bride going to wear?” However, the groom is also faced with a lot of decision making when it comes to clothing as the bride is.

There are many things to consider when it comes to groom attires, tuxedos and wedding suits. Such as, location and setting, traditional, formal or informal. All of these play a major factor in choosing the groom attires, tuxedos or wedding suits. For instance, if the bride and groom are just having an outdoor wedding, then perhaps a tuxedo along with the other accessories such as bow tie and cuff-links might be a bit much. Perhaps a nice pair of dress slacks that still look dressy but casual might be a better solution for a wedding of this magnitude.

The bride is not the only one that wants to impress the guests. The groom also wants to make sure his attire looks appropriate and catches the eyes and attention of the guests as well. Along with every big event that will take place in your life, your wedding day should not be an exception. The groom attires, tuxedos and wedding suits should be looked at and thought about in advance.

Once the bride and groom have agreed upon a theme and the setting, this will make picking out your groom attire, tuxedo and wedding suit much easier. Regardless of the theme of the wedding, there are things you want to take into consideration no matter the setting. Comfort is one of the biggest factors you want to consider when going shopping for the groom attires, tuxedos and wedding suits.

Almost all weddings are full of traditional games and events that take place. You will want to make sure your groom attire, tuxedo and wedding suit will remain comfortable throughout all that takes place during the day. The last thing you want is to be stuck in an uncomfortable wardrobe all night.

Early preparation is key to gaining all you can from your groom attires, tuxedos and wedding suits. Think about it, let's say you wait until the last minute to pick up your groom attire, tuxedo or wedding suit and then on your big day, it fits terribly, and all you can think about is getting the day over with. Is this really how you want to remember your wedding day?

You want to have everyone's attention, but for the right reasons of course, and the easiest way to accomplish this is by starting early, and considering all possible scenarios that will be taking place throughout the day.

The last thing you want to consider when it comes to groom attires, tuxedos and wedding suits is the bride's opinion. This is the beginning of a long and prosperous future together, so getting the opinion of the one you love about your groom attire, tuxedo and wedding suit, can be a great way to start the marriage off right.

Mother of The Groom Speech Ideas

Groom and His Mother
The mother of the groom speeches should replicate the innermost feelings and emotions of a parent toward the bride and groom. It should at the same time portray the spirits of the wedding party in order to make the celebration appropriate. Don't forget to mention all favorable reminiscences and leave out any kind of negative or awkward moments from the speech. Nonetheless, listed here are three approaches on the way to create a mother of the groom speech. Adhering to these three painless techniques you'll be able to put together not just an ideal speech for your boy but also a very heartfelt wedding speech the audience will ever hear from a mother.

While writing a mother of the groom speech the first thing you need to do would be to convey your appreciation to the guests and congratulate the married couple. The introductory section of your speech would be to welcome and say thanks to every person who contributed the time and endeavor to support this special function. You need to seriously extend a very warm welcome to them and express your appreciation on the part of the happy couple. Immediately after you have greet them, you say something about yourself being one of the parents of the couple. Subsequently, this is the time for you to compliment the freshly married couple. Trying to keep this portion of the speech brief is advised so that you may maintain the attention of the audience to hear more from you for the upcoming parts.

The next thing you need to do is to talk about a few things regarding your son as well as his bride-to-be. Share with the audience a few tales concerning the groom right back from the time he used to be a kid until the latest incident you could reveal to the guests. After that, you may point out some positive traits regarding the bride also. Whatever you mention regarding the couple has to be uplifting and favorable. By no means talk about any adverse qualities they might have or awkward moments they have encountered. Bringing up exciting stories, funny memories and upbeat remarks is what you will have to keep in mind while making a wedding speech like this.

Finally, before you wind up, you would want to propose a nicely written toast wishing the couple a great future together. Request every person attending the reception to participate by raising their glasses. This is a fantastic way for you to give a lot more blessings and wishes to the way forward for the bride and groom. Toasting the newlyweds is a traditional and a wonderful way to end not only mother of the groom speeches but all other wedding speeches.

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About Giving A Father of the Groom Speech

When talking about wedding speeches, the speech given by the father of the groom is one that is often overlooked. Guests attending the wedding generally keenly wait to listen to speeches from the best man and the bride's father. But the father of the groom speech can also be as meaningful as any other wedding speech given at any wedding reception. In fact, it can be very similar to a best man speech minus the pranks that are common to best man speeches.

It's a opportunity for you to welcome the bride to your family and also to offer advice regarding marital relationship to the couple, especially to your son, the groom. If done properly, the speech could be both touching and at the same time, amusing. Now, let's discuss how one could write and give a really good father of the groom speech.

First you need to set mood right. It hardly matters who is making the speech as long as the speech is appealing. When a wedding speech is genuine and entertaining, the audience is going to love it. Having the correct blend of sentiment and humor could be difficult to accomplish particularly as men don't enjoy being too sentimental. Fortunately, you are the father of the groom and not the father of the bride and so, you don't need to worry about being too emotional. Well, that's the strength and at the same time the biggest weakness of the father of the groom speech. Without the emotions speeches like the one we are talking about might fall flat.

And considering that you cannot possibly be as hilarious as the best man, it's not going to be easy for you to come up with the best speech of the evening. But don't worry, be sincere, be genuine, share some good, humorous moments from your son's life, express how happy you all are to welcome the bride to the family and mention a few positive traits of the couple - that's the father of the groom speech in a nutshell. If you think you could do that - you are good.

So, now that you have got an outline for your speech (you got it, right?), it's time for you to take some actions. First thing first - get the speech written. Write whatever comes to your mind - later you can always modify it. Remember, to begin your speech by introducing yourself to your audience and end your speech by toasting the bride and groom. Once the speech is on paper you need to practice it (ignore this and you are inviting trouble). Spending some time with your speech and rehearsing it a few times would guarantee a flawless delivery.

Best wishes and enjoy your time at the wedding, you've got your father of the groom speech ready.

