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The wedding ceremony is over and your wedding vow was quite good, thankfully. Now it's time to get ready for the wedding reception. And now you want your groom speech to be even better. Of course there are other responsibilities and duties that a groom has to take care of. But it's the groom's speech which you know you have deliver perfectly since you are not an affluent public speaker and prepared for it as much as you can. You are confident but overly excited. Only a couple of hours left before the wedding reception is going to take place. Everything seems to be in perfect order but are you really ready with your groom speech? I hope you are. However, let me remind you of a few useful tips on groom speech or toast you need to remember at this last moment.

As already discussed several times groom speeches are generally short and formal in character. You have to thank a lot of people you can have the names in a card and read from it. But the best way to do is simply look around the reception hall and thank the people you think you need to thank. Begin with the bride's family. Then thank all the guests for coming and for their gifts. Thank your parents for everything, the best man and the other groomsmen for their support and the bridesmaid for helping the bride. OK, now look around . . . there's Cousin Paul who helped you to rent this wonderful place … thank him and greet his wife. And there's Uncle Joe and Aunt Kay who came all the way from Arizona just to be present at the wedding reception . . . they deserve huge thanks. I think you got the idea. It's not difficult, is it?

Once you are done with the "thank you's" it's time to praise your bride as well as the bridesmaids or maid of honors. There are quite a lot of posts in this blog on how to do that in style, so I won't be doing that again now. Instead I will say a few words about groom toasts with which you would want to wrap up your groom speech.

Traditionally, the groom toasts the maid or matron of honor, and also other persons from the bride's family including the parents of the bride but nowadays several families don't hesitate to come up with innovative ideas. So, you as the groom you can propose a toast to the bridesmaid also. In fact, for many families it's a tradition to toast the bridesmaid. I like the idea. By the way, you need not recite a verse (well, you can if you like but it's not mandatory) while proposing the toasts. "Ladies and Gentlemen, please raise your glasses and join me in a toast . . ." is fine.

Hopefully, this post will make you more confident and help you give a wonderful groom speech and propose those groom toasts in a classy manner.

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