The Groom Speech Structure You Might Want To Use

Traditionally not all grooms need to give a groom speech at his wedding reception. It depends on locations, cultures and family customs if a groom has to give a groom speech or not. But since you are reading this it can be assumed that you are in fact have to give one during the reception. No problem. To fully understand what to include in your groom speech, you must understand the purpose of groom speeches in the first place. With the purpose we can then understand the tone and format that should be used during the groom speech.

The Purpose of Groom Speeches :

The purpose of groom speeches is to, on behalf of the bride, thank everyone who has assisted in making the wedding ceremony and reception run flawlessly and turn out beautifully. And at the same time share some of his feelings about getting married.

The Tone of Groom Speeches :

The tone of groom speeches is formal. You want to properly and sincerely thank these people for playing such a big role in preparing your wedding and raising you and your wife (the parents).

The Groom Speech Format :

The traditional format of the groom speech is as follows -

  1. Introduction (a funny attention getter, like a one-line marriage joke)

  2. The “Thank you's "

    • the audience

    • the parents (hers-for making her wonderful, yours-for raising you)

    • helpers (whoever helped fund, decorate, or coordinate the wedding)

    • the wedding party

    • the best man (adding a little humor here is fine)

    • your bride

  3. Reminiscing about your favorite memory with the bride (how you first met, first impressions)

  4. Telling the audience why you and the bride are perfect together (what you have in common)

  5. An inspirational saying or quote that references to you and the bride

Additional Pointers:

It is acceptable to pass out gifts to the parents and wedding party while thanking them

It is respected of you to be mature, sincere, and serious during your speech

It is not acceptable to include many jokes

So, that's the most simple groom speech structure that you can try for your groom speech. And don't hastate to use your creativity and sense of humor to make your groom speech special.

The Best Advice for Groom Speeches

Congratulations on getting married! On top of having cold feet, new responsibilities, and being stuck with one terrific woman for the rest of your life, you need to start writing your groom’s speech. Groom Speeches are easier to write, trust me, one of the easiest things you are doing right now anyways!

The best advice for groom speeches is to stay formal. Don’t joke around, be serious, say your thank you’s and sit down. Don’t make your speech drag on too long, and definitely don’t try to make a joke out of anything you say. Trust me, or your speech will turn out to be one big disaster.

The best advice for groom speeches is as follows :

Prepare your speech ahead of time : Use a groom speech template or just sample groom speeches to write your groom speech. Have it fully written out and rehearsed before the big day.

Use a variety of groom speech templates to form the best list of people to thank : You need to make sure you do not forget any one special you should thank. You want to include everyone who was a part of the wedding, helped decorated or plan for the wedding, and everyone who helped raised you and your wife.

Get the list approved by your wife : You should always get the list approved by your wife to make sure everyone is getting thanked. You are thanking people on behalf of your wife as well, so she needs to be a part of making the list of people who should be thanked.

Buy gifts for everyone in the wedding party : If you and your bride choose, you can buy gifts for everyone in the wedding party, both of your parents, and other guests who you believe deserve a special ‘thanks’. Just something small is fine; it is just to show that you appreciated their help and support.

Stay formal during the groom speech : When delivering the groom speech, do not attempt to be funny or crack jokes. That is what the best man speech is for. You are to sincerely thank everyone - so stay formal and sincere! If you must, you can joke when you are talking about the best man towards the end of your groom speech (right before you hand him the microphone!).

Include your wife in your groom speech : Your wife is the woman who made this day possible. She is the love of your life, the woman you are going to be with for the rest of your life. Thank her for playing such a big role in making you a better man. Also, thank her for her love, compassion, and warmth she brings into your life every day with every smile.

At the end, individually thank the best man and introduce him for his speech : Leave the best for last. At the end of your speech, individually introduce the best man. If you want, you can say a few funny remarks or just tell how you two first met. When you are done, introduce him for his speech.

How to Write a Groom Speech in 6 Steps - The Groom Speech Simplified

In this article (actually a t-by-step Groom speech guideline) what I am going to do is break apart the entire groom speech and present it in a simplified manner. The sole purpose of this post, as always, is to make the groom speech creation easier for you.