Groom Speech - Your Opportunity To Thank The Bride and Everybody Else

The Groom and The Bride
You are going to have a lot of stress on your wedding day. It's not always easy to put all your thoughts together and come up with a nice groom speech. But you can breathe easy without needing to keep worrying about the speech. The key to making a great groom speech would be to get yourself ready for it in advance. This is going to help you calm your nerves and give you the confidence you might need to make a speech in front of the guests in attendance. Below are a few actions you might want to take to guarantee your speech is going to win over the audience and at the same time make the bride very proud.

Firstly, in your groom speech you would want to share the loving relationship you share with your bride. If you aren't great at sharing jokes or don't believe you have a great sense of humor, then consider giving a speech which is sincere and heartfelt. Everybody is going to love your speech and your bride also will definitely be thankful. If you're the type of individual who is fun loving, the audience will probably expect some good humor in your speech. In that case you can include some humor in your speech. However your humor must be limited and tasteful and should go down well with your bride and the rest of the audience. It is important to remember that your speech should by no means be awkward to any guest attending the party.

Secondly, once you've got your groom speech written, revise it again and again until you feel you are fully satisfied with it. Rehearsing the speech with a loud voice is an excellent method of getting the perception of it and also to check whether it sounds perfect. You may also want to recite the speech in front of a friend or two - maybe they could give you a few suggestions to improve it further. Anyway, spending more and more time with your speech is going to make you familiar to it and thus give you the much needed confidence to deliver it perfectly.

Unless you consider yourself as an excellent orator, try to limit your speech to no more than a few couple of minutes. Since you have already got the main points of your groom speech written, it shouldn't be a problem to keep your speech brief. Also make sure you sound genuine as you make your speech.

Grooms generally have a lot of people to thank and groom speeches give them that opportunity. You must thank your bride and express your pride and happiness to be able to have her as your partner. Say thanks to her mom and dad for raising her and helping her become a wonderful woman. You must also thank your own parents for everything they have done for you in life. Express your gratitude to all the entire bridal party and all those individuals who played a role in making the wedding such a wonderful event.

Giving a groom speech could be challenging however it doesn't always need to be. Bear in mind, you are amidst friends and family and all of them happen to be in your favor. don't think of addressing a crowd, rather consider you are talking to people you have known for years and you'll immediately begin to feel comfortable. In that way, you might be not as likely to flounder or fail to remember what you're supposed to mention. And even if you tend to forget to forget something, it is going to be a lot easier to recollect and carry on.

In case you make use of these tips and speak to the guests naturally, you are going to make a superb groom speech. Congratulations and my best wishes for a long, happy married life and also an awesome groom speech.

Glimpses of A Groom Speech I Prepared for Myself

When I met Amanda, I knew she was the one for me. Although, when we met, she was afraid of everything. She had a bad childhood and experienced things that no one should ever have to. But watching her grow into a strong and confident woman has made me fall even deeper in love with her.

Now thinking of our upcoming nuptials. I have to prepare myself for the groom's wedding speech. I want to make sure and thank all the guests that helped make this day so special. Therefore, to start out, I think I will thank her father, for not only the speech he will be giving, but for also welcoming me into his family with open arms.

When I first met Amanda's father, he was overprotective, which is expected and I respected him for that. After I worked very hard to prove myself to him. He then welcomed me with open arms, and his heart as well. I want him to know that he should be proud of what a wonderful person his daughter has turned out to be and that I am very grateful to have met her and have them both in my life.

Following this, I will also thank Amanda's mother for if it wasn't for her, she wouldn't even be here. She gave birth to the woman of my dreams and I will forever be in her depth for that. I want everyone close to my future wife, as well as myself to know, just how truly blessed I am to be sharing this day with them.

Next, I will turn my attention to my best man. He has been my best friend since grade school and without his wisdom and friendship I probably wouldn't be the man I am today. There are many memories I can think back on to include in my groom speech but only a few that stick out above the rest and those are the ones I'm going to use.

Now, I can picture myself looking at my wife, with her eyes shining from the haziness, of her joyous tears. I know she is going to look radiant but I also want her to know it as well. Therefore, I will turn to my wife and tell her how stunning she looks and how lucky I am to be wearing her ring. I want to make sure she is fully aware of how she has impacted my life and made it whole. I want her to look back on this day, and remember my words and all the feelings I put into them.

The groom speech is a very important part of a wedding ceremony. Therefore, if you are a groom struggling with how to prepare for your own speech, just remember this. Be sure to thank everyone for their help along the way, and by all mean thank the father of the bride for delivering his daughter into your arms. Don't leave anyone out, and just relax and be yourself. Then turn to your new bride and make her know how beautiful she looks and how blessed you are to have her.

The Making of An Appropriate Groom Speech

Weddings are a big deal to almost everybody and when it comes to the art of writing wedding speeches, many people fall short of what's expected by family and friends. Generally, it's harder for men than it is for women to express their emotions clearly especially when addressing a gathering. A combination of social stigmas (men who show emotion are seen as 'feminine') and gender roles prevent many men from developing good emotional skills. So when it comes to writing a groom speech, many grooms may be at a loss.

The best man's speech, in comparison, is usually easier for men to write because it involves the groom's best man talking about all the good aspects of his best friend. The best man cracks a couple of jokes and talks about how good of a friend the groom has been to him over the years. But groom speeches need to be focused on why the groom wants to spend his life with the bride for the rest of his life. Why is the woman he is going to marry so different from the rest; why is she his soul mate?

One thing a groom speech should include is a story of how the bride and groom met. What was their first encounter? Paint a picture for the family and friends. The groom must re-live the moment with the bride, bring up the emotions they first felt. Groom speeches should also talk about some memorable moments the groom spent with his bride; what are some things that happened that made him fall more in love with the bride? The groom could even talk about his very first meeting with the bride's father - it's a good opportunity to add some humor to the speech, which is a key factor in making successful speeches.

People are good at emphasizing. The groom should not be afraid to show emotion. The groom speech should talk about some of the hardship the bride and groom went through. How did they help each other pull through the tough times? A little humor is good for a groom speech. The speech should throw some funny anecdotes. For example, what was it like when the two families first met? Did everyone get along? Were there any mishaps? The speech should share the good moments as well as the bad.

