Groom Speech - a video to help you find a great groom speech resource

Actually this is the remake of the earlier Groom Speech video posted a couple of weeks ago. I remake this video because I think it points to the best groom speech resource available on the internet. And I thought that it is quite worthy to post it again. Clicking the 'GROOM SPEECH' link just below the video will take you to the resource page, if you are willing to learn more about it.

Here is the link I mentioned above - GROOM SPEECH

And here is the link I didn't mention above - GROOM SPEECH

You are going to love it. Guaranteed.

The Groom, the Bride, the Best Man, the Groomsmen and their Wedding Speeches

I noticed many web sites and blogs who are talking about wedding speeches often mention the order in which the speakers should deliver their speeches. Well, isn't that obvious. Anyway, as my blog is about wedding speeches, groom speech to be specific, I thought I should also remind you the order in which the wedding speakers generally deliver their wedding speeches or wedding toasts.

  1. Father of the Bride - The Bride's Father is the first speaker
  2. Groom - The Groom's Speech is next
  3. Bride - A short and sweet Bride's goes here between the groom and his best man.
  4. Best Man - The all important Best Man Speech follows
  5. Groomsmen - Though not very common, the Groomsmen's Speech come next
  6. Maid Of Honor - Last comes the Bridesmaids' Speeches.
There could be more speakers like mother of the bride and brother or sister of bride and so on who could come and deliver their speeches there after. But, the Father of the Bride Speech, the Groom Speech and the Best Man Speech are almost delivered in every wedding ceremony and are the most important of all wedding speeches.

You can have all the speeches packed and ready to deliver at Wedding Speeches & Toasts.

Best Man Speeches

In my last post I promised a sample groom speech. Well, that's almost ready but meanwhile i have something else for you. If you don't know already I have several blogs and a full fledged website on best man speeches. So, I thought, why not tell my readers who are mainly grooms from around the world ( actually they are mainly from the English speaking countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa ) about the best man speech sites that I have. May be they could recommend them to the best men they have already selected or will eventually select. I have also put together a best man speech video which tells you about some very informative and helpful best man speech resources. You can watch it on YouTube by going there. Here is the link - Best Man Speeches Video

And you can watch the best man speech video here on this blog, just below -

And if you are looking for the Best Man Speech ebook and CDs mentioned in the video you can get that by clicking the link below.

Great Funny Best Man Speeches and Toasts - fast and quick

Getting married in a couple of days and yet to have a groom speech ready

That's exactly the question I came across while browsing Yahoo Answers a while back. This groom speech question has been already resolved and there isn't any scope to post any further answers. But, I wonder, how many times do people get to hear this. Hey, I'm getting married on the coming weekend, could you help me with a groom speech? If you consider yourself a good enough public speaker, that shouldn't be a problem. But if your voice sinks even when you think that you have to speak to a gathering, you have something to think about. A groom speech is almost customary in countries like UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. And in the United States it is also very much in practice like best man speeches and other wedding speeches. So, there's hardly any chance that you could ever thing of skipping it.

But one more time, I would like to remind you that to write up and deliver a decent groom speech all you need is some actions. You can't expect to deliver better groom speeches simply by searching the web and going through web pages containing tips about groom speech. If you have gone through this wedding speech blog, you have enough resources to start preparing for your groom speech. So, if you barely have anytime before your wedding date, start now. Draw an outline sketch of you speech and start filling up with words. If required you can take the help of the book Groom Speeches* (saves a lot of time). and please don't forget to read the groom speech aloud to yourself once it is done. A if you could manage some time to practice your groom speech, nothing like it.

* Groom Speeches is the best selling ebook written by Dan Stevens. You can have it downloaded and start using right now. That's a big advantage.

