Learn How to Write a Groom Speech for Free

So you were just asked by your wife, “Have you started working on your groom speech honey?” And you’re sitting there blanked face… “There’s a groom’s speech?” No need to worry. This short little article here will teach you how to write a groom speech for free!

The first step of writing groom speeches is to define and understand the purpose. The purpose of the groom speech is to thank everyone who has played a part in your life, in your wife’s life, and in putting together your wedding. To do this, you should sit down with your wife and discuss which people need to be individually thanked, which people you should give gifts to, and which people can be thanked as a group.

To help get you started here is a list of the people traditionally included in a groom speech.

The audience (people traveling long distances named individually), your parents, the bride’s parents, anyone who helped decorate, fund, or coordinate the wedding ceremony or reception, the wedding party (best man and Maid of Honor named individually), and then of course the woman who made it all possible, your wife (but try to surprise her about this one).

The good news is, once this is decided, the majority of your speech is written. You will want to get a creative introduction (such as a wedding joke) and you may want to spice it up a little bit here and there so you do not bore your guests to death. If you wish you can include stories of you and the bride, or you can share why you think you two are perfect for one another and thank everyone for their support (great ending).

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