A funny joke for the introduction - Begin your groom speech on a humorous note
"Marriage is not a word. It's a sentence... a life sentence!"

"A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man."

"Just think, if it weren't for marriage, men would go through life thinking they had no faults at all."
List of people you want to thank in your groom speech
  • Include your family, the bride's parents, and members of the wedding party.
List of people your wife wants to thank
  • You are thanking people on behalf of your wife as well, let her double check your list and add anyone else that she feels deserves a personal thank you.
Your thank you to your wife - Most probably the most important part of your groom speech
  • Thank her for coming into your life and making you a better person. Share with the audience how you have changed for the better and how she has made you more driven to succeed.
Memories of you and your wife you would want to include in your groom speech
  • Here you can include a romantic evening you took her out, the engagement story, how you first met, or even just that one night when she was more beautiful than ever.
Loving quote or saying as the ending

Here is a perfect example:

"Joseph Addison once said, "Three grand essential to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for." With --- we will always have something to do, we will always love one another, and we share our dreams and goals together to hope for."

How to Write a Groom Speech in 5 Days or Less

Quickly and Easily Write Your Groom Speech

It is a week before the wedding and you haven't even started your groom speech. Don't worry, this guide will help you finish your groom speech professionally in 5 days, spending as little as 5 minutes in a day. By spreading it out over a few days you will improve the quality of your speech, plus you do not have to dedicate much time to writing it either.

Groom Speech - Day One

Make a list of everyone you want to thank during your speech - who you are going to thank as a group and who you are going to thank individually. Give this to your wife when you are done and let her add who she would like to thank as well.

Groom Speech - Day Two

Read over what your wife wrote and make changes as necessary. Talk to her about what she would like said and make sure you both agree on whose names are mentioned.

Groom Speech - Day Three

Read through groom speech examples and find a creative introduction. You can use someone else's or an example may inspire you for an introduction. You can also look for wedding jokes related to the groom ( often mentioned as groom speech jokes ) to start with.

Groom Speech - Day Four

Figure out a way to close your speech. Typically it is ended by thanking the wife, going into details about how they met, sharing favorite memories of them together, and then their hopes and dreams for the future. It is typically a loving ending.

Groom Speech - Day Five

You should have combined your parts together day by day, so on this day you want to make sure it flows properly. Reread through your groom speech several times, making changes. Then as a final test, reread through your speech out loud until you can read it without stuttering, murmuring, or messing up. You should continually make changes to your speech until it is easy to read.

How to Prepare to Give a Groom Speech - Advice and Tips on Delivering a Groom Speech Fearlessly

Are you nervous about delivering your groom speech on the big day? Who wouldn't be? I feel for you, I really do. As if you don't have enough to be stressed and worried about already, on top of it being your "big day", you also have to give a speech in front of hundreds of people, in which half (or maybe over half) you barely know.

In order to calm your overall fears try the following groom speech techniques:

Start with reassuring yourself that you are doing the right thing. Go through all the positive qualities of your partner, think of your dreams together, and imagine how you two will work together to accomplish them. (It is not a bad idea to right this down and include it in your speech!)

Prepare yourself for the speech. Be sure you practice your groom speech several times. Start practicing it at least two weeks before the wedding. Read it to yourself in the mirror or say it while you are driving. You do not have to dedicate time to it, but just make sure you know it and that it flows well.

Enjoy your evening. The night of the bachelor's party enjoy yourself. Relax and have fun with your friends, but be careful not to let things get too out of hand. Talk with your friends beforehand about the rules of the party - be sure nothing is going to happen that may upset your soon-to-be-wife.

Get a good night's sleep. The night before the wedding get at least 8 hours of straight sleep. It is not a good idea to have the bachelor's party the night before because you don't want to have a hangover on your wedding day. Make sure you have had plenty of rest and you look your sharpest.

