Groom Audio - How does it help to create your Groom Speech

Last time I wrote a short post on how the groom’s voice can have an influence on his groom speech. I also noticed that several grooms search for groom audio. Well, I am not sure what they exactly mean by groom audio but can assume that they would like to listen to some pre-recorded groom speech in order figure out how to write a groom speech. Well, you won’t find many groom speech audios online but there are several videos, which serves the purpose with similar efficiency if not better, that you could listen and at the same time watch to. However, since you asked for a groom audio I tried to extract the audio from the following video, embedded it in an audio player and made it available for listening. I like this groom’s speech and hope you are going to like it too. Let me know if you liked it. Happy listening.

Now, listen to the audio version of the same groom speech -

If you play the groom audio and listen to it you would immediately notice the amount confidence that is reflected in the groom’s voice. He seems to be a natural good speaker and more importantly spent quite some time in preparing the groom speech.

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