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When it comes to groom speech it is of utmost importance that you are fully aware of the etiquettes related to it. I am talking about groom speech etiquette. You should write your groom speech following the proper groom speech etiquette. However, I will try keeping this short article restricted to groom speech etiquette only and rather not elaborate on wedding etiquette for the groom. Here are a few etiquettes that a groom should observe during his speech –

  • The bridegroom's speech almost always follows that of the bride's father.

  • The groom should cordially welcome all the guests to the wedding and thank them for being a part of the ceremony and reception.

  • In his speech the groom should thank everybody who lent a hand to arrange the wedding and contributed in one way or the other. This includes the groomsmen or the ushers.

  • Thank the bride's parents for giving him their daughter away. Similarly thank your parents for their love and support.

  • Introduce the bride, praise her and express your happiness.

  • Conclude your groom speech by proposing toast to the bridesmaids.

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