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Are you looking for fresh and creative ideas to liven up your groom speech? Well I have some bad news for you… groom speeches are hard to make creative because it is unlike all other wedding reception speeches. Groom speeches are supposed to be sincere thank you's, but there are ways to make this less monotone - so keep reading for groom speech ideas.

Groom speeches should thank all the guests, members of the wedding party, the parents of the bride and groom, and the groom should also thank his bride. As you already know, during some of these parts - like your thanks to the parents - will need to be serious and sincere, but parts you can liven up are the introduction, when you are speaking to the best man, or telling stories about you and your wife.

Groom speech ideas of the introduction : In the introduction you want to get everyone's attention, right? So start it out with a funny wedding joke - this could be one created by you or one you find on the internet (avoid clichés).

Groom speech ideas for the best man "thank you" : Yes, your best man deserves a sincere thank you, but afterwards you can add some comedy in it. He is going to be humiliating you in a few minutes so might as well. You can say something like this, "As you may all know he suffers from a disease that makes him a compulsive liar, so anything he says cannot be held accountable."

Groom speech ideas about your wife : Include funny stories or memories of you two together in your groom speech. The best ones are how you first met, or even the engagement. If you want to be funny you can include both of your first impressions of one another.

An idea can change the world around you and it could be instrumental in transforming your groom speech from average to exceptional. Now, this article is just a primer to your groom speech ideas, to get the complete picture you might want to read the entire Groom Speech Blog as well as a few other recommended groom speech resources.

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