How to Make A Good, Decent Groom Speech

So the big day is approaching and you need some good material that is going to impress your guests. Not good with this kind of thing? That's okay. Just follow this simple guide and you will have an impressive groom speech.

First thing is to list all the things you love about your wife-to-be. Remember, this is just a brainstormed list, so absolutely anything will do. You're going to weed out the big stuff later. Just try to get more than ten items on the list. After you have your list, go through and pick out the five things you would rank highest. Now, list them in descending order, so that the first item is the least of the five - we want to end strong.

Now that you have these five items, spread them out on a full blank page with room to write a few sentences on each. Again, don't worry about being perfect, as this too is just a brainstorm list. What you want to focus on is each item individually. Ask yourself some simple questions for inspiration. When did you discover this attribute? Why is it important to you? Does it have anything to do with any of her family members (good groom speeches include them, especially her Dad)? Go through and do this with all of the five attributes you listed, along with any other information you can think of. Once this is done, go through and cross out the items that you don't want in the speech.

Groom speeches are supposed to be somewhat corny, so don't remove things because you think it demeans your manhood. You want those items in there. Now you have a basic outline of your speech and what remains is putting it all together. Get yourself some note cards. At the top of one card, put the first item on your list, and bullet point the item's explanations you did not cross out. Just be brief, you don't want to read a script, you just want a clear guide for your groom speech.

After this, you should have five note cards, each with an attribute you love about your new bride each with some bullet point explanations. Grab two more note cards. On the first, detail how you met your new bride and how you felt: be brief; be concise. This is your opener. On the other note card, write about your vision of your future together. This is your finale. Practice your groom speech a few times, maybe with your best man and all that is left is to deliver it at the reception.

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