These are some of the basic but very important groom speech tips which some of the grooms fail to understand or ignore only to find later that their groom speeches are what they actually intended to give. So, it is wise to keep it simple and get started with the preparation as early as possible so that you have enough time to practice or rehearse your speech.

Fresh and Creative Groom Speech Ideas

Are you looking for fresh and creative ideas to liven up your groom speech? Well I have some bad news for you… groom speeches are hard to make creative because it is unlike all other wedding reception speeches. Groom speeches are supposed to be sincere thank you's, but there are ways to make this less monotone - so keep reading for groom speech ideas.

Groom speeches should thank all the guests, members of the wedding party, the parents of the bride and groom, and the groom should also thank his bride. As you already know, during some of these parts - like your thanks to the parents - will need to be serious and sincere, but parts you can liven up are the introduction, when you are speaking to the best man, or telling stories about you and your wife.

Groom speech ideas of the introduction : In the introduction you want to get everyone's attention, right? So start it out with a funny wedding joke - this could be one created by you or one you find on the internet (avoid clich├ęs).

Groom speech ideas for the best man "thank you" : Yes, your best man deserves a sincere thank you, but afterwards you can add some comedy in it. He is going to be humiliating you in a few minutes so might as well. You can say something like this, "As you may all know he suffers from a disease that makes him a compulsive liar, so anything he says cannot be held accountable."

Groom speech ideas about your wife : Include funny stories or memories of you two together in your groom speech. The best ones are how you first met, or even the engagement. If you want to be funny you can include both of your first impressions of one another.

An idea can change the world around you and it could be instrumental in transforming your groom speech from average to exceptional. Now, this article is just a primer to your groom speech ideas, to get the complete picture you might want to read the entire Groom Speech Blog as well as a few other recommended groom speech resources.

Free Groom Speech Examples - Find and Use Free Groom Speech Examples

Free groom speech examples are the best resource a groom can use when attempting to write his groom speech. Free Groom Speech Examples teaches you the basics of everything you need to include in your own groom speech. By reading groom speech examples you are teaching yourself the following:The purpose of groom speeches
  • The tone of groom speeches
  • The format of groom speeches
  • Who all to thank in a groom speech
  • What is appropriate to include in a groom speech
These are all essential things to know before writing your groom speech. By knowing this you will cut down the time you spend writing your groom speech and you will increase the quality of it. You can get inspiration for groom speech examples to use in your own speech. You may use exact lines, or a story may remind you of something you and your soon-to-be-wife did.

Essentially, when it comes to writing your groom speech, groom speech examples are your life saver. Not only do they teach you, provide you with jokes, and inspire you, but they pretty much guarantee that your speech will be a great hit.

The more groom speech examples you read, the more creative and more inspired your speech will be. Try reading a variety of groom speeches, and then just sit down and start writing your own. If you get stuck on a section, don’t reread examples, just reread the parts you need. You will be glad you did. Best of luck to you!

Learn How to Write a Groom Speech for Free

So you were just asked by your wife, “Have you started working on your groom speech honey?” And you’re sitting there blanked face… “There’s a groom’s speech?” No need to worry. This short little article here will teach you how to write a groom speech for free!

The first step of writing groom speeches is to define and understand the purpose. The purpose of the groom speech is to thank everyone who has played a part in your life, in your wife’s life, and in putting together your wedding. To do this, you should sit down with your wife and discuss which people need to be individually thanked, which people you should give gifts to, and which people can be thanked as a group.

To help get you started here is a list of the people traditionally included in a groom speech.

The audience (people traveling long distances named individually), your parents, the bride’s parents, anyone who helped decorate, fund, or coordinate the wedding ceremony or reception, the wedding party (best man and Maid of Honor named individually), and then of course the woman who made it all possible, your wife (but try to surprise her about this one).

The good news is, once this is decided, the majority of your speech is written. You will want to get a creative introduction (such as a wedding joke) and you may want to spice it up a little bit here and there so you do not bore your guests to death. If you wish you can include stories of you and the bride, or you can share why you think you two are perfect for one another and thank everyone for their support (great ending).

