The Making of A Successful Groom Speech

Groom Speech SketchIt’s your wedding day. The wedding ceremony is over and it was flawless. Everything went fine. Now you are at the wedding reception and right now waiting for your turn to give your groom speech. The father of the bride is in the last phase his speech and you have to be there in a few minutes. You obviously would like your speech to be flawless again. You know that if you can deliver the speech in style and with confidence there would be wide spread appreciation but if you fail, I don’t want to scare you, it would be nothing less than a disaster.

The clandestine of lettering a first-rate groom speech is in the fact that how you plan and prepare for it. But it’s always easier said than done as a groom also have the whole wedding to plan. It’s your responsibility to organize the service and the reception, select those all important people who contribute to make a wedding successful, organize a wonderful honeymoon … so on and so forth.

Regardless of having to take care of such huge responsibilities it is essential that you keep some time aside to prepare for your speech. A groom speech requires that you do some research before you actually put pen on paper and then practice it several times until you have the confidence that it’s the groom speech you always wanted to give on your wedding day.

By the way, do remember that you are giving the groom speech on behalf of your newly married wife also. So, it would be better to say “my wife and I” whenever and wherever it applies. It’s a wonderful traditional groom speech etiquette that you need to follow.

In your speech you need to personally thank the both your and the bride’s parents and everybody who contributed towards the wedding arrangements. Traditionally you are also expected to extend your tanks as well as present gifts to the best man, the groomsmen, the bridesmaids and others in the bridal party. It’s needless to say that no groom speech is complete without welcoming and thanking the guests who joined you at the wedding reception not just to give company but also o wish the two of you a very successful marriage.

There are several other stuffs you need to mention in your groom speech like appreciating the father of the bride’s speech and assuring him and your mother-in-law that you will take good care of their daughter … and wrapping up your speech with a wonderful wedding toast.

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