Honey, I screwed up my Groom Speech

You should have prepared for it; but never mind, it happens sometimes. I guess that's what your wife would be telling you when you returned to her after making your groom speech. But the larger part of the audience might not be hat generous. I mean, they won't come to you and tell you how bad your speech was but you will immediately know from their gestures that they expected a better speech from the groom.

Groom speeches are comparatively easier than other wedding speeches and it's difficult to mess up your speech unless you totally ignored it and didn't bother to prepare for it. If you are one of the few grooms who think that they could easily come up with an impromptu speech you are asking for serious trouble. Even if you didn't make silly mistakes like forgetting to thank the father of the bride or not introducing the best man or the groomsmen, your speech could end up being uninspiring if you don't prepare for it.

When it comes to groom speeches, here are some common mistakes that a groom could make. So, be careful of them and prepare well such that you can avoid them in your groom speech.

  • Not preparing for the speech and hoping to deliver an extempore groom speech.
  • Although you had your speech written, you never bothered to rehearse it.
  • Groom speeches are great when they are short and to the point. But yours doesn't seem to have an ending.
  • You forgot to thank the father of the bride and/or greet the bride's family.
  • You forgot to introduce the best man and/or thank the bridesmaids for their role.
  • You wanted your groom speech to be funny but that turned out to be the greatest loophole in your speech.

The list can go on and on but I think you have got the message already. Take care of them and they will take care of your speech. You can make your groom speech absolutely outstanding and you can bore the audience with a thoroughly monotonous speech - the choice is yours.

A good groom speech resource could help you avoid any mistake quite effectively and thus make your speech stand out. Here's one you can consider.

The Brides' Groom Speech

You are almost through your groom speech and have thanked almost everybody around in the wedding reception for being present and everything else. But a better groom speech actually begins from here. This is where some groom speeches stand out from the others. So, if you wish to go beyond the usual thank-you type speech you should plan this part of your speech well. There's so much to say - so much to share. Talk about the groomsmen, the best man, the maid of honor, the bride's family and the bride. Talking about the bride, it's a huge opportunity for you as you might not get the chance to praise her in front of the hundreds that are present at the wedding reception. So, as I said, it's time to turn to the bride.

Look into her eyes and wait momentarily before begin to speak about to her. You can speak directly to her or you may speak to the audience expressing your feelings about her. But I am sure that you would agree that if you speak to her looking into her eyes it's going to work better. Almost certainly, she will going to like every word you say and you can realize that by looking into her eyes. Thank her for everything, not just for marrying you. Tell her (and thus let everybody know) how you care for her and why you think you are going to make the best couple in the whole world. Express your love for her - simply spill your heart out.

The majority of the grooms tumble at this part of the speech, more than ever so if you are panicky about public speaking. Nevertheless, as always, getting prepared for your groom speech holds the key. Practice your speech in front of a mirror if possible and fine tune it until you are satisfied.

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