The Ultimate Groom Speech Outline

Before you write your groom speech it's very important that you create an outline for it. - a groom speech outline Not only it will help you to organize your thoughts before you put them on paper but also save you a lot of time. Groom speeches are all about paying tributes, showing gratitude, expressing love and saying thanks. Simply make sure you do that perfectly and in style.

Here's an outline for groom speeches.

  • Thank the bride’s for his speech.
  • Thank the guests, friends and family for attending the reception
  • Thank the guests for the gifts they brought along.
  • Thank the bride’s parents for raising their daughter and letting you to be a part of their family.
  • Thank your parents for helping you to become the man you are as well as for their support
  • Praise the bride.
  • Thank the best man and the groomsmen
  • Thank the bridesmaids and propose a toast for them

Okay, that's an example of a groom speech outline for you. Now it's your turn to add words to the outline and transform it into a wonderful groom speech. By the way, if you want to make it more interesting add some humor to it. And while delivering your speech be yourself and you will do fine.

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The Groom Speech Slide Show

Months ago I created a groom speech video from a power point presentation. You will find the video here in this blog as well as in YouTube if you search for the term "groom speech" or "groom speeches". In fact you will find it on top of all groom speech video results which is very cool. Yesterday while I was going through my files and folders searching for something I came across the original groom speech presentation from which the video was made. I thought why not share it with you. So, here it is. By the way, some of the slides are animated which you won't be able to see ... not the slide but the animation, I mean.

Groom Speech

The presentation was created to promote a groom speech guide which I always recommend if you want your speech to be really stunning. In near future I have plans to create a presentation (and a video) which will be solely on groom speech tips.

Lesson from a Groom Speech video

I want you to watch this groom speech video. In the video you will find the groom giving his groom's speech in front of the guests, friends and families who were present at the wedding reception. Before i come to the speech I would like you to notice the quality of the video. It's way too dark inside. There's hardly any light, at least not enough to shoot a video. You can hardly see the groom and the bride is lost in the dark. It would have been great if we could see the groom and his facial expressions while he's delivering his groom speech. And, yes, the bride too.

OK .... watch it first

Now, let's come to the groom speech. While the groom seems to be pretty confident and prepared for his speech it's hard to believe that he begin his speech thanking the stuffs and the wedding planners. Well, they deserve it undoubtedly but generally their names are mentioned towards the end of the speech and that's how groom speeches should be planned. What about the guests especially those who traveled long just to attend the wedding? What about thanking the father of the bride for his speech (I am sure there was one just before the groom's speech).

However apart from that the speech was quite good and the groom seemed to be in control. And he did get some very spontaneous reactions from the audience which means that they were hearing to him and they liked the speech.

Wondering how to prepare for a groom speech like that or even better? Check this site on groom speeches.

Groom Speeches from readers of Groom Speech Blog

This blog is all about groom speeches and I think I have already posted here enough tips to help a groom with his groom speech. I have already given all I have but I still feel that there’s still room for improvement. But, you know sometimes kinda bizarre writing the same thing over and over. But one my readers gave me a great idea. I will now publish groom speech articles from my readers from time to time. Here’s the first one from Eric Beckinsale who is from Kentucky, USA.

The groom speech is a very imperative part of a wedding reception. As the groom you would naturally want to show how magical the day has been and how you are grateful to everybody who helped to stage the wedding. After all a wedding is quite an event and it does take a lot to make it to the perfection. Now let’s see how we can follow some simple steps to write a groom speech in no time flat.

To begin with, you should thank every person for their attendance. In your groom speech thank the wedding guests especially those who have come a long way just to wish you on your wedding day and be a part of the celebration.

Secondly, don’t forget to thank the bride's parents as well as your own parents for raising you and supporting you during all the stages of your life. Now it’s your turn to take this opportunity and show your gratitude. While addressing the bride’s parents say how honored you are to be a part of their family.

Generally groom speeches are sincere and most of us think that there’s hardly any scope for humor. But that isn’t true. There’s no harm if you can chip in a couple of humorous anecdotes in your groom’s speech. Don’t try to be too funny if you aren’t sure what you are doing. Just a pinch of humor and that would easily help groom speech stand out.

Last but not the least, the bride and the bridesmaids. No groom speech is complete without the groom expressing his thoughts about the bride. If you ever wanted to praise your girlfriend (the bride) do it now. Let the guests know how she cares about you. And why you feel honored as well as lucky to be able to get her as your bride.

Wrap up your groom speech by mentioning the maid of honor and the best man and praising them for their support.

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Groom Speech - key points to remember

It takes a lot of planning to stage a successful wedding. If you are groom you already know that making sure everything work perfectly on the big day could be a tall task. And if you add to it the fact that you being the groom require to get ready for your groom speech, makes it even more overwhelming. But fortunately, writing a speech is a not as hard as you would expect it to be especially if you have the right kind of resources. Besides, groom speech is easier than the other wedding speeches.

Now, what exactly are you supposed to say in your groom’s speech? Most grooms don’t actually seem to know what to include in his speech. Well, if you go through this blog which is exclusively on groom speeches, you will find that there are already enough tips and advices. Yet, I always try to write a blog post whenever I get new ideas that may help the groom to come up with a stunning speech. So, once again, here are three key factors that govern wedding speeches for the groom.

Don’t forget to thank the bride’s parents before anything else -
Normally, the bride's parents, for obvious reasons, play a huge role in their daughter’s wedding. Your groom’s speech is an opportunity to show them your appreciation. Thank them for raising their daughter as well as allowing you to be a part of their family. Also thank the father of the bride for any compliments he might have given you during his father of the bride speech.

Say thanks to your parents also -
You know that your parents also did play their part in making the wedding ceremony a grand success. Don’t miss this opportunity to thank them as well. Tell them how thankful you are for raising you and in making you the person you are. In your speech introduce your parents to the guests attending the wedding reception. No groom speech is complete without the groom expressing his gratitude towards his parents.

It’s your opportunity to speak your heart out to your bride -
Let me tell you that you will not probably ever going to get an opportunity like this to show your love for your bride. Use your groom speech to say everything you always wanted to say to her or about her. Groom speeches aren’t only about thanking your bride for letting you marry her it’s more about expressing your feeling for her. So, keep that in mind while giving your speech.

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