Groom Speech Examples could help you write your Groom Speech

The big day is finally here. This is undoubtedly going to be one of the biggest moments of your life. You are happy and excited. You know that it’s going to be a stressful day ahead but for now everything seems to be perfect. Wait a minute, there is only one thing which is making you feel uncomfortable – your groom speech. You aren’t sure about your groom’s wedding speech and kept avoiding it for days. You don’t even have the idea how to prepare for the speech. The bad news is that you have now very little time left for the preparation. But the good news is you can still come up with an excellent groom speech.

One of the best ways to get your groom speech done is going through a number of groom speech examples. Groom speech examples could give you an overall idea of a groom speech almost instantly. Once you get the idea it would be quite easy for you to write or at least draw an outline of your groom speech. You just need to begin the process and soon you will find that you already know what you would like to say while delivering your groom speech at your wedding reception. Remember that you still have to get the speech written completely and prepare for it if you want to impress your bride as well as the wedding party and guests with a wonderful groom speech. But thanks to those example groom speeches that you are finally ready to take some action.

A Good Groom Speech and an Outstanding Groom Speech

How does average or even good groom speeches differ from those that are exceptionally wonderful? A good groom speech is a routine everyday groom speech which is delivered without any major problem. The groom delivered and the audience listened. A few giggles, a sudden blast of laughter (which faded out pretty soon), occasional claps – a typical groom speech … nothing entertaining about it. It’s just a decent groom speech.

On the other hand groom speeches that are exceptionally good or outstanding are different. Such groom speeches are humorous, relate to the audience and thus are captivating. They are perfect when it comes to the formalities and yet entertaining because the speakers often dare to go beyond formalities. Did you ever listen to a groom who delivered an awesome groom speech? If you could remember, he was relaxed, confident, knew every word he was going to say and had a great sense of humor.

So, what does it take to make a truly outstanding groom speech? Can you see yourself relaxed and fully in control at the time of delivering your groom speech? If not, don’t give up. If you trust me you can expect to deliver an outstanding groom speech. When you are confident you are relaxed and when you are relaxed you are always in control of what you say. And don’t worry, if you don’t think you have a great sense of humor. You do have some sense of humor. We all have. And that should be enough to make your groom speech interesting. Work hard and give your best and you too could produce a wonderful and memorable groom speech.

Your Groom Speech Just Got Easier

Taking into consideration what you are going to say for your groom speech at your wedding reception scared the hell out of you once the initial excitement (of getting married) is over. A few simple tips will make sure that your groom speech is no worse than anybody else’s. The audience wants you to speak from heart. And you need to oblige them with a sincere yet light-hearted speech. The groom speech generally falls in between the father of the bride speech and the best man speech. The father of the bride speech is typically more somber while the best man speech often has several funny and even somewhat awkward stories.

It is conventional to expect a groom speech to honor and express thanks to everybody who has attended or assisted in arrangement of the marriage. However, the last thing you would want is make your groom speech sound like a monotonous checklist. Despite the fact that preferably you would prepare for your groom speech ahead of time, it is vital that you listen to the father of the bride speech and take on from there.  Similarly, towards the end of the speech, after you have said a few words of praise about the bride (and don’t forget the bridesmaids) and done with the toasting you can say a couple of line about the best man again (you should have mentioned about him already in your speech) and welcome him to deliver his speech. This is a nice gesture from your part and would give the best man a cue from where he could take on and begin his speech.

If you can talk you can give a groom speech - it's as simple as this. Do you say "thank you" when somebody congratulates you for something or wishes you on your birthday? I am sure you do. And you will be happy to learn that almost half of a groom speech is about thanking several people including the guests, the groomsmen and the bridesmaids and everybody else who is present at the wedding reception. So, the main difference between saying thanks to your buddy and thanking the guests at the wedding is nothing but the difference between the number of people you are addressing to. Yes, if you are a bit introvert by nature you could feel shy why praising the bride in the presence of so many people. But practicing it several times would definitely make it easier for you.

I would request you to read the other posts of this blog to learn more about writing and delivering groom speeches and toasts.

Basic Guide to Write a Groom Speech

Most of the grooms have no idea where to start and what to do with the groom speech, nevertheless the groom have to prepare the speech, so the bride. It is hard and very important speech as the groom the second speaker after the bride’s father. So here is some base point of the speech.

