Your Groom Speech Should Reflect Your Personality - Tips and Ideas on How To Produce Great Groom Speeches

Along with all your groom’s duties, you still have to write your groom speech. Most grooms find their speeches one of the hardest to write because they want it to be perfect. And so does your bride. So hold off on the drinks until after you say your speech at the wedding reception. So, how do you write the perfect groom speech?

Good question and here are a few tips to help you write that perfect groom speech.

First, the only place you can find a "perfect" speech is within your own heart – sentimental, I know but true. A lot of men are under the misconception that good groom speeches must be full of flowery language, clever references and gut busting anecdotes. Let me rid you of these ideas.
Your speech should come from your feelings and memories with a sense of humor added. Your speech isn’t open mic night at the local pub and using a generic script full of popular married jokes is just in bad taste. So that said, how do you write the perfect wedding speech?

You Start With Preparation for your Groom Speech

Groom Speech InformationTake some time to think about what you want to say in your speech. Do some brainstorming and do it with your bride-to-be. After all, if you both agree, you’ll be speaking for both of you. She may want to have a speech of her own. If that’s the case then you can easily share the list of people to thank. You also might want to think about what marriage means to you.

You'll most likely come up with items like fidelity, family, commitment, loyalty, and love. These are the kinds of ideas that you can center your speech around. As the groom, you also have some groom duties to take care of.

As the groom, you’re the guest of honor and it’s your duty to thanks the guest for being there, for those who helped with the wedding plans, the best man, groomsmen, the maid of honor and bride’s maids, your parents and the parents and family of your bride. That’s a lot of thanks but it can be split between you and your new bride.

Your groom’s speech can cover anyone you want to give special attention to and thanks for helping. All weddings and families are different so it depends on your circumstances on what to add to your speech.

The Length of Groom Speeches

Many people who give speeches think they have to talk for certain number of minutes for their speech to be good. However, that’s not the case. Your speech will be perfect if you cover everything you want to cover. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 minutes or 20 minutes as long as it comes from your heart, it will be perfect.

And your guest will thank you for keeping it on the short side. Five minutes is more than long enough to say what you have to say AND for your guests! Five minutes is a long time to listen to someone talk. So as long as you’re reasonably prepared, don’t mumble and stumble through your groom speech, your guests will be eternally grateful if you keep it on the short side. Most listeners are forgiving of speeches because they are there to share the tender moment of the day, not to listen to an Oscar acceptance speech.

As long as your groom speech is given warmly, sincerely, and briefly, they will be as happy as you are.

The Order of Groom Speeches

You’ve done the brainstorming, you share some of the thanks with your bride, you have a list of things you want to say, and so, what order do you say them? That’s easy. Every wedding is different but the first things you say are to the most important people to you. Here’s a list of the most popular topics and the order they are given.

Start your Groom Speech with thanks

Use a sentence or two to express your thanks to the important people you’re honoring. You can start with a quote, saying or poem or just go right into your speech. Be sure to mention what you’ve learned from that person and don’t forget to say his or her name! Continue with others that you want to give special attention to keeping to one or two sentences per person.

What marriage means to you

The second part of your speech should cover what marriage to your bride means to you and what your hopes for the marriage are. Also, cover anyone who has given you any special meaning to your life. Like your parents, uncles or aunts or even your best man.

Ending your Groom Speech with a toast

End your speech with a one-sentence toast. Depending on your life you can toast the guests, such as “May you always be as happy as I am today”, your parents, such as “To my mother and father, who showed me what marriage is like”. You can toast your bride’s parents, your brothers and sisters or your bride. If you try to toast everyone, you’ll be there half the night so keep the toast to one or two sentences.

It’s not mandatory to talk about everyone who had a hand in your marriage plans; you can thank them individually during the wedding reception. Nor is it necessary to make your short stories gut busters or tear-jerker, just talk from your heart. You’ll be surprised at how moving it can be. Don’t forget to practice your groom speech. It will make it more natural sounding the more you practice.Finally, I would like to introduce to an excellent groom speech resource. If you want a quick solution to whatever problem you think you have in writing or delivering your groom's speech - try this complete groom speech guidance site.


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