How to Write a Groom Speech in 5 Days or Less

Quickly and Easily Write Your Groom Speech

It is a week before the wedding and you haven't even started your groom speech. Don't worry, this guide will help you finish your groom speech professionally in 5 days, spending as little as 5 minutes in a day. By spreading it out over a few days you will improve the quality of your speech, plus you do not have to dedicate much time to writing it either.

Groom Speech - Day One

Make a list of everyone you want to thank during your speech - who you are going to thank as a group and who you are going to thank individually. Give this to your wife when you are done and let her add who she would like to thank as well.

Groom Speech - Day Two

Read over what your wife wrote and make changes as necessary. Talk to her about what she would like said and make sure you both agree on whose names are mentioned.

Groom Speech - Day Three

Read through groom speech examples and find a creative introduction. You can use someone else's or an example may inspire you for an introduction. You can also look for wedding jokes related to the groom ( often mentioned as groom speech jokes ) to start with.

Groom Speech - Day Four

Figure out a way to close your speech. Typically it is ended by thanking the wife, going into details about how they met, sharing favorite memories of them together, and then their hopes and dreams for the future. It is typically a loving ending.

Groom Speech - Day Five

You should have combined your parts together day by day, so on this day you want to make sure it flows properly. Reread through your groom speech several times, making changes. Then as a final test, reread through your speech out loud until you can read it without stuttering, murmuring, or messing up. You should continually make changes to your speech until it is easy to read.

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