The Groom Speech Structure You Might Want To Use

Traditionally not all grooms need to give a groom speech at his wedding reception. It depends on locations, cultures and family customs if a groom has to give a groom speech or not. But since you are reading this it can be assumed that you are in fact have to give one during the reception. No problem. To fully understand what to include in your groom speech, you must understand the purpose of groom speeches in the first place. With the purpose we can then understand the tone and format that should be used during the groom speech.

The Purpose of Groom Speeches :

The purpose of groom speeches is to, on behalf of the bride, thank everyone who has assisted in making the wedding ceremony and reception run flawlessly and turn out beautifully. And at the same time share some of his feelings about getting married.

The Tone of Groom Speeches :

The tone of groom speeches is formal. You want to properly and sincerely thank these people for playing such a big role in preparing your wedding and raising you and your wife (the parents).

The Groom Speech Format :

The traditional format of the groom speech is as follows -

  1. Introduction (a funny attention getter, like a one-line marriage joke)

  2. The “Thank you's "

    • the audience

    • the parents (hers-for making her wonderful, yours-for raising you)

    • helpers (whoever helped fund, decorate, or coordinate the wedding)

    • the wedding party

    • the best man (adding a little humor here is fine)

    • your bride

  3. Reminiscing about your favorite memory with the bride (how you first met, first impressions)

  4. Telling the audience why you and the bride are perfect together (what you have in common)

  5. An inspirational saying or quote that references to you and the bride

Additional Pointers:

It is acceptable to pass out gifts to the parents and wedding party while thanking them

It is respected of you to be mature, sincere, and serious during your speech

It is not acceptable to include many jokes

So, that's the most simple groom speech structure that you can try for your groom speech. And don't hastate to use your creativity and sense of humor to make your groom speech special.

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