Some things that the groom could add are plans and dreams that they've made together. Where have they talked of going on vacation? Where would they like to live? Do they want to rent an apartment or buy a house? The groom's speech should focus on the good things that the newly married couple will accomplish together.

Groom Speech Lines You Can Use In Your Speech

When the groom makes a great speech at a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception, it can be a high point of the wedding day. There are several tricks to doing this well. First, groom speeches must strike a balance between being personal and loving and being too emotional or revealing. The speech needs to be organized and have some solid content. And the groom needs to remember the listeners - a good speech is a gift to them.

Here in this article I would like to share with you a few good groom speech lines (or comments or phrases ... whatever you might like to call them) that you can all use in your groom speeches. Wait a minute, remember to change them a bit to suit your personality and style. And by the way, I don't want all my readers ending up giving groom speeches that have exactly the same words and phrases discussed here. That would be quite funny.

Simply said the groom speech or toast needs a beginning, middle and end. The beginning needs to grab attention and set a tone. It can be a simple, summarizing statement, a joke, the promise of a story, an elegant statement of purpose or an engaging question. Examples include, "What a great joy to be here with one another," "What a surprise to be here this day," and "You have come to share this day with me and (name of bride) and my heart is (or ‘I am’) very, very thankful." If the content of the speech, or the theme of the wedding, uses a metaphor or famous tale, capitalize on that right from the start. Examples might be, "In this moment we are companions on the Yellow Brick Road," ("The Wizard of Oz") "I feel like a young Jedi Knight in the Throne Room scene," ("Star Wars, A New Hope") or, "Why are we here? Tradition!" ("Fiddler on the Roof"). The middle of the groom speech picks up from this beginning. Leaning on a famous story, like the examples above, can be very engaging: Be sure to be consistent with the story, though. In speaking about thanks, or joy, or surprise explain why in two or three points. Make any stories that are told in this middle section suitable for all listeners, and never embarrass anyone by being too off-color, rude, or revealing.

Groom speeches need to have a zippy ending. Make it flow from the content of the speech and use it to pay tribute to others. While the groom may pay particular tribute to the bride, friends and family, a salute to something everyone can connect with makes a fabulous concluding statement. The tone of this kind of conclusion is, "Thank you all so much for sending (name of bride) into our futures with your love. We salute all of you and assure you of our lasting love and friendship for years to come."

Well, I hope you have got some food for thought. Now it's time for you to work with your groom speech and make it really exceptional.

How Groom Speech Templates Can Help You Create Your Groom Speech

Groom speech templates, can be very useful. Let's face it, with all the planning the groom, has to do, he doesn't really have the time, to prepare a carefully thought out speech. He has to help the bride pick the colors, fit for his tuxedo, agree on a cake, and most importantly, take part in the bachelor party. Plus, work his day job, in between time. Therefore, he is very stressed, and understandably so.

Templates are a helpful solution to helping the groom prepare for his speech. They offer ideas to give him a better idea on how he would like to deliver the speech. The worst part of the speech delivery process, is getting started. Since, the groom doesn't have the time to sit down and think of what to say, templates can help. They come in many different genre's, regardless, of what type of personality, you may have.

If you're more of a character, then perhaps, a humorous groom template would help you? If you're the romantic type, then a sincere groom speech template would suit you better? Finally, if you're kind of stuck in the middle, try the traditional groom wedding template. Templates, can help in all areas. You may also want to combine templates, and mix it up a bit. That's a possibility as well.

However, keep in mid that you can also customize the template, and make your speech everything you wanted and more. Perhaps, a template could just give you an idea, on how you would like your groom speech to be. Whether you are simply rushed for time, or just can't find the energy to put your own speech together, templates are an excellent choice to make sure you deliver your groom speech as wonderfully as you can.

There are many useful websites and links, that can provide you with the information you need on getting the template to help. In my opinion, groom speeches are the hardest one's to prepare foe, so don't let the stress get you down. There have been many groom's that have used templates, and been praised for giving such a wonderful speech.

I know even finding the time to sit down, in front of a computer, during this time is hard, but it would be well worth it. Do what many people in your same situation have done, and surf the net, until you find exactly what you are looking for.You'll be amazed with just how much a groom speech template can help, and with the resources available, you will deliver that speech, you are stressing about. Now, you can take a deep breath, and relax, because groom speech templates, are the answer you have been looking for.

They range from fill in the blanks, to fully written out speeches. Although I recommend, customizing the fill in the blanks, just to make it more personal. They are extremely easy to use, and take a huge weight off your shoulders. At a time like this, you don't need anything else to stress about. Go get your own groom speech template.

Groom Speeches Don't Have to Be Boring - Make Your Groom Speech Delightful

An estimated 75% of all people have a fear of speaking in public, and one can imagine that this number is much higher among grooms giving the customary groom speech on their wedding days. This is a time-honored tradition where the groom speaks to the future of he and his partner, and of the family and friends that have supported him. Here are some important guidelines to follow if you know someone who is (or are going to be) in that position soon:

Use a bit of humor! Wedding speeches underline the joy of marriage and eager anticipation of the future, so they do often lend themselves well to humor. And groom speeches shouldn't be any different. A gentle poke at your best man or someone close to you can endear your audience to you and make the speech a little easier to give. Laughter naturally releases tension from the body, and you can bet that you'll probably be stiff as a board up there, so try to make the others, and yourself, laugh a bit. It'll make the process a little bit easier and a lot more fun.

Give credit where credit is due! Your partner's parents for allowing them to take their child's hand in marriage is a popular and due subject for the subject of a speech like this. You should also be sure to thank your friends, family, the caterers, and whoever else you can think of to thank. Remember, everybody there has had a hand in making your big day what it is, so don't leave anyone out of the groom speech.

Give it from the heart! This is your wedding day, and you are going to be bonded to your love for the rest of your life! Pour your heart into this. Hold nothing back; show your audience and your partner how you feel. If you write from your heart, you'll leave a strong impression that they will never forget. This is your second greatest opportunity to express your feelings and gratitude outside of maybe the exchange of your vows. Don't forget to practice so that you can keep your composure during your delivery.