Sample Groom Speech - An Example

I want to make it sure that this sample or example groom speech won’t be a very fancy groom’s wedding speech. It’s because the more it’s fancier the harder it gets especially for the first time grooms and, jokes apart, the ones who are not very fond of public speaking. But if you want it that way you can always spice up your groom speech with your stuffs like one-liners and quotations. The other thing I’d like to mention here is that the groom should portrait an image of himself as a responsible person and I don’t think there is much scope to make a groom speech as funny as a best man speech. If you are a groom you should depend on your best man or groomsmen for the fun part. So, let’s start with a sample groom speech. But, I don't think that I could complete this example groom speech in one shot. Sorry, if you are a groom in a hurry. But, nevertheless, this could surely get you started.

Hi everyone! (Ladies and Gentlemen)

Firstly I’d like to sincerely thank everyone present here. Your presence is so important to both of us. My special thanks to those who have travelled a long way, Harry, Ann, Mr. Stevens, (these are the persons who came from distant places) to be a part of this wedding ceremony. Without your best wishes and blessings our marriage wouldn’t be complete. Thanks again.

Before anything else I’d like to say thanks to Suzanne, my lovely bride, from the bottom of my heart. She is the most wonderful girl I have ever met. In fact, she, as a woman, is as amazing as you could ever think of. I’m not saying it as she is my bride today but anybody who knows her would agree. I heard someone saying that marriage is like a gamble, you never know what’s in store for you. But all I can say is, if marriage is a lottery, I have hit the jackpot. Can’t describe it better. Thank you Suzanne for saying “Yes”. You have made me so special. You made me feel like a winner. I can’t describe how happy I am. This is the happiest day of my life . . . no wait . . . this isn’t, because tomorrow will be happier and day after tomorrow even happier than that. This is just the beginning of a happy journey where every passing day is happier than the preceding day.

As I’m delivering this groom speech, I can well remember the day when I first met Suzanne. I used to visit an office at that time for my business; it was like 8 years back. I met Suzanne in that office and soon we began to like each other. We were dating and going places, I was so happy. By the way, if you don’t know already, we were in the same business and used to share our thoughts in spite of being business rivals. I can’t exactly remember when our respect and admiration for each other turned to love for each other. Businessman finds his love in his rival – that could have made a great headline should we were celebrities. By the way, I think Suzanne has got everything that is required to make a celebrity. . . but that’s another story. The rest of this story should more or less sound familiar. After couple of years of dating we finally decided to tie the knot. This is about six months ago and here we are finally in front of you . . . as a groom and the bride.

(to be continued)

And here are some incredibly good sample groom speeches.

Sample Groom Speeches would be next

While I'm writing yet another blog post on groom speech, I wonder if there is anything that I haven't written on this particular wedding speech topic. And I just remember that I am yet to write a sample groom's speech. I have several websites and blogs on wedding speeches which include best man speeches, father of the bride speeches and maid of honor speeches. I am yet to create any blog or site on bride's speech or groomsmen's speech (I wonder if it is necessary to write about groomsmen speeches exclusively). Neither have I written anything like example best man's speech.

So, it's high time I post an example grooms speech so the grooms could have an idea on how to write up decent groom speeches. So, if you are a groom looking for a sample groom speech, do keep an eye on this blog as the next post would be an example groom speech.

By the way, you can find some excellent sample groom speeches here.

A quick list Don'ts of delivering a Groom Speech

While you are working hands down on your groom’s wedding speech, here is a quick list of things you should avoid while delivering your speech.

  1. Don’t procrastinate while trying to get prepared for your groom speech
  2. Don't make your groom speech embarrassing
  3. Don’t make the speech too long or too short
  4. Don't make your speech too funny, too sentimental or too formal.
  5. Don't forget the names of the guests attending the wedding ceremony
  6. Don’t try to deliver a fancy speech
  7. Do not use this stage as an attempt to get even, get back or otherwise hurt or humiliate anyone.

For the complete list of ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of a Groom Speech, refer to the sidebar on your right and select any of the Groom Speech resources listed there.