First of all and this is the most important: You have to thank and praise your beloved bride
  1. Thank the father to raise a lovely girl to a beautiful woman.
  2. Thanks both families to help you and your bride, to achieve this day.
  3. Thank the bridesmaid in honor /Bridesmaids, and families and the best man to help you trough your journey to the wedding.
  4. Thank all the audience and helpers for they present and to help you to organize the wedding.
  5. Thanks all the peoples who helped you and your bride to become whoever you are.
This is the 6 main turning points in your groom speech. However never forget the fact; you have to thank so many peoples. Keep your speech short and pay attention for the details.

Never leave any of the bride’s parents out of your speech and never praise to much the bride’s mother.

Keep your groom speech nice and simple. Longer speeches often tend to get boring. So, keep your speech short too.

Last but not least: Answer all your questions to yourself, and if you have the answers write it down, this will give you the blueprint of your speech.

Write a Heart Filled Groom Speech in less than 10 minutes

So you are about to get married, CONGRATULATIONS!! Now, I know your brain has been on maximum overload the past few months, and you have not taken much time to think of your groom’s speech. But it’s okay. Don’t panic, I have been a part of plenty of weddings, and I am here to help you write and deliver your groom’s speech.

How to write a Groom Speech

  1. Thank your family and friends
    Thank everyone for their support and for coming to the reception.
  2. Thank your parents
    Thank your parents for how wonderfully they raised you, for their support and advice in making this day perfect. Share a story or an example of how your parents have supported you throughout your life.
  3. Shine the light on your bride
    Clarify why you two are so amazingly perfect together. Tell a short funny, romantic moment you two shared or maybe even share the two of your dreams with the guests.
  4. Direct the attention towards the best man
    Explain to the guests why you chose him as your best man, and then introduce him and allow him to make his best man’s speech.

How to deliver a Groom Speech

  1. NEVER read it off a piece of paper. Make your speech from the heart; it will be easier to remember.
  2. You’re not being judged. Relax and let your speech come from your heart.
  3. DO NOT make it long. Short and sweet is the key.
  4. When talking about someone, look in their direction.

A Groom Speech is followed by the Best Man Speech

There are lot similarities between all wedding speeches. Fundamentally all wedding speeches are quite similar if you look closely. For example the groom speech and the father of the bride speech. But if one speech is truly different from a groom speech is the best man speech. A best man speech is easily the most engaging of all wedding speeches that are given at a wedding reception. While al other wedding speeches mostly focus the bride, the best man speech is focused on the groom. Traditionally the best man gives his best man speech right after the groom has delivered his wedding speech. Instead of writing more on best man here, I would better suggest you to go to the Best Man Speech Insight website and learn everything you might want to learn about best man speeches.

A Few More Words on Groom Speech

For long you had intricacy expressing your feelings to your girlfriend. Now that finally you have decided to tie the knot, it's one of your duties to express your love and loyalty to your bride and that too in front of more than hundred guests. Until now you have enjoyed and often laughed at the grooms when they fumbled while giving their groom speeches. Now it's your turn to prepare and deliver a perfect groom speech. And since you found this blog on groom speeches I assume that you realized that your reputation is at stake. I have seen smart guys faltering while delivering wedding speeches. Good for you that you are aware of that and try to find a solution. This blog is all about groom speeches and if you scroll down you will find several posts on how to write, prepare and deliver wonderful groom speeches. If you understand why a groom fails to deliver even a simplest of groom speeches you know what you need to make sure so that you don't. Once you learn the basics it wouldn't be that complicated to find the words you always wanted to say to praise your newlywed bride.

While brainstorming different groom speech ideas I suggest you begin by remembering how you met your girlfriend, the bride now, for the first time. However, the groom speech is not about the bride alone so don't get carried away while paying tribute to her. In fact you should begin the speech by greeting the guests and thanking almost everybody for something or the other. Keep your speech short, express your gratitude to both sets of parents, share a couple of nice anecdotes, don't forget to complement the bridesmaids, the groomsmen including the best man and for God's sake don't try to be fancy if you don't know what you are doing …. And that's it. Do that and you will do justice with your groom speech. By the way, as I have already written in my earlier posts on groom speech, it will work out better for you if you first draft the entire speech first - an outline or blueprint on which you can build the final speech.

