5 Things You Shouldn't Be Doing To Give A Perfect Groom Speech

Why the heck a groom speech is easier than most other wedding speeches? Well, the answer is the groom has to take care of a lot of other duties and responsibilities and could be easily overwhelmed. Just kidding . . . but it is true that groom speeches are simple in character unless a groom decides to make his speech complex.

I have covered almost everything a groom would like me to post here in this blog. So, I thought this time I would post 5 things that you should not do while preparing, rehearsing and finally delivering your groom speech. I will try to keep it short, don't worry.

First, do not procrastinate a bit. If you haven't already, simply start by jotting down the ideas you get from here or anywhere else on the internet on a piece of paper.

Secondly, try not to read from that typical card the wedding speakers pull out from the waist coat pocket. You can of course remember the names in your thank you list, can't you? What if you forget? Just look around while giving you speech . . . most of them should be present at the wedding reception and in front of you.

Thirdly, do not forget to interact with the groomsmen especially the best man and discuss so that you can co-ordinate in a better way which is so important to make not only your groom's wedding speech but the whole wedding reception party a huge success.

Next, never include embarrassing stuffs in your groom speech. Stay away from controversial topics like mentioning the bride's ex-boyfriends name or how you used to dislike Daniel, the brother of the bride . . . you got the idea.

Finally, do not try not to rehearse or practice your speech several times expecting to give an extempore speech. It could spoil the party for you.

So, that's it for this post. You can get more tips and ideas on groom speeches here.

Free Groom Speeches - Pros and Cons

So, you are tying the knot, right? Congratulations. Since you are here reading this I hope that you are eager to know how to write a groom speech and deliver it with absolute confidence. But that is only if you are different from most grooms. Most of us would look for a quick solution and try to grab a free groom speech thinking we can use it as our own speech. I used the word "we" because I was also one of those groom who grabbed a free groom speech from somewhere in the internet but later discovered that several others also used the same free groom speech at their wedding. There's nothing wrong in using free groom speeches but did you know that most of the free groom speeches that you see in the internet are actually sample speeches published to woo the end user (the groom) to buy the original pack?

Everyday more than 300 grooms search for "groom speech" or "groom speeches" or similar key phrases and returned with almost the same result every time. Imagine how many grooms everyday are delighted to find the same old free groom speeches ? So, if you are using one of those free speeches don't be surprised if one of your friends complain that you have copied his groom speech (which actually is not his speech either . . . it's the same free groom speech). Well, it may sound like a bit exaggerated but it could happen to anybody.

So, what's the solution? Simple, customize the free groom speech as much as you can. Copy as many free groom speeches as you manage to find from the web and read them carefully. The sole purpose of this is to get ideas on how groom speeches are written and then based on that you can write your own speech. It's perfectly okay to adopt the style but you should put your thoughts into it. In a nutshell, customize the free groom speech to suit your style and personality.

However, to get the groom speech written is only the half job done. You still have to deliver the speech at your wedding reception. The only way to master it is to practice or rehearse it several times until you are confident of yourself.

So, I hope you have realized that leveraging free groom speeches is not a bad idea provided you are ready to customize it thoroughly. But if you are looking for a faster solution I suggest you spend a little ton get yourself the whole lot of easily customizable groom speeches. And guess what? Most of these packs are accompanied by excellent "How to do it" type guides. I think it's worthy and produce much better and faster results than free groom speeches.

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