Remember, above all else, you are in the company of people you love, and of people that love you, so don't worry about being judged for what you say. These are people you don't have to be afraid of. Just make sure your tie is on straight and your cummerbund is on good and tight.

Follow these guidelines and you'll deliver a groom speech to remember. Take yourself out of that frightened 75% I mentioned at the beginning of the article, because you've got this! Have fun, and congratulations!

How to Make A Good, Decent Groom Speech

So the big day is approaching and you need some good material that is going to impress your guests. Not good with this kind of thing? That's okay. Just follow this simple guide and you will have an impressive groom speech.

First thing is to list all the things you love about your wife-to-be. Remember, this is just a brainstormed list, so absolutely anything will do. You're going to weed out the big stuff later. Just try to get more than ten items on the list. After you have your list, go through and pick out the five things you would rank highest. Now, list them in descending order, so that the first item is the least of the five - we want to end strong.

Now that you have these five items, spread them out on a full blank page with room to write a few sentences on each. Again, don't worry about being perfect, as this too is just a brainstorm list. What you want to focus on is each item individually. Ask yourself some simple questions for inspiration. When did you discover this attribute? Why is it important to you? Does it have anything to do with any of her family members (good groom speeches include them, especially her Dad)? Go through and do this with all of the five attributes you listed, along with any other information you can think of. Once this is done, go through and cross out the items that you don't want in the speech.

Groom speeches are supposed to be somewhat corny, so don't remove things because you think it demeans your manhood. You want those items in there. Now you have a basic outline of your speech and what remains is putting it all together. Get yourself some note cards. At the top of one card, put the first item on your list, and bullet point the item's explanations you did not cross out. Just be brief, you don't want to read a script, you just want a clear guide for your groom speech.

After this, you should have five note cards, each with an attribute you love about your new bride each with some bullet point explanations. Grab two more note cards. On the first, detail how you met your new bride and how you felt: be brief; be concise. This is your opener. On the other note card, write about your vision of your future together. This is your finale. Practice your groom speech a few times, maybe with your best man and all that is left is to deliver it at the reception.

Why Grooms Might Want To Go For Short Groom Speeches

Before we get to talk about short groom speeches, let me first explain in brief why groom speeches should ideally be short in length. When you think of wedding receptions, you think of food, and drinking. However, it is also a time for the family and loved one's to deliver a speech to the new couple. Along with the family and friends, the groom, and bride will also deliver a speech. Therefore, the wedding speech process may take a while. So it's a good idea to keep the wedding speeches short and sweet.

If you are the groom, rest assure that short groom speeches can still be wonderful and heart-warming. The groom is unexpected to deliver a sincere, moving, and unforgettable speech, and everyone will be focused on him. Therefore, you want to ensure you include everyone in the speech, but make it light and keep it as minimal as possible.

The groom usually follows the father of the bride, and this is a tough act to follow. For, he has probably left everyone teary eyed, and inspired, when talking about his daughter. However, he may have also delivered a somewhat boring speech, and didn't entertain the guests, This is your perfect opportunity, to show off, ands grab the guest's attention. Make the speech interesting from the opening line, hook the audience, from the very beginning.

Ideally short groom speeches are preferred, for, you will be following a list of people, and the guests are usually getting antsy by then. Your speech should not exceed five minutes, and that includes thanking everyone, complimenting your bride, and making a good impression on everyone in attendance, especially your new bride's family.

All can be achieved in that amount of time. Make your point from the beginning, throw some humor in there, add a few heart warming words, and before you know it, your speech is over and well delivered.

While giving groom speeches connect with guests from the minute you begin. Make frequent eye contact, and engage the guests as you speak. You want them to get a personal feel to it, and actually feel your emotion, as you deliver your speech. Don't be afraid to show emotion, this would actually be the best time to let it shine, and prove to everyone how happy you are on this day.

There are some subjects you want to stay away from while delivering your groom speech. For instance, you want to avoid talking about politics, religion, and never use vulgar language. Like mentioned above, keep the ages of the guests in mind while delivering your speech. Although thanking everyone is a must, it is also possible to thank someone too much. Try to only thank everyone one time each, for, the other guests might get offended that you didn't do the same for them. Remember, there are two families present her today, and they are competing for the attention. Therefore, avoid giving them anything to complain about. Keep your subject matters positive, and light, and give everyone a chance to enjoy it.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind while preparing your speech, that's why early preparation, is the key to a great groom speech.

Funny Groom Speeches - A Few Words of Advice

The day is finally here. It's a big day of your life and it is also time to give your groom speech. How about funny groom speeches ? Delivering a comical speech is appropriate, just don't go too far. I'm sure you have told the best man, and all your friend's in attendance how wonderful your personal conjugal life is. However, the children and especially your grandmother in attendance, don't need, and probably wouldn't appreciate hearing that. In addition to this, you won't want to bring up any ex-girlfriends you have had in the past, for, if you do. You won't have anything to tell your friends about anymore, and you can forget about the honeymoon. Therefore, to avoid that from happening, leave them subject matters out.

Since you have decided to go for funny groom speeches, telling jokes are alright, but remember, the bride is off bounds, at least for today, and so is the father of the bride. This day is for your new wife and family to honor and cherish you, and be glad they have welcomed you into the family. You don't want to insult them or offend them, on the first day you became a part of it.

Tell stories that the guests of all ages can appreciate. Add some humorous comments that are both funny, and emotional. This will relax the guests and keep them entertained. You want all the guests to have a good time, especially your new bride. Keep your groom speech sincere, and personal with just enough humor in it, to keep you relaxed and the guests entertained. You want the guests to be focused on you and your new bride at all times.

If you are feeling nervous, then take deep breath's, and try to relax. Use your hands during your speech if you have to, but do not put them in your pockets. Engage the audience, make them part of your speech. You want them to feel as if they can feel every word of what you are saying. When you are making a point, then take a few second pauses, to emphasize that point.

You don't want to be one of those guys who is remembered by his friends and family, who choked when he got up to speak. Remember to relax, and be yourself, if not, everyone will be able to tell. Your speech will come across as being robotic. Just think of all the times you and your new wife has spent together, and use that information.