Groom Speech Etiquette

When it comes to groom speech it is of utmost importance that you are fully aware of the etiquettes related to it. I am talking about groom speech etiquette. You should write your groom speech following the proper groom speech etiquette. However, I will try keeping this short article restricted to groom speech etiquette only and rather not elaborate on wedding etiquette for the groom. Here are a few etiquettes that a groom should observe during his speech –

  • The bridegroom's speech almost always follows that of the bride's father.

  • The groom should cordially welcome all the guests to the wedding and thank them for being a part of the ceremony and reception.

  • In his speech the groom should thank everybody who lent a hand to arrange the wedding and contributed in one way or the other. This includes the groomsmen or the ushers.

  • Thank the bride's parents for giving him their daughter away. Similarly thank your parents for their love and support.

  • Introduce the bride, praise her and express your happiness.

  • Conclude your groom speech by proposing toast to the bridesmaids.

Best Groom Speeches

Best Groom Speeches are those which are thankful (literally), humorous and complete. Best groom speeches are also those which are delivered with utmost confidence. So what does it take to make your groom speech the best? The key to best groom speeches is how well you prepared for it (I have already told these a few hundred times in this blog). Preparation for a groom speech includes doing the necessary research, create an outline of the speech, get the speech written and last but not the least (in fact the most important of all) keep rehearsing the speech till the day before the big day. Practice makes a thing perfect and practice is also what that makes best groom speeches best.

Now, let’s elaborate on the key factors that work together to make your groom speech best –

Research – Go through groom speech resources that are available both online and offline. Watch videos and listen to audios that are related to groom speeches. You will get the idea.

Outline – Now that you have got the idea, try to create an outline or a draft speech based on the ideas you gathered and those that are your own (you should be having some now).

Write – Add words to your outline to create the final groom speech. Not a big deal if you go through at least some of the relevant posts in this groom speech blog.

Practice – Yes, practice. It’s crucial.

So, that’s almost everything you need to know about best groom speeches.

Groom Thank You Speech

The focus of every groom speech is to express gratitude to all those individuals or group of individuals by thanking them for the role they individually or collectively played to make the wedding ceremony as well as the wedding reception party successful. For this reason sometimes a groom speech is also referred to as Groom Thank You Speech.

I have seen grooms whose groom speech was nothing but a long list of people who they wanted to thank. But as far as you are concerned, you may or may not want to limit your speech to the so called ‘groom thank you speech’. I suggest you don’t limit your groom speech to a list of thank you’s. And it’s not that difficult to do. The other things that you need to do apart from thanking several individuals are as follows –
  • Add some humor in your speech by sharing a couple of funny stories involving you, the bride, the father of the bride, the best man etc.

  • Toasting a few people during the speech would be nice.

  • Give away the special wedding gifts you have for the special individuals like the best man and the groomsmen or the bridesmaids during the speech.

  • Express your love for your wife and don’t forget to praise the bridesmaids.

So, that’s it. Thant would surely make your groom thank you speech special. And as always put all your ideas on a piece of paper, write your speech down and rehearse it to make it perfect. All the best.

Groom Speech Format

As I am getting ready to write a few words on groom speech format I just remembered that my last post was on groom speech layout and there’s hardly any difference between the two. Though on second thought or when you think from another perspective there could be a technical difference between the two. While groom speech layout is essentially the initial draft of the eventual groom speech, groom speech format is the prescribed structure or template of a groom speech based on which the groom could compose his wedding speech. A groom speech format could be traditional or temporary and it depending on the style he wants his groom speech to be, the groom chooses the one that suits him best.

Now, let me give you a few tips on groom speech format, though it's not the first time that I am doing so - you will find that I have already written quite a lot on how to work with your groom speech here in this blog. But I don't mind repeating it again -

Greet the guests . . . . simply begin by thanking them. Let them know how happy you are to have them by your side.

This is a big day for you - what makes the day so special for you?

Now it's time to pull that long list of individuals who you want to thank personally - from the groomsmen to the caterers, from the father of the bride to his daughter - thank one and thank all. Propose toasts. A groom speech is all about paying gratitude to all who made the event possible.