My next blog post will be on duties and responsibilities of a groom. So, come back again after a few days. However, if your wedding day is prior to that you can check this resource on groom speeches and toasts to get more help on the topic.

What Could Make Your Groom Speech Difficult

Continuing from what we were discussing in the last post it is quite obvious that most grooms initially depend on free groom speech resources to write their speech. The problem is if you are not customizing a free groom speech sample but trying to put together the bits and pieces you collected from several free groom speech resources you might just find it equally difficult. But you aren’t the only one who has to overcome this trouble. You want to give a funny groom speech but find that it’s not easy to put together a bare minimum groom speech.

So, why most grooms have to have this problem? Well, procrastination seems to be the main culprit. Most people initially don’t give much importance to stuffs like groom speech wedding vows, wedding toasts etc. until it’s almost the wedding day. As a groom you must begin early. Get your groom speech written at least two to three weeks prior to the wedding day. After you are done with the writing practice it for several times. To test your groom speech rehearsal dinner is a nice opportunity and you should look forward to it. Another thing I would like to mention here is while doing the research you should always try to find resources that are specific to your tradition “groom speech uk” should be your search term if you are from the United Kingdom.

These are a few quick tips that often come to my mind while I keep wondering what more to write about groom speeches or how can I help you more so that you could write and deliver a funny groom speech the way you have dreamed of. So, there’s more to come … in fact, I would write whenever there’s a new idea that pops up in my mind or I want you to take note of something …. about your groom speech.

Groom Speech and other Wedding Speeches

What are the major speeches? And what do they have in common?

There are four major wedding speeches viz.

Best Man Speech
Groom Speech
Father of the Bride Speech
Maid of Honor Speech

Apart from that there are other wedding speeches like the bride speech, father of the groom speech, mother of the groom speech so on and so forth.

All wedding speeches have characteristics that are common. Wedding speeches are almost always addresses either the bride or the groom or both. All wedding speeches begin with a introduction and often end with a wedding toast. You will every wedding speaker sharing anecdotes during his or her speech. The best man wants to give a funny best man speech and so does the groom and searches for appropriate groom speech jokes.

But apart from those similarities every wedding speech is different from the other. A groom wedding speech is obviously not the same as the best man speech or father of the bride speech. The groom speech is formal and straight forward in nature until it reaches the stage where the groom pays tribute to his bride.

The bottom line is you should also study other wedding speeches also if you want to make your groom speech really special. The wedding reception party livens up only when all the wedding speeches are in harmony with one another. Just imagine how you would feel if your wonderful groom speech is followed by the best man’s lackluster speech. It might not be bad for you as you delivered a pretty decent speech but it’s definitely bad for the mood of the evening.

Quick Tips For Your Groom Speech

How to write a groom speech – that’s probably why you are here, right? Well, if you happen to be the groom, which you probably are, writing a groom speech is easier than a lot of different tasks that you have to perform during your wedding and after. However, I can’t guarantee that about delivering the speech. In fact you should worry about giving the speech than writing it especially if you aren’t very fond of public speaking. But, wait a minute, all is not lost. You still can give a nice groom speech.

To begin with, you need some groom speech ideas, ideas to write the speech and how to deliver it with confidence at the wedding reception. The best way to get some ideas on groom speeches is to study a few groom speech samples. A groom speech sample or a groom speech example will immediately put you into action. In fact, you can customize any groom speech, include some anecdotes and a couple of groom speech jokes (make sure that they are suitable) to make your speech humorous.

The rest is pretty obvious. It’s already been said a hundred times in this blog but I will repeat them in brief. Greet the guests, praise the bride and the bridesmaids, thank the best man and the other groomsmen.

Best wishes for a successful groom speech. And best wishes for an even more successful marriage.

Groom Speech - The First Step

A wedding toast could be a tough task and if you happen to be the groom the pressure surely is more. Everybody at the wedding reception would be gazing at you when you, looking handsome in one of those gorgeous groom suits, slowly walk up to the place where your father in law, the father of the bride just ended his speech with a thunderous applause. Soon the mic would be in your hand and every eyeball in that hall focused on you. Expectations are high since the bride’s father delivered nothing less than an awesome speech.

But what happened to the groom voice? The audience can’t hear a word he is saying . . . or mumbling, to be precise. Tongue-tied, perplexed and doesn’t know where to hide.