When it comes to groom speeches, preparation is the key, always write your thoughts down ahead of time, so your not struggling with what to say, when the wedding day arrives. Within that time, little things are going to take place, memorable times, keep notes, and add them as you go. It will be well worth it, to see the love and happiness on your wife's face, and remember, don't go overboard with the humor. You and your friends might get a laugh about it later, but your new bride and her family will not appreciate it. Keeping these things in mind, I'm sure you know which boundaries, not to cross. Do yourself, your new wife, and everyone in attendance proud, by delivering that memorable and comical groom speech.

Top Six Groom Speech Ideas in Brief to Improve your Groom Speech

Groom speeches can be very boring because of their serious and formal tone, but there are ways to make a groom speech a little more fun. Here are ten groom speech ideas that will spice up your groom speech and make it as fun as possible.

One - Have a fun introduction

Two - Give the parents and members of the wedding party presents

Three - Make fun of the Best Man. And be prepared, he will certainly reciprocate.

Four - Tell your first impression of the bride and her first impression of you

Five - Share one of your favorite memories with the bride (maybe the engagement story ?)

Six - End with a famous quote or saying (or if you’re creative make one up)

When all else fails… read examples groom speeches. Example speeches are great at inspiring grooms for groom speech ideas. If you want to get a couple extra laughs in - or have revenge with the best man before he even gives his speech - reading groom speech examples may help you. There is nothing better but reading speeches and ideas from the guys that have already done it. They can tell you what works - and what doesn’t work. And make sure that you enjoy your speech while you deliver it - this is one of the main keys that will make your speech.


There is one thing I am hesitate of … as a groom you cannot make your groom speech purely funny. You must remember the purpose of your speech and not get off subject. As the groom you are in charge of thanking the guests, parents, wedding party, and other people who have helped bring the wedding day together. So please, do not get caught up in jokes, give these people the sincere thank you they deserve.

The Groom Speech Structure You Might Want To Use

Traditionally not all grooms need to give a groom speech at his wedding reception. It depends on locations, cultures and family customs if a groom has to give a groom speech or not. But since you are reading this it can be assumed that you are in fact have to give one during the reception. No problem. To fully understand what to include in your groom speech, you must understand the purpose of groom speeches in the first place. With the purpose we can then understand the tone and format that should be used during the groom speech.

The Purpose of Groom Speeches :

The purpose of groom speeches is to, on behalf of the bride, thank everyone who has assisted in making the wedding ceremony and reception run flawlessly and turn out beautifully. And at the same time share some of his feelings about getting married.

The Tone of Groom Speeches :

The tone of groom speeches is formal. You want to properly and sincerely thank these people for playing such a big role in preparing your wedding and raising you and your wife (the parents).

The Groom Speech Format :

The traditional format of the groom speech is as follows -

  1. Introduction (a funny attention getter, like a one-line marriage joke)

  2. The “Thank you's "

    • the audience

    • the parents (hers-for making her wonderful, yours-for raising you)

    • helpers (whoever helped fund, decorate, or coordinate the wedding)

    • the wedding party

    • the best man (adding a little humor here is fine)

    • your bride

  3. Reminiscing about your favorite memory with the bride (how you first met, first impressions)

  4. Telling the audience why you and the bride are perfect together (what you have in common)

  5. An inspirational saying or quote that references to you and the bride

Additional Pointers:

It is acceptable to pass out gifts to the parents and wedding party while thanking them

It is respected of you to be mature, sincere, and serious during your speech

It is not acceptable to include many jokes

So, that's the most simple groom speech structure that you can try for your groom speech. And don't hastate to use your creativity and sense of humor to make your groom speech special.

The Best Advice for Groom Speeches

Congratulations on getting married! On top of having cold feet, new responsibilities, and being stuck with one terrific woman for the rest of your life, you need to start writing your groom’s speech. Groom Speeches are easier to write, trust me, one of the easiest things you are doing right now anyways!

The best advice for groom speeches is to stay formal. Don’t joke around, be serious, say your thank you’s and sit down. Don’t make your speech drag on too long, and definitely don’t try to make a joke out of anything you say. Trust me, or your speech will turn out to be one big disaster.

The best advice for groom speeches is as follows :

Prepare your speech ahead of time : Use a groom speech template or just sample groom speeches to write your groom speech. Have it fully written out and rehearsed before the big day.

Use a variety of groom speech templates to form the best list of people to thank : You need to make sure you do not forget any one special you should thank. You want to include everyone who was a part of the wedding, helped decorated or plan for the wedding, and everyone who helped raised you and your wife.

Get the list approved by your wife : You should always get the list approved by your wife to make sure everyone is getting thanked. You are thanking people on behalf of your wife as well, so she needs to be a part of making the list of people who should be thanked.

Buy gifts for everyone in the wedding party : If you and your bride choose, you can buy gifts for everyone in the wedding party, both of your parents, and other guests who you believe deserve a special ‘thanks’. Just something small is fine; it is just to show that you appreciated their help and support.

Stay formal during the groom speech : When delivering the groom speech, do not attempt to be funny or crack jokes. That is what the best man speech is for. You are to sincerely thank everyone - so stay formal and sincere! If you must, you can joke when you are talking about the best man towards the end of your groom speech (right before you hand him the microphone!).

Include your wife in your groom speech : Your wife is the woman who made this day possible. She is the love of your life, the woman you are going to be with for the rest of your life. Thank her for playing such a big role in making you a better man. Also, thank her for her love, compassion, and warmth she brings into your life every day with every smile.

At the end, individually thank the best man and introduce him for his speech : Leave the best for last. At the end of your speech, individually introduce the best man. If you want, you can say a few funny remarks or just tell how you two first met. When you are done, introduce him for his speech.

How to Write a Groom Speech in 6 Steps - The Groom Speech Simplified

In this article (actually a t-by-step Groom speech guideline) what I am going to do is break apart the entire groom speech and present it in a simplified manner. The sole purpose of this post, as always, is to make the groom speech creation easier for you.

