About Giving A Father of the Groom Speech

When talking about wedding speeches, the speech given by the father of the groom is one that is often overlooked. Guests attending the wedding generally keenly wait to listen to speeches from the best man and the bride's father. But the father of the groom speech can also be as meaningful as any other wedding speech given at any wedding reception. In fact, it can be very similar to a best man speech minus the pranks that are common to best man speeches.

It's a opportunity for you to welcome the bride to your family and also to offer advice regarding marital relationship to the couple, especially to your son, the groom. If done properly, the speech could be both touching and at the same time, amusing. Now, let's discuss how one could write and give a really good father of the groom speech.

First you need to set mood right. It hardly matters who is making the speech as long as the speech is appealing. When a wedding speech is genuine and entertaining, the audience is going to love it. Having the correct blend of sentiment and humor could be difficult to accomplish particularly as men don't enjoy being too sentimental. Fortunately, you are the father of the groom and not the father of the bride and so, you don't need to worry about being too emotional. Well, that's the strength and at the same time the biggest weakness of the father of the groom speech. Without the emotions speeches like the one we are talking about might fall flat.

And considering that you cannot possibly be as hilarious as the best man, it's not going to be easy for you to come up with the best speech of the evening. But don't worry, be sincere, be genuine, share some good, humorous moments from your son's life, express how happy you all are to welcome the bride to the family and mention a few positive traits of the couple - that's the father of the groom speech in a nutshell. If you think you could do that - you are good.

So, now that you have got an outline for your speech (you got it, right?), it's time for you to take some actions. First thing first - get the speech written. Write whatever comes to your mind - later you can always modify it. Remember, to begin your speech by introducing yourself to your audience and end your speech by toasting the bride and groom. Once the speech is on paper you need to practice it (ignore this and you are inviting trouble). Spending some time with your speech and rehearsing it a few times would guarantee a flawless delivery.

Best wishes and enjoy your time at the wedding, you've got your father of the groom speech ready.

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