Don't forget the both sets of parents - they deserve special mention.

Chip in with a few humorous anecdotes in between.

Did i mention that you should also praise the bride and bridesmaids and introduce the best man to the wedding guests.

So, that's almost a groom speech format for you. Should you like to try a collection of groom speech formats you may check this site.

Groom Speech Layout

A groom speech layout is nothing but the draft or blue print of the actual groom speech that a groom intends to give during his wedding reception. It is easy for the groom to become overwhelmed and find it extremely difficult to sit peacefully and write his groom speech, let alone the question of rehearsing it. But as a groom you know that you just can’t get away without giving your groom’s speech if it’s a tradition practiced by your family for ages. And neither you should since a groom speech is an excellent way to express your gratitude to all those who supported you and your bride not only for staging the wedding ceremony and reception but also being what you are today. Apart from them there are people like the wedding officiants, the ushers, the bridesmaids, the guests who travelled a long way just to part of your wedding – you definitely owe them a huge thank you. So, be positive in your approach and simply get started. And if anything could help you get started right now it’s the groom speech layout which, as I said earlier, is an outline of your original groom speech. You need to plan your speech and jot down the ideas that are buzzing in your mind already. If you are short of groom speech ideas take a look around and you would find several.

Bridegroom Speech - Yet Another Video

This is yet another Bridegroom Speech video for you. Unfortunately the second part of the video cannot be found at this point of time. I promise to post it whenever I manage to get it. So, for now watch this bridegroom speech video and let me know what you think.

Hope you liked it. Don't forget to leave a comment.

Goom Suits

The groom suits are on top of your shopping list when you plan your wedding. You need at least a pair of them if not more. One for the wedding ceremony and one for the wedding reception. When on the lookout for and choosing groom suits it is obviously very important to precisely note the size and shape of the groom and may be the ushers if you are looking to order suits for them too. The groom suits or tuxedos should fit them perfectly. If you can afford you can order designer groom suits which are custom tailored and often worth the money you spend. If you are considering to order suits for the groomsmen make sure that they are matching. However, the groom suits could be special.

Quite similar to what the bride does while choosing a wedding dress so that she looks absolutely gorgeous on the big day, the groom too would like to pick his special wedding dress.

The classic picks, in relation to groom suits, are either a morning suit or a more easy-going three piece suit. A typical morning suit for the groom suit is a perfect fit for the more formal wedding. The most complete morning suit often comes with a three piece pinstripe suit, a top hat, tails and a pair of gloves.

A Few Words on Groom Toast

Every groom speech has one thing in common; each of them has a nice groom toast towards the end. In fact, we can say that no groom speech is complete without a groom toast. If you are the groom, people would love to see you toasting the bridesmaids or others who supported you or your wife and those who made the wedding possible. If you prepared for the groom speech you should always prepare for the groom toast even though all you need to do is raise your glass and ask the guests to raise their glasses but not before you have said a few words of appreciation to the person you are toasting.

Remember that traditionally the groom toasts the bridesmaids but he could also propose a toast to the bride's mother or the parents of the bride or even better each one of them. So, if you intend to toast more than one person make it a point not to repeat the same words again and again.

Well, that's only a quick overview or an outline of a groom toast. You should preferably do some more research (study all posts in this blog) and hopefully come up with the most wonderful groom toast.

Groom Audio - How does it help to create your Groom Speech

Last time I wrote a short post on how the groom’s voice can have an influence on his groom speech. I also noticed that several grooms search for groom audio. Well, I am not sure what they exactly mean by groom audio but can assume that they would like to listen to some pre-recorded groom speech in order figure out how to write a groom speech. Well, you won’t find many groom speech audios online but there are several videos, which serves the purpose with similar efficiency if not better, that you could listen and at the same time watch to. However, since you asked for a groom audio I tried to extract the audio from the following video, embedded it in an audio player and made it available for listening. I like this groom’s speech and hope you are going to like it too. Let me know if you liked it. Happy listening.

Now, listen to the audio version of