Pardon me if you think it’s exaggerated but I have experienced this not once but several times. But I sincerely hope that you will do much better than that, in fact you can give an iconic groom speech that people will remember in years to come.

As a groom address your audience with confidence. But it requires that you follow a regime. Don’t ever think of neglecting your wedding speech else it’s going to take its toll during the wedding reception party when it’s time for the groom to deliver his speech. If you devote a little bit of your time to prepare for your speech, believe me, you can do wonder. Get yourself prepared for the groom speech or groom toast (you should propose to toast the bridesmaid . . . adds up to your reputation) right now, later you are going to love it when everybody congratulates you for an outstanding wedding speech.

5 Things You Shouldn't Be Doing To Give A Perfect Groom Speech

Why the heck a groom speech is easier than most other wedding speeches? Well, the answer is the groom has to take care of a lot of other duties and responsibilities and could be easily overwhelmed. Just kidding . . . but it is true that groom speeches are simple in character unless a groom decides to make his speech complex.

I have covered almost everything a groom would like me to post here in this blog. So, I thought this time I would post 5 things that you should not do while preparing, rehearsing and finally delivering your groom speech. I will try to keep it short, don't worry.

First, do not procrastinate a bit. If you haven't already, simply start by jotting down the ideas you get from here or anywhere else on the internet on a piece of paper.

Secondly, try not to read from that typical card the wedding speakers pull out from the waist coat pocket. You can of course remember the names in your thank you list, can't you? What if you forget? Just look around while giving you speech . . . most of them should be present at the wedding reception and in front of you.

Thirdly, do not forget to interact with the groomsmen especially the best man and discuss so that you can co-ordinate in a better way which is so important to make not only your groom's wedding speech but the whole wedding reception party a huge success.

Next, never include embarrassing stuffs in your groom speech. Stay away from controversial topics like mentioning the bride's ex-boyfriends name or how you used to dislike Daniel, the brother of the bride . . . you got the idea.

Finally, do not try not to rehearse or practice your speech several times expecting to give an extempore speech. It could spoil the party for you.

So, that's it for this post. You can get more tips and ideas on groom speeches here.

Free Groom Speeches - Pros and Cons

So, you are tying the knot, right? Congratulations. Since you are here reading this I hope that you are eager to know how to write a groom speech and deliver it with absolute confidence. But that is only if you are different from most grooms. Most of us would look for a quick solution and try to grab a free groom speech thinking we can use it as our own speech. I used the word "we" because I was also one of those groom who grabbed a free groom speech from somewhere in the internet but later discovered that several others also used the same free groom speech at their wedding. There's nothing wrong in using free groom speeches but did you know that most of the free groom speeches that you see in the internet are actually sample speeches published to woo the end user (the groom) to buy the original pack?

Everyday more than 300 grooms search for "groom speech" or "groom speeches" or similar key phrases and returned with almost the same result every time. Imagine how many grooms everyday are delighted to find the same old free groom speeches ? So, if you are using one of those free speeches don't be surprised if one of your friends complain that you have copied his groom speech (which actually is not his speech either . . . it's the same free groom speech). Well, it may sound like a bit exaggerated but it could happen to anybody.

So, what's the solution? Simple, customize the free groom speech as much as you can. Copy as many free groom speeches as you manage to find from the web and read them carefully. The sole purpose of this is to get ideas on how groom speeches are written and then based on that you can write your own speech. It's perfectly okay to adopt the style but you should put your thoughts into it. In a nutshell, customize the free groom speech to suit your style and personality.

However, to get the groom speech written is only the half job done. You still have to deliver the speech at your wedding reception. The only way to master it is to practice or rehearse it several times until you are confident of yourself.

So, I hope you have realized that leveraging free groom speeches is not a bad idea provided you are ready to customize it thoroughly. But if you are looking for a faster solution I suggest you spend a little ton get yourself the whole lot of easily customizable groom speeches. And guess what? Most of these packs are accompanied by excellent "How to do it" type guides. I think it's worthy and produce much better and faster results than free groom speeches.