A funny joke for the introduction - Begin your groom speech on a humorous note
"Marriage is not a word. It's a sentence... a life sentence!"

"A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man."

"Just think, if it weren't for marriage, men would go through life thinking they had no faults at all."
List of people you want to thank in your groom speech
  • Include your family, the bride's parents, and members of the wedding party.
List of people your wife wants to thank
  • You are thanking people on behalf of your wife as well, let her double check your list and add anyone else that she feels deserves a personal thank you.
Your thank you to your wife - Most probably the most important part of your groom speech
  • Thank her for coming into your life and making you a better person. Share with the audience how you have changed for the better and how she has made you more driven to succeed.
Memories of you and your wife you would want to include in your groom speech
  • Here you can include a romantic evening you took her out, the engagement story, how you first met, or even just that one night when she was more beautiful than ever.
Loving quote or saying as the ending

Here is a perfect example:

"Joseph Addison once said, "Three grand essential to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for." With --- we will always have something to do, we will always love one another, and we share our dreams and goals together to hope for."

How to Write a Groom Speech in 5 Days or Less

Quickly and Easily Write Your Groom Speech

It is a week before the wedding and you haven't even started your groom speech. Don't worry, this guide will help you finish your groom speech professionally in 5 days, spending as little as 5 minutes in a day. By spreading it out over a few days you will improve the quality of your speech, plus you do not have to dedicate much time to writing it either.

Groom Speech - Day One

Make a list of everyone you want to thank during your speech - who you are going to thank as a group and who you are going to thank individually. Give this to your wife when you are done and let her add who she would like to thank as well.

Groom Speech - Day Two

Read over what your wife wrote and make changes as necessary. Talk to her about what she would like said and make sure you both agree on whose names are mentioned.

Groom Speech - Day Three

Read through groom speech examples and find a creative introduction. You can use someone else's or an example may inspire you for an introduction. You can also look for wedding jokes related to the groom ( often mentioned as groom speech jokes ) to start with.

Groom Speech - Day Four

Figure out a way to close your speech. Typically it is ended by thanking the wife, going into details about how they met, sharing favorite memories of them together, and then their hopes and dreams for the future. It is typically a loving ending.

Groom Speech - Day Five

You should have combined your parts together day by day, so on this day you want to make sure it flows properly. Reread through your groom speech several times, making changes. Then as a final test, reread through your speech out loud until you can read it without stuttering, murmuring, or messing up. You should continually make changes to your speech until it is easy to read.

How to Prepare to Give a Groom Speech - Advice and Tips on Delivering a Groom Speech Fearlessly

Are you nervous about delivering your groom speech on the big day? Who wouldn't be? I feel for you, I really do. As if you don't have enough to be stressed and worried about already, on top of it being your "big day", you also have to give a speech in front of hundreds of people, in which half (or maybe over half) you barely know.

In order to calm your overall fears try the following groom speech techniques:

Start with reassuring yourself that you are doing the right thing. Go through all the positive qualities of your partner, think of your dreams together, and imagine how you two will work together to accomplish them. (It is not a bad idea to right this down and include it in your speech!)

Prepare yourself for the speech. Be sure you practice your groom speech several times. Start practicing it at least two weeks before the wedding. Read it to yourself in the mirror or say it while you are driving. You do not have to dedicate time to it, but just make sure you know it and that it flows well.

Enjoy your evening. The night of the bachelor's party enjoy yourself. Relax and have fun with your friends, but be careful not to let things get too out of hand. Talk with your friends beforehand about the rules of the party - be sure nothing is going to happen that may upset your soon-to-be-wife.

Get a good night's sleep. The night before the wedding get at least 8 hours of straight sleep. It is not a good idea to have the bachelor's party the night before because you don't want to have a hangover on your wedding day. Make sure you have had plenty of rest and you look your sharpest.

These are some of the basic but very important groom speech tips which some of the grooms fail to understand or ignore only to find later that their groom speeches are what they actually intended to give. So, it is wise to keep it simple and get started with the preparation as early as possible so that you have enough time to practice or rehearse your speech.

Fresh and Creative Groom Speech Ideas

Are you looking for fresh and creative ideas to liven up your groom speech? Well I have some bad news for you… groom speeches are hard to make creative because it is unlike all other wedding reception speeches. Groom speeches are supposed to be sincere thank you's, but there are ways to make this less monotone - so keep reading for groom speech ideas.

Groom speeches should thank all the guests, members of the wedding party, the parents of the bride and groom, and the groom should also thank his bride. As you already know, during some of these parts - like your thanks to the parents - will need to be serious and sincere, but parts you can liven up are the introduction, when you are speaking to the best man, or telling stories about you and your wife.

Groom speech ideas of the introduction : In the introduction you want to get everyone's attention, right? So start it out with a funny wedding joke - this could be one created by you or one you find on the internet (avoid clich├ęs).

Groom speech ideas for the best man "thank you" : Yes, your best man deserves a sincere thank you, but afterwards you can add some comedy in it. He is going to be humiliating you in a few minutes so might as well. You can say something like this, "As you may all know he suffers from a disease that makes him a compulsive liar, so anything he says cannot be held accountable."

Groom speech ideas about your wife : Include funny stories or memories of you two together in your groom speech. The best ones are how you first met, or even the engagement. If you want to be funny you can include both of your first impressions of one another.

An idea can change the world around you and it could be instrumental in transforming your groom speech from average to exceptional. Now, this article is just a primer to your groom speech ideas, to get the complete picture you might want to read the entire Groom Speech Blog as well as a few other recommended groom speech resources.

Free Groom Speech Examples - Find and Use Free Groom Speech Examples

Free groom speech examples are the best resource a groom can use when attempting to write his groom speech. Free Groom Speech Examples teaches you the basics of everything you need to include in your own groom speech. By reading groom speech examples you are teaching yourself the following:The purpose of groom speeches
  • The tone of groom speeches
  • The format of groom speeches
  • Who all to thank in a groom speech
  • What is appropriate to include in a groom speech
These are all essential things to know before writing your groom speech. By knowing this you will cut down the time you spend writing your groom speech and you will increase the quality of it. You can get inspiration for groom speech examples to use in your own speech. You may use exact lines, or a story may remind you of something you and your soon-to-be-wife did.

