The Best Advice for Groom Speeches

Congratulations on getting married! On top of having cold feet, new responsibilities, and being stuck with one terrific woman for the rest of your life, you need to start writing your groom’s speech. Groom Speeches are easier to write, trust me, one of the easiest things you are doing right now anyways!

The best advice for groom speeches is to stay formal. Don’t joke around, be serious, say your thank you’s and sit down. Don’t make your speech drag on too long, and definitely don’t try to make a joke out of anything you say. Trust me, or your speech will turn out to be one big disaster.

The best advice for groom speeches is as follows :

Prepare your speech ahead of time : Use a groom speech template or just sample groom speeches to write your groom speech. Have it fully written out and rehearsed before the big day.

Use a variety of groom speech templates to form the best list of people to thank : You need to make sure you do not forget any one special you should thank. You want to include everyone who was a part of the wedding, helped decorated or plan for the wedding, and everyone who helped raised you and your wife.

Get the list approved by your wife : You should always get the list approved by your wife to make sure everyone is getting thanked. You are thanking people on behalf of your wife as well, so she needs to be a part of making the list of people who should be thanked.

Buy gifts for everyone in the wedding party : If you and your bride choose, you can buy gifts for everyone in the wedding party, both of your parents, and other guests who you believe deserve a special ‘thanks’. Just something small is fine; it is just to show that you appreciated their help and support.

Stay formal during the groom speech : When delivering the groom speech, do not attempt to be funny or crack jokes. That is what the best man speech is for. You are to sincerely thank everyone - so stay formal and sincere! If you must, you can joke when you are talking about the best man towards the end of your groom speech (right before you hand him the microphone!).

Include your wife in your groom speech : Your wife is the woman who made this day possible. She is the love of your life, the woman you are going to be with for the rest of your life. Thank her for playing such a big role in making you a better man. Also, thank her for her love, compassion, and warmth she brings into your life every day with every smile.

At the end, individually thank the best man and introduce him for his speech : Leave the best for last. At the end of your speech, individually introduce the best man. If you want, you can say a few funny remarks or just tell how you two first met. When you are done, introduce him for his speech.

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