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As I am getting ready to write a few words on groom speech format I just remembered that my last post was on groom speech layout and there’s hardly any difference between the two. Though on second thought or when you think from another perspective there could be a technical difference between the two. While groom speech layout is essentially the initial draft of the eventual groom speech, groom speech format is the prescribed structure or template of a groom speech based on which the groom could compose his wedding speech. A groom speech format could be traditional or temporary and it depending on the style he wants his groom speech to be, the groom chooses the one that suits him best.

Now, let me give you a few tips on groom speech format, though it's not the first time that I am doing so - you will find that I have already written quite a lot on how to work with your groom speech here in this blog. But I don't mind repeating it again -

Greet the guests . . . . simply begin by thanking them. Let them know how happy you are to have them by your side.

This is a big day for you - what makes the day so special for you?

Now it's time to pull that long list of individuals who you want to thank personally - from the groomsmen to the caterers, from the father of the bride to his daughter - thank one and thank all. Propose toasts. A groom speech is all about paying gratitude to all who made the event possible.

Don't forget the both sets of parents - they deserve special mention.

Chip in with a few humorous anecdotes in between.

Did i mention that you should also praise the bride and bridesmaids and introduce the best man to the wedding guests.

So, that's almost a groom speech format for you. Should you like to try a collection of groom speech formats you may check this site.

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