Essentially, when it comes to writing your groom speech, groom speech examples are your life saver. Not only do they teach you, provide you with jokes, and inspire you, but they pretty much guarantee that your speech will be a great hit.

The more groom speech examples you read, the more creative and more inspired your speech will be. Try reading a variety of groom speeches, and then just sit down and start writing your own. If you get stuck on a section, don’t reread examples, just reread the parts you need. You will be glad you did. Best of luck to you!

Learn How to Write a Groom Speech for Free

So you were just asked by your wife, “Have you started working on your groom speech honey?” And you’re sitting there blanked face… “There’s a groom’s speech?” No need to worry. This short little article here will teach you how to write a groom speech for free!

The first step of writing groom speeches is to define and understand the purpose. The purpose of the groom speech is to thank everyone who has played a part in your life, in your wife’s life, and in putting together your wedding. To do this, you should sit down with your wife and discuss which people need to be individually thanked, which people you should give gifts to, and which people can be thanked as a group.

To help get you started here is a list of the people traditionally included in a groom speech.

The audience (people traveling long distances named individually), your parents, the bride’s parents, anyone who helped decorate, fund, or coordinate the wedding ceremony or reception, the wedding party (best man and Maid of Honor named individually), and then of course the woman who made it all possible, your wife (but try to surprise her about this one).

The good news is, once this is decided, the majority of your speech is written. You will want to get a creative introduction (such as a wedding joke) and you may want to spice it up a little bit here and there so you do not bore your guests to death. If you wish you can include stories of you and the bride, or you can share why you think you two are perfect for one another and thank everyone for their support (great ending).

Groom Speech Etiquette

When it comes to groom speech it is of utmost importance that you are fully aware of the etiquettes related to it. I am talking about groom speech etiquette. You should write your groom speech following the proper groom speech etiquette. However, I will try keeping this short article restricted to groom speech etiquette only and rather not elaborate on wedding etiquette for the groom. Here are a few etiquettes that a groom should observe during his speech –

  • The bridegroom's speech almost always follows that of the bride's father.

  • The groom should cordially welcome all the guests to the wedding and thank them for being a part of the ceremony and reception.

  • In his speech the groom should thank everybody who lent a hand to arrange the wedding and contributed in one way or the other. This includes the groomsmen or the ushers.

  • Thank the bride's parents for giving him their daughter away. Similarly thank your parents for their love and support.

  • Introduce the bride, praise her and express your happiness.

  • Conclude your groom speech by proposing toast to the bridesmaids.

Best Groom Speeches

Best Groom Speeches are those which are thankful (literally), humorous and complete. Best groom speeches are also those which are delivered with utmost confidence. So what does it take to make your groom speech the best? The key to best groom speeches is how well you prepared for it (I have already told these a few hundred times in this blog). Preparation for a groom speech includes doing the necessary research, create an outline of the speech, get the speech written and last but not the least (in fact the most important of all) keep rehearsing the speech till the day before the big day. Practice makes a thing perfect and practice is also what that makes best groom speeches best.

Now, let’s elaborate on the key factors that work together to make your groom speech best –

Research – Go through groom speech resources that are available both online and offline. Watch videos and listen to audios that are related to groom speeches. You will get the idea.

Outline – Now that you have got the idea, try to create an outline or a draft speech based on the ideas you gathered and those that are your own (you should be having some now).

Write – Add words to your outline to create the final groom speech. Not a big deal if you go through at least some of the relevant posts in this groom speech blog.

Practice – Yes, practice. It’s crucial.

So, that’s almost everything you need to know about best groom speeches.

Groom Thank You Speech

The focus of every groom speech is to express gratitude to all those individuals or group of individuals by thanking them for the role they individually or collectively played to make the wedding ceremony as well as the wedding reception party successful. For this reason sometimes a groom speech is also referred to as Groom Thank You Speech.

I have seen grooms whose groom speech was nothing but a long list of people who they wanted to thank. But as far as you are concerned, you may or may not want to limit your speech to the so called ‘groom thank you speech’. I suggest you don’t limit your groom speech to a list of thank you’s. And it’s not that difficult to do. The other things that you need to do apart from thanking several individuals are as follows –
  • Add some humor in your speech by sharing a couple of funny stories involving you, the bride, the father of the bride, the best man etc.

  • Toasting a few people during the speech would be nice.

  • Give away the special wedding gifts you have for the special individuals like the best man and the groomsmen or the bridesmaids during the speech.

  • Express your love for your wife and don’t forget to praise the bridesmaids.

So, that’s it. Thant would surely make your groom thank you speech special. And as always put all your ideas on a piece of paper, write your speech down and rehearse it to make it perfect. All the best.

Groom Speech Format

As I am getting ready to write a few words on groom speech format I just remembered that my last post was on groom speech layout and there’s hardly any difference between the two. Though on second thought or when you think from another perspective there could be a technical difference between the two. While groom speech layout is essentially the initial draft of the eventual groom speech, groom speech format is the prescribed structure or template of a groom speech based on which the groom could compose his wedding speech. A groom speech format could be traditional or temporary and it depending on the style he wants his groom speech to be, the groom chooses the one that suits him best.

Now, let me give you a few tips on groom speech format, though it's not the first time that I am doing so - you will find that I have already written quite a lot on how to work with your groom speech here in this blog. But I don't mind repeating it again -

Greet the guests . . . . simply begin by thanking them. Let them know how happy you are to have them by your side.

This is a big day for you - what makes the day so special for you?

Now it's time to pull that long list of individuals who you want to thank personally - from the groomsmen to the caterers, from the father of the bride to his daughter - thank one and thank all. Propose toasts. A groom speech is all about paying gratitude to all who made the event possible.

Don't forget the both sets of parents - they deserve special mention.

Chip in with a few humorous anecdotes in between.

Did i mention that you should also praise the bride and bridesmaids and introduce the best man to the wedding guests.