Groom Wedding Speeches

A Groom Wedding Speech is an opportunity for the groom for expressing his feelings on his wedding day. A smart groom would never let this opportunity pass away. As I have already written in my earlier post you should be actually getting ready for your groom's wedding speech at least a week earlier. But honestly, that's already late because there are several other duties to perform. After all you are the groom and it's your wedding. You just might not find any time to spend a few hours for groom wedding speeches. So, better you start a bit early when you can afford a little more time. Remember that there is no magic bullet, you have to go through the process. Start planning your groom wedding speech right now.

To deliver groom wedding speeches that stand out I have seen even grooms who are not afraid of public speaking, practicing for at least an hour everyday. That's because they wan to impress the gathering at the wedding ceremony with their groom speech. You can find and view some of these great groom speeches on You Tube.

I personally believe that the wedding speech of the groom or the bride need not necessarily be funny like a best man speech or groomsmen's speech. All you need to deliver is a decent, well planned groom wedding speech that suits your personality. However a hint of humor is always welcome. A touch of humor makes every speech sound special and groom wedding speeches are no example.

Guideline for Groom Wedding Speeches

Groom Speech - UK, Australia, Ireland version ?

I have recommended Dan Steven's Groom Speech a number of times in this Blog. That's because I feel like it's the best resource you could have downloaded from the internet. And it's universal, means it remembers that there are Grooms from outside the USA also who might want to listen to him. So, keeping that in mind, his book Groom Speech, meets the expectations grooms from all over the world especially from countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa who needs to deliver a groom's wedding speech on their wedding day.

If you are British living in the UK, an Australian or an Irish and you having your wedding these groom speeches are ideal for you because they mention places or events that will be perfectly recognizable to a audience from England or UK, Australia and Ireland alike . They express your love for your bride and your appreciation of both your parents and your in-laws. These groom speeches also mention your best man in a light-hearted way and end with an appropriate toast to the bridesmaids/maids of honour.

Here is the link to Groom Speech one more time ( even if you are from the UK, Australia or Ireland )

Groom Speech - what to deliver and how

A successful Groom Speech should include a little bit more than what normally is consider being enough, before culminating in toasts to the bridesmaids, parent and his new wife. A smart groom will make up for his lack of experience by seeking help on what to deliver and how to deliver. After all, most men hope to make only one groom’s speech ever. The bridegroom's speech is one of the most significant public speaking occasions in his life. Experienced help with getting it right need not be expensive, and is readily available.

The groom's wedding speech is often the second speech (after the father of the bride) to be made. Here is a comprehensive guideline on how to compose a classic Groom Speech. I hope you are going to like it.

  • You can begin your Groom Speech, like any other occasion, by thanking the previous speaker. Generally it's the father of the bride.
  • Welcome and greet all the guests. Thank them for attending the ceremony and for the wedding gifts they have brought along.
  • Thank the parents of the bride for everything they have done to raise their beautiful daughter and for accepting you as a part of their family.
  • Thank your parents for the love and support they have given you over the years. Share a couple of pleasant memories you shared with your parents.
  • Now thank the people who assisted you with the planning and preparations of the wedding ceremony and the reception. Here you could be general or specific, or may be the combination of two. Just make sure no one is hurt.
  • But make sure that your Groom Speech doesn’t become an unnecessary long list of “Thank You-s”. Thank only those who deserves. You may not say thanks to the commercial suppliers here in your wedding speech. Still if you can’t avoid reading out a long list, put on your thinking cap and be a little humorous. Add a line or two (even some quotes) in between. This will do the trick and keep the audience interested.
  • Now it’s time to compliment and praise your bride. Turn to her and say something that will make her smile and feel proud. And congratulations, you have already reached the half way mark of your Groom Speech.
  • Don’t forget to say thanks to the younger attendants for participating in the wedding. You know the ring bearer, the flower girl and so on.
  • Thank the groomsmen for their support.
  • Now that you are almost done with your Groom Speech, it’s time to thank the Best Man. Thank the Best Man. You can mention a couple of funny moments you shared together.
  • Finally, thank Bridesmaids who have helped your wife through the day. Comment on their charm & beauty - not too much, though, as you may make your new wife jealous!
  • At this point you may introduce the best man and welcome him to deliver his best man's speech.
  • And why not honour your groomsmen asking them to deliver a short crisp Groomsmen's Speech.

