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For long you had intricacy expressing your feelings to your girlfriend. Now that finally you have decided to tie the knot, it's one of your duties to express your love and loyalty to your bride and that too in front of more than hundred guests. Until now you have enjoyed and often laughed at the grooms when they fumbled while giving their groom speeches. Now it's your turn to prepare and deliver a perfect groom speech. And since you found this blog on groom speeches I assume that you realized that your reputation is at stake. I have seen smart guys faltering while delivering wedding speeches. Good for you that you are aware of that and try to find a solution. This blog is all about groom speeches and if you scroll down you will find several posts on how to write, prepare and deliver wonderful groom speeches. If you understand why a groom fails to deliver even a simplest of groom speeches you know what you need to make sure so that you don't. Once you learn the basics it wouldn't be that complicated to find the words you always wanted to say to praise your newlywed bride.

While brainstorming different groom speech ideas I suggest you begin by remembering how you met your girlfriend, the bride now, for the first time. However, the groom speech is not about the bride alone so don't get carried away while paying tribute to her. In fact you should begin the speech by greeting the guests and thanking almost everybody for something or the other. Keep your speech short, express your gratitude to both sets of parents, share a couple of nice anecdotes, don't forget to complement the bridesmaids, the groomsmen including the best man and for God's sake don't try to be fancy if you don't know what you are doing …. And that's it. Do that and you will do justice with your groom speech. By the way, as I have already written in my earlier posts on groom speech, it will work out better for you if you first draft the entire speech first - an outline or blueprint on which you can build the final speech.

My next blog post will be on duties and responsibilities of a groom. So, come back again after a few days. However, if your wedding day is prior to that you can check this resource on groom speeches and toasts to get more help on the topic.

What Could Make Your Groom Speech Difficult

Continuing from what we were discussing in the last post it is quite obvious that most grooms initially depend on free groom speech resources to write their speech. The problem is if you are not customizing a free groom speech sample but trying to put together the bits and pieces you collected from several free groom speech resources you might just find it equally difficult. But you aren’t the only one who has to overcome this trouble. You want to give a funny groom speech but find that it’s not easy to put together a bare minimum groom speech.

So, why most grooms have to have this problem? Well, procrastination seems to be the main culprit. Most people initially don’t give much importance to stuffs like groom speech wedding vows, wedding toasts etc. until it’s almost the wedding day. As a groom you must begin early. Get your groom speech written at least two to three weeks prior to the wedding day. After you are done with the writing practice it for several times. To test your groom speech rehearsal dinner is a nice opportunity and you should look forward to it. Another thing I would like to mention here is while doing the research you should always try to find resources that are specific to your tradition “groom speech uk” should be your search term if you are from the United Kingdom.

These are a few quick tips that often come to my mind while I keep wondering what more to write about groom speeches or how can I help you more so that you could write and deliver a funny groom speech the way you have dreamed of. So, there’s more to come … in fact, I would write whenever there’s a new idea that pops up in my mind or I want you to take note of something …. about your groom speech.

Groom Speech and other Wedding Speeches

What are the major speeches? And what do they have in common?

There are four major wedding speeches viz.

Best Man Speech
Groom Speech
Father of the Bride Speech
Maid of Honor Speech

Apart from that there are other wedding speeches like the bride speech, father of the groom speech, mother of the groom speech so on and so forth.

All wedding speeches have characteristics that are common. Wedding speeches are almost always addresses either the bride or the groom or both. All wedding speeches begin with a introduction and often end with a wedding toast. You will every wedding speaker sharing anecdotes during his or her speech. The best man wants to give a funny best man speech and so does the groom and searches for appropriate groom speech jokes.

But apart from those similarities every wedding speech is different from the other. A groom wedding speech is obviously not the same as the best man speech or father of the bride speech. The groom speech is formal and straight forward in nature until it reaches the stage where the groom pays tribute to his bride.

The bottom line is you should also study other wedding speeches also if you want to make your groom speech really special. The wedding reception party livens up only when all the wedding speeches are in harmony with one another. Just imagine how you would feel if your wonderful groom speech is followed by the best man’s lackluster speech. It might not be bad for you as you delivered a pretty decent speech but it’s definitely bad for the mood of the evening.

Quick Tips For Your Groom Speech

How to write a groom speech – that’s probably why you are here, right? Well, if you happen to be the groom, which you probably are, writing a groom speech is easier than a lot of different tasks that you have to perform during your wedding and after. However, I can’t guarantee that about delivering the speech. In fact you should worry about giving the speech than writing it especially if you aren’t very fond of public speaking. But, wait a minute, all is not lost. You still can give a nice groom speech.

To begin with, you need some groom speech ideas, ideas to write the speech and how to deliver it with confidence at the wedding reception. The best way to get some ideas on groom speeches is to study a few groom speech samples. A groom speech sample or a groom speech example will immediately put you into action. In fact, you can customize any groom speech, include some anecdotes and a couple of groom speech jokes (make sure that they are suitable) to make your speech humorous.

The rest is pretty obvious. It’s already been said a hundred times in this blog but I will repeat them in brief. Greet the guests, praise the bride and the bridesmaids, thank the best man and the other groomsmen.

Best wishes for a successful groom speech. And best wishes for an even more successful marriage.

Groom Speech - The First Step

A wedding toast could be a tough task and if you happen to be the groom the pressure surely is more. Everybody at the wedding reception would be gazing at you when you, looking handsome in one of those gorgeous groom suits, slowly walk up to the place where your father in law, the father of the bride just ended his speech with a thunderous applause. Soon the mic would be in your hand and every eyeball in that hall focused on you. Expectations are high since the bride’s father delivered nothing less than an awesome speech.

But what happened to the groom voice? The audience can’t hear a word he is saying . . . or mumbling, to be precise. Tongue-tied, perplexed and doesn’t know where to hide.

Pardon me if you think it’s exaggerated but I have experienced this not once but several times. But I sincerely hope that you will do much better than that, in fact you can give an iconic groom speech that people will remember in years to come.

As a groom address your audience with confidence. But it requires that you follow a regime. Don’t ever think of neglecting your wedding speech else it’s going to take its toll during the wedding reception party when it’s time for the groom to deliver his speech. If you devote a little bit of your time to prepare for your speech, believe me, you can do wonder. Get yourself prepared for the groom speech or groom toast (you should propose to toast the bridesmaid . . . adds up to your reputation) right now, later you are going to love it when everybody congratulates you for an outstanding wedding speech.

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