Groom Speech Ideas for your Groom Speech

The more you spend time with a subject the more you get familiar with it. And when you get familiar with a subject ideas begin to get the ideas. Take groom speech for example. Having attended several weddings by now you know what groom speech is. But now since you are the groom, it's your responsibility to give a wonderful groom speech. Of course, that's exactly why you are going through various resources hoping to get some groom speech ideas so that you can put them together to write a nice groom speech. It's fun to listen to a groom speech but not quite so if you are the groom and have to give one at your wedding reception party.

Here is a warning. While idealizing your groom speech you must not get carried away. Remember that what you just read about groom speech on a web site or may not be appropriate for you simply because it doesn't match with your style or personality. It's a good idea to adapt a groom speech that you read about or watched a video. The key is to get the idea and individualize to your style. If don't bother to customize it and try to imitate the speaker you can even end up with a horrible speech that you would want to forget as early as possible.

Now let's explore some potential resources from where you can gather some groom speech ideas. There are several web sites and blog all over the internet on wedding speeches. Most of those wedding speech resources have articles written on how to get started with groom speeches but there are a few sites which are exclusively on groom speeches like the one you are reading now. This blog is created to share various groom speech ideas and hopefully you will find them too. Watching videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites could help you get some ideas as well. In fact it's a very good idea and should give you a head start. You can also pay a visit to the local book stores and inquire if they have got some books or magazines on wedding and wedding speeches.

I want you to watch the video below. It will certainly give you a lot of ideas on groom speech. Watch it and tell me if you think it to be a perfect broom speech. Note how the groom greets and thanks everybody who is involved in the wedding including the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. Watch how he highlights his bride, toasts the bridesmaids and finally welcomes the best man to give his speech. In spite of being a bit too long I like this groom speech. Now it's your turn to watch and see if you like it too.

Hopefully you liked the video. If not, at least you have got the groom speech ideas you are looking for. I personally liked that video. The groom is calm, has good sense of humor and seems o be in total control. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that he has spent quite some time with his speech in order to make it as perfect as he can.

For more ideas and tips on groom speeches, check out this site.

Bridegroom Speeches

As a bridegroom I am sure you are keen to learn how to prepare for and give bridegroom speeches (aka groom speeches) rather than trying to find out a perfect definition of a bridegroom speech. But it might be so that somebody somewhere isn’t aware of our wedding customs and tradition and for them here is a short definition of bridegroom speech - Bridegroom Speeches or Groom Speeches are those wedding speeches that are given by the groom at his wedding reception to thank the guests for coming, the bridal party and others for the role they played to make the wedding ceremony and the following reception party successful., the groomsmen and the bridesmaids for their support, the two pairs of parents for bringing him and his bride up, the bride’s family to for accepting and welcoming him to their family and, last but not the least, the bride for marrying him.

But if you wish you could always make your groom speech a bit more interesting and there are a lot of ideas that you could find here in this blog to accomplish it. A bridegroom speech would depend on how well the groom has done his research and how much time he is willing to devote in the preparation for the speech.

Groom Voice - The voice of the Groom does matter

You get to hear the groom voice, I mean the groom’s voice, as he slowly stands up and to give his groom’s wedding speech. Next time when you attend a wedding reception make it a point to listen to the voice of the groom carefully or could it be that you have listened to it and realized it already? I mean you can tell from the groom’s voice if that particular groom has prepared for his groom speech or he is trying to create an impromptu speech. The groom voice would certainly reflect the confidence or uneasiness in him. Besides as a groom you would always want your voice to remain good during the wedding and avoid doing things that may lead to shore throat or similar troubles. So, when it comes to the groom speech, the groom voice does matter; may be you only realize it when it is not in the right shape.

Groom Address

Who does the groom address in his groom speech? I often get such questions from grooms who are preparing for their wedding speeches. Initially I used to be quite surprised to get such questions but later realized that they actually are keen to learn how to thank everybody without whom made the event wouldn’t be possible. And also who they would be toasting during their groom speech. Well, that’s pretty much how to write and deliver a groom speech and deliver it.

Wait a minute, groom address could also mean printed labels with the groom’s address printed on them. Well, if you are looking for that kind of “groom address”, I’m afraid you have to look elsewhere for them. Hopefully you will find a lot of them while searching the internet.

Honey, I screwed up my Groom Speech

You should have prepared for it; but never mind, it happens sometimes. I guess that's what your wife would be telling you when you returned to her after making your groom speech. But the larger part of the audience might not be hat generous. I mean, they won't come to you and tell you how bad your speech was but you will immediately know from their gestures that they expected a better speech from the groom.