Again, to deliver like a true maestro, I recommend Groom Speech. It will not help you but literally get you prepared.

By the way if you haven't yet seen my Groom Speech video, scroll down and watch it.

A Groom Speech resource for you

This is an awesome Groom Speech product and worth having a look at it. It's about everything you need to know about delivering a smashing Groom Speech. Watch the video and then click the link below to learn everything about it.

Here is the link. The best GROOM SPEECH resource.

Hope you will going to find it useful.

Groom Speech - you can deliver it

It was only a month ago when I was browsing the internet for a perfect ready made Groom Speech.

My friend Andrew was getting married and asked me to help him prepare a smashing Groom Speech to be delivered on his wedding day.

While I was browsing through all kinds of wedding speech websites, I happened to stumble upon something very interesting. It was a blog from UK ( or it might be Australia or Canada - I don't exactly remember) about wedding speeches.

A young man of 26 is getting married very soon. and here is what he has to say -

“In about three weeks from now I'm going to get married and all of a sudden it dawned on me that I yet to even begun to think about my groom speech.

Having been invited to attend so many weddings, I do know most of what I have to deliver on that huge day. Thanking the bride's family, complimenting the bride, saying something like why I love her and then finally propose a toast to the maids of the bride and the best man I think present there. Not a big deal. But then again, why I'm getting nervous.

I'm far fro what you call to be a serious guy to be honest, so it might sound a bit weird me being serious for the whole speech. At the same time I can't make it sound funny altogether. You know, it just can’t be ignored any more. I need, I don’t know, may be a sample groom speech or some cool tips on how to deliver a perfect groom speech.

It's not that I'm not overly sweating it, but I can’t just stop worrying about it. It's always there at the back of my mind.”

Congratulations, if your are also getting married soon. Hope you are not in the same situation as our young friend above. If yes, you need to get prepared with your groom speech now. As simple as that. Practice will give you confidence and eventually help you deliver a perfect, memorable and great Groom Speech.

It's important what you deliver, but it's more important how you deliver. Groom Speeches are available for free all over the internet, loads of them actually. But it takes a lot more than that to make a impression, or should I say impact. The style, the approach and above all the attitude - that will make a difference.

Here's my two cents. Be original, be yourself, but also be sincere in your approach, and mean what you say. You can also be a little funny, it's perfectly alright but don't ever try over doing it. It is a special moment for both of you and your bride. It's also a very emotional moment for the bride's parents as they have to say good bye to their beloved daughter and going to miss her company of which they were so used to for so many years. And your parents know that you are a man who's entering a new life with new responsibilities. Please don't say anything that might hurt their feelings, or it may come back to haunt you in days to come.

And remember you have to pick the best man for the 'Best Man Speech'. It can get tricky sometimes. A good Groom Speech will automatically lead to a great Best Man's speech.

Groom Speech

It's one of the most important day in your life. It's your wedding day. And your "Groom Speech" is an important part of the ceremony. As the bride groom, you are expected to answer to other's delivered speeches and deliver your own Groom Speech to your lovely new bride, along with a toast to the gorgeous maid of honor and the beautiful bridesmaids. You know it very well that you are one of the two most important people of the day, and all eyes will be on you with full expectations. You have about only five minutes to thank everyone, make a good impression, and leave people smiling. Boy, is that scary? No, not at all. If you prepare well. Ask your dad.

However, for you alone, the groom speech is not among the major responsibilities of the day nor it is a priority. So, it perfectly makes sense to leave everything to an an expert and keep yourself worry-free to concentrate more on the ceremony itself. There are quite a few resources available on groom speech along with other wedding speeches on the internet. For example, check out this mega pack of Groom Speech specialties which promises guaranteed results.

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