Glimpses of A Groom Speech I Prepared for Myself

When I met Amanda, I knew she was the one for me. Although, when we met, she was afraid of everything. She had a bad childhood and experienced things that no one should ever have to. But watching her grow into a strong and confident woman has made me fall even deeper in love with her.

Now thinking of our upcoming nuptials. I have to prepare myself for the groom's wedding speech. I want to make sure and thank all the guests that helped make this day so special. Therefore, to start out, I think I will thank her father, for not only the speech he will be giving, but for also welcoming me into his family with open arms.

When I first met Amanda's father, he was overprotective, which is expected and I respected him for that. After I worked very hard to prove myself to him. He then welcomed me with open arms, and his heart as well. I want him to know that he should be proud of what a wonderful person his daughter has turned out to be and that I am very grateful to have met her and have them both in my life.

Following this, I will also thank Amanda's mother for if it wasn't for her, she wouldn't even be here. She gave birth to the woman of my dreams and I will forever be in her depth for that. I want everyone close to my future wife, as well as myself to know, just how truly blessed I am to be sharing this day with them.

Next, I will turn my attention to my best man. He has been my best friend since grade school and without his wisdom and friendship I probably wouldn't be the man I am today. There are many memories I can think back on to include in my groom speech but only a few that stick out above the rest and those are the ones I'm going to use.

Now, I can picture myself looking at my wife, with her eyes shining from the haziness, of her joyous tears. I know she is going to look radiant but I also want her to know it as well. Therefore, I will turn to my wife and tell her how stunning she looks and how lucky I am to be wearing her ring. I want to make sure she is fully aware of how she has impacted my life and made it whole. I want her to look back on this day, and remember my words and all the feelings I put into them.

The groom speech is a very important part of a wedding ceremony. Therefore, if you are a groom struggling with how to prepare for your own speech, just remember this. Be sure to thank everyone for their help along the way, and by all mean thank the father of the bride for delivering his daughter into your arms. Don't leave anyone out, and just relax and be yourself. Then turn to your new bride and make her know how beautiful she looks and how blessed you are to have her.

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