Top Six Groom Speech Ideas in Brief to Improve your Groom Speech

Groom speeches can be very boring because of their serious and formal tone, but there are ways to make a groom speech a little more fun. Here are ten groom speech ideas that will spice up your groom speech and make it as fun as possible.

One - Have a fun introduction

Two - Give the parents and members of the wedding party presents

Three - Make fun of the Best Man. And be prepared, he will certainly reciprocate.

Four - Tell your first impression of the bride and her first impression of you

Five - Share one of your favorite memories with the bride (maybe the engagement story ?)

Six - End with a famous quote or saying (or if you’re creative make one up)

When all else fails… read examples groom speeches. Example speeches are great at inspiring grooms for groom speech ideas. If you want to get a couple extra laughs in - or have revenge with the best man before he even gives his speech - reading groom speech examples may help you. There is nothing better but reading speeches and ideas from the guys that have already done it. They can tell you what works - and what doesn’t work. And make sure that you enjoy your speech while you deliver it - this is one of the main keys that will make your speech.


There is one thing I am hesitate of … as a groom you cannot make your groom speech purely funny. You must remember the purpose of your speech and not get off subject. As the groom you are in charge of thanking the guests, parents, wedding party, and other people who have helped bring the wedding day together. So please, do not get caught up in jokes, give these people the sincere thank you they deserve.


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  2. This speech cannot be complete without speaking about the bridegroom: your new son-in-law. This part should focus more on welcoming the son-in-law to your family as well as his family members.
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