Groom speeches are comparatively easier than other wedding speeches and it's difficult to mess up your speech unless you totally ignored it and didn't bother to prepare for it. If you are one of the few grooms who think that they could easily come up with an impromptu speech you are asking for serious trouble. Even if you didn't make silly mistakes like forgetting to thank the father of the bride or not introducing the best man or the groomsmen, your speech could end up being uninspiring if you don't prepare for it.

When it comes to groom speeches, here are some common mistakes that a groom could make. So, be careful of them and prepare well such that you can avoid them in your groom speech.

  • Not preparing for the speech and hoping to deliver an extempore groom speech.
  • Although you had your speech written, you never bothered to rehearse it.
  • Groom speeches are great when they are short and to the point. But yours doesn't seem to have an ending.
  • You forgot to thank the father of the bride and/or greet the bride's family.
  • You forgot to introduce the best man and/or thank the bridesmaids for their role.
  • You wanted your groom speech to be funny but that turned out to be the greatest loophole in your speech.

The list can go on and on but I think you have got the message already. Take care of them and they will take care of your speech. You can make your groom speech absolutely outstanding and you can bore the audience with a thoroughly monotonous speech - the choice is yours.

A good groom speech resource could help you avoid any mistake quite effectively and thus make your speech stand out. Here's one you can consider.

The Brides' Groom Speech

You are almost through your groom speech and have thanked almost everybody around in the wedding reception for being present and everything else. But a better groom speech actually begins from here. This is where some groom speeches stand out from the others. So, if you wish to go beyond the usual thank-you type speech you should plan this part of your speech well. There's so much to say - so much to share. Talk about the groomsmen, the best man, the maid of honor, the bride's family and the bride. Talking about the bride, it's a huge opportunity for you as you might not get the chance to praise her in front of the hundreds that are present at the wedding reception. So, as I said, it's time to turn to the bride.

Look into her eyes and wait momentarily before begin to speak about to her. You can speak directly to her or you may speak to the audience expressing your feelings about her. But I am sure that you would agree that if you speak to her looking into her eyes it's going to work better. Almost certainly, she will going to like every word you say and you can realize that by looking into her eyes. Thank her for everything, not just for marrying you. Tell her (and thus let everybody know) how you care for her and why you think you are going to make the best couple in the whole world. Express your love for her - simply spill your heart out.

The majority of the grooms tumble at this part of the speech, more than ever so if you are panicky about public speaking. Nevertheless, as always, getting prepared for your groom speech holds the key. Practice your speech in front of a mirror if possible and fine tune it until you are satisfied.

For more ideas on groom speeches you can try these resources.

The Ultimate Groom Speech Outline

Before you write your groom speech it's very important that you create an outline for it. - a groom speech outline Not only it will help you to organize your thoughts before you put them on paper but also save you a lot of time. Groom speeches are all about paying tributes, showing gratitude, expressing love and saying thanks. Simply make sure you do that perfectly and in style.

Here's an outline for groom speeches.

  • Thank the bride’s for his speech.
  • Thank the guests, friends and family for attending the reception
  • Thank the guests for the gifts they brought along.
  • Thank the bride’s parents for raising their daughter and letting you to be a part of their family.
  • Thank your parents for helping you to become the man you are as well as for their support
  • Praise the bride.
  • Thank the best man and the groomsmen
  • Thank the bridesmaids and propose a toast for them

Okay, that's an example of a groom speech outline for you. Now it's your turn to add words to the outline and transform it into a wonderful groom speech. By the way, if you want to make it more interesting add some humor to it. And while delivering your speech be yourself and you will do fine.

Recommended Groom Speech Resource:
What if you get 20 pre-written Groom Speeches right at this very moment? Check out.

The Groom Speech Slide Show

Months ago I created a groom speech video from a power point presentation. You will find the video here in this blog as well as in YouTube if you search for the term "groom speech" or "groom speeches". In fact you will find it on top of all groom speech video results which is very cool. Yesterday while I was going through my files and folders searching for something I came across the original groom speech presentation from which the video was made. I thought why not share it with you. So, here it is. By the way, some of the slides are animated which you won't be able to see ... not the slide but the animation, I mean.