So, that's almost a groom speech format for you. Should you like to try a collection of groom speech formats you may check this site.

Groom Speech Layout

A groom speech layout is nothing but the draft or blue print of the actual groom speech that a groom intends to give during his wedding reception. It is easy for the groom to become overwhelmed and find it extremely difficult to sit peacefully and write his groom speech, let alone the question of rehearsing it. But as a groom you know that you just can’t get away without giving your groom’s speech if it’s a tradition practiced by your family for ages. And neither you should since a groom speech is an excellent way to express your gratitude to all those who supported you and your bride not only for staging the wedding ceremony and reception but also being what you are today. Apart from them there are people like the wedding officiants, the ushers, the bridesmaids, the guests who travelled a long way just to part of your wedding – you definitely owe them a huge thank you. So, be positive in your approach and simply get started. And if anything could help you get started right now it’s the groom speech layout which, as I said earlier, is an outline of your original groom speech. You need to plan your speech and jot down the ideas that are buzzing in your mind already. If you are short of groom speech ideas take a look around and you would find several.

Bridegroom Speech - Yet Another Video

This is yet another Bridegroom Speech video for you. Unfortunately the second part of the video cannot be found at this point of time. I promise to post it whenever I manage to get it. So, for now watch this bridegroom speech video and let me know what you think.

Hope you liked it. Don't forget to leave a comment.

Goom Suits

The groom suits are on top of your shopping list when you plan your wedding. You need at least a pair of them if not more. One for the wedding ceremony and one for the wedding reception. When on the lookout for and choosing groom suits it is obviously very important to precisely note the size and shape of the groom and may be the ushers if you are looking to order suits for them too. The groom suits or tuxedos should fit them perfectly. If you can afford you can order designer groom suits which are custom tailored and often worth the money you spend. If you are considering to order suits for the groomsmen make sure that they are matching. However, the groom suits could be special.

Quite similar to what the bride does while choosing a wedding dress so that she looks absolutely gorgeous on the big day, the groom too would like to pick his special wedding dress.

The classic picks, in relation to groom suits, are either a morning suit or a more easy-going three piece suit. A typical morning suit for the groom suit is a perfect fit for the more formal wedding. The most complete morning suit often comes with a three piece pinstripe suit, a top hat, tails and a pair of gloves.

A Few Words on Groom Toast

Every groom speech has one thing in common; each of them has a nice groom toast towards the end. In fact, we can say that no groom speech is complete without a groom toast. If you are the groom, people would love to see you toasting the bridesmaids or others who supported you or your wife and those who made the wedding possible. If you prepared for the groom speech you should always prepare for the groom toast even though all you need to do is raise your glass and ask the guests to raise their glasses but not before you have said a few words of appreciation to the person you are toasting.

Remember that traditionally the groom toasts the bridesmaids but he could also propose a toast to the bride's mother or the parents of the bride or even better each one of them. So, if you intend to toast more than one person make it a point not to repeat the same words again and again.

Well, that's only a quick overview or an outline of a groom toast. You should preferably do some more research (study all posts in this blog) and hopefully come up with the most wonderful groom toast.

Groom Audio - How does it help to create your Groom Speech

Last time I wrote a short post on how the groom’s voice can have an influence on his groom speech. I also noticed that several grooms search for groom audio. Well, I am not sure what they exactly mean by groom audio but can assume that they would like to listen to some pre-recorded groom speech in order figure out how to write a groom speech. Well, you won’t find many groom speech audios online but there are several videos, which serves the purpose with similar efficiency if not better, that you could listen and at the same time watch to. However, since you asked for a groom audio I tried to extract the audio from the following video, embedded it in an audio player and made it available for listening. I like this groom’s speech and hope you are going to like it too. Let me know if you liked it. Happy listening.

Now, listen to the audio version of the same groom speech -

If you play the groom audio and listen to it you would immediately notice the amount confidence that is reflected in the groom’s voice. He seems to be a natural good speaker and more importantly spent quite some time in preparing the groom speech.

Groom Wedding Speech Questionnaire

The Groom Wedding Speech

Q. What is a Groom Wedding Speech in short?
A. The Groom’s Wedding Speech is the speech given by the groom at his wedding reception to thank almost everybody for several reasons (which are quite apparent, I guess) and welcome them to the event.

Q. Who gives the groom wedding speech ?
A. The Groom, obviously.

Q. When does the groom gives his wedding speech ?
A. Right after the father of the bride has given his speech. The groom wedding speech is generally followed by the best man speech. To be precise, the groom speech falls between the father of the bride speech and the best man speech in the wedding speech order.

Q. What could be a perfect beginning of a groom speech ?
A. Thank the earlier speaker namely the father of the bride. Welcome the guests.

Q. How to conclude a groom’s wedding speech ?
A. Introduce the best man and invite him to the podium to give his speech.

Q. Whom does the groom toasts during his wedding speech ?
A. The bridesmaids and, if he wishes, several other persons.

Q. Wait a minute, what to say in between the introduction and conclusion of the groom speech ?A. Good question. Here is your answer – Groom Wedding Speech

By the way, I am sure that you might have a lot of other questions to ask regarding groom speech and I hope that you will find the answers somewhere in this blog.

Without Groom Speech Wedding Planning is incomplete for the Groom

While planning for your wedding make sure that is complete in all respect. And every plan requires that you take action and a wedding plan is no exception. By the way did you include your groom speech in the list? Don’t underestimate it. Without the groom speech wedding planning is incomplete at least for you, the groom. It is absolutely necessary that you plan and prepare for your groom speech right from the word go otherwise you are asking for a huge trouble. Many a grooms just keep avoiding their groom speeches until it’s the evening before the wedding day and pay the price by ending up with a poor groom speech. So, remember to include groom speech while planning for your wedding and prepare for it giving it the importance it deserves.

Do You Really Think This is the Most Sentimental Groom Speech Ever Delivered ?

This is the First Part of the Groom Speech

And this is the Concluding Part of the same Groom Speech

Watched both? Now tell me what do you think of the groom speech? To me it is pretty good but . . . . okay, let me hear from you first. Do comment.

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