Groom Speech

The presentation was created to promote a groom speech guide which I always recommend if you want your speech to be really stunning. In near future I have plans to create a presentation (and a video) which will be solely on groom speech tips.

Lesson from a Groom Speech video

I want you to watch this groom speech video. In the video you will find the groom giving his groom's speech in front of the guests, friends and families who were present at the wedding reception. Before i come to the speech I would like you to notice the quality of the video. It's way too dark inside. There's hardly any light, at least not enough to shoot a video. You can hardly see the groom and the bride is lost in the dark. It would have been great if we could see the groom and his facial expressions while he's delivering his groom speech. And, yes, the bride too.

OK .... watch it first

Now, let's come to the groom speech. While the groom seems to be pretty confident and prepared for his speech it's hard to believe that he begin his speech thanking the stuffs and the wedding planners. Well, they deserve it undoubtedly but generally their names are mentioned towards the end of the speech and that's how groom speeches should be planned. What about the guests especially those who traveled long just to attend the wedding? What about thanking the father of the bride for his speech (I am sure there was one just before the groom's speech).

However apart from that the speech was quite good and the groom seemed to be in control. And he did get some very spontaneous reactions from the audience which means that they were hearing to him and they liked the speech.

Wondering how to prepare for a groom speech like that or even better? Check this site on groom speeches.

Groom Speeches from readers of Groom Speech Blog

This blog is all about groom speeches and I think I have already posted here enough tips to help a groom with his groom speech. I have already given all I have but I still feel that there’s still room for improvement. But, you know sometimes kinda bizarre writing the same thing over and over. But one my readers gave me a great idea. I will now publish groom speech articles from my readers from time to time. Here’s the first one from Eric Beckinsale who is from Kentucky, USA.

The groom speech is a very imperative part of a wedding reception. As the groom you would naturally want to show how magical the day has been and how you are grateful to everybody who helped to stage the wedding. After all a wedding is quite an event and it does take a lot to make it to the perfection. Now let’s see how we can follow some simple steps to write a groom speech in no time flat.

To begin with, you should thank every person for their attendance. In your groom speech thank the wedding guests especially those who have come a long way just to wish you on your wedding day and be a part of the celebration.

Secondly, don’t forget to thank the bride's parents as well as your own parents for raising you and supporting you during all the stages of your life. Now it’s your turn to take this opportunity and show your gratitude. While addressing the bride’s parents say how honored you are to be a part of their family.

Generally groom speeches are sincere and most of us think that there’s hardly any scope for humor. But that isn’t true. There’s no harm if you can chip in a couple of humorous anecdotes in your groom’s speech. Don’t try to be too funny if you aren’t sure what you are doing. Just a pinch of humor and that would easily help groom speech stand out.

Last but not the least, the bride and the bridesmaids. No groom speech is complete without the groom expressing his thoughts about the bride. If you ever wanted to praise your girlfriend (the bride) do it now. Let the guests know how she cares about you. And why you feel honored as well as lucky to be able to get her as your bride.

Wrap up your groom speech by mentioning the maid of honor and the best man and praising them for their support.

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Groom Speech - key points to remember

It takes a lot of planning to stage a successful wedding. If you are groom you already know that making sure everything work perfectly on the big day could be a tall task. And if you add to it the fact that you being the groom require to get ready for your groom speech, makes it even more overwhelming. But fortunately, writing a speech is a not as hard as you would expect it to be especially if you have the right kind of resources. Besides, groom speech is easier than the other wedding speeches.

Now, what exactly are you supposed to say in your groom’s speech? Most grooms don’t actually seem to know what to include in his speech. Well, if you go through this blog which is exclusively on groom speeches, you will find that there are already enough tips and advices. Yet, I always try to write a blog post whenever I get new ideas that may help the groom to come up with a stunning speech. So, once again, here are three key factors that govern wedding speeches for the groom.

Don’t forget to thank the bride’s parents before anything else -
Normally, the bride's parents, for obvious reasons, play a huge role in their daughter’s wedding. Your groom’s speech is an opportunity to show them your appreciation. Thank them for raising their daughter as well as allowing you to be a part of their family. Also thank the father of the bride for any compliments he might have given you during his father of the bride speech.

Say thanks to your parents also -
You know that your parents also did play their part in making the wedding ceremony a grand success. Don’t miss this opportunity to thank them as well. Tell them how thankful you are for raising you and in making you the person you are. In your speech introduce your parents to the guests attending the wedding reception. No groom speech is complete without the groom expressing his gratitude towards his parents.

It’s your opportunity to speak your heart out to your bride -
Let me tell you that you will not probably ever going to get an opportunity like this to show your love for your bride. Use your groom speech to say everything you always wanted to say to her or about her. Groom speeches aren’t only about thanking your bride for letting you marry her it’s more about expressing your feeling for her. So, keep that in mind while giving your speech.

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Tips following which I wrote my Groom Speech

It’s hard to understand why you must stress when it comes to writing a groom speech as there are so many resources are available at your finger tips. In fact with proper materials and guidance you can write up a pretty good groom speech under an hour. Honestly, I was also very much stressed because I had hardly any idea on how to get started with my grooms speech. But thanks to the tips and advices that are available online I did eventually manage to come up with a decent groom speech.

But I also had my share of similar experiences like you are having if you are a groom getting ready for your groom speech. When I realized that I have to write and give a groom speech it was already late. I was so restless and worried that I couldn’t sleep for days until I found a solution to it. But thank God that I was composed enough and at least didn’t procrastinate. I searched the web looking for information on groom speeches and before long I gathered everything I need not only to write a wonderful groom wedding speech but also learned how to overcome the nervousness and deliver it during the wedding reception.

I have already shared with you in this groom speech blog a lot of tips, advices and ideas on groom speeches but it won’t d any harm if I remind you one more time. Especially when it’s my own wedding ceremony this time that we are talking about and it’s my own experience with my newly wed bride, our parents and families, the groomsmen, the bridesmaids and the best man everybody else involved I the wedding ceremony as well as the wedding reception. It was very exciting but at the same time I was feeling the heat from inside.

Okay, now go straight to the point. Here are the tips that I learned.

1. While writing your groom speech, imagine how you can connect with the audience (the guests present at the reception in his case). Your speech shouldn’t be long. Try to keep you your groom speech short but awe-inspiring.

2. In order to keep your groom speech short and easy, consider using sentences that aren’t too long inside a paragraph. Use no more than three to five brief meaningful sentences in your paragraph.

Initially, don’t be too concerned about the composition. Just go on writing whatever comes to your mind until you at least have an outline of the speech on which you can always build up your final groom speech.

3. Refrain from using dramatic words while writing the speech. Use informal English that we use in everyday conversion. Remember that your goal is to simply thank the guests for attending, the parents of the bride to let you marry their daughter, you parents for help make you what you are …. So on and so forth. Don’t try to make it unnecessary complex and you will do good with your groom speech.

4. Consider using expressive words in your groom speech. Especially when you are trying to express your feelings about the bride. Using some amusing anecdotes or interesting stories I your speech if you like. You can go through some sample groom speeches in this regard.

5. Finally, when you are done with your speech read it aloud first to yourself and then to some family members and keep on editing until you know you have got what you want.

That is all you could do with to write a very engaging groom speech. However, If you still feel that writing a groom speech on your own is not your cup of tea simply seek professional help. Or, even better spend a few bucks to get yourself a quality groom speech package. These packages have the exact materials that you precisely need to develop an intensely touching, awe-inspiring groom speech in no time.

Traditional Groom Speeches

An usual wedding program consists of giving opportunity to the parents of the newly wed, the best man, the bride and groom to speak before guests and families.

From Victorian times, women are not expected to speak. That explains why there is no formal structure to a bride’s speech as with groom speeches. Here is a simple in making your own.

Groom speeches usually start with welcoming everyone who tried their best to attend their wedding. At this point, the groom should highlight people who traveled all the way just to join them in their special day.

The groom also speaks of his gratefulness to the people who have raised his new wife-the bride’s parents. He must compliment on how appropriately they have raised her and that he is more than grateful for allowing him to marry their child.

The groom then focuses his speech towards his beloved and will again thank her for choosing him as her partner in life. He may add a few words about how they first met or have an amusing story about the two of them. He should also share with the guests the activities that he and his bride enjoy going together.

The groom, in his groom speech, also expresses his thanks to the groomsmen who have been with him all throughout the day, as well as the bridesmaids to accompany his wife.

Groom speeches also include proposing a toast to the bridesmaids and introducing the best man as the next speaker in the lack of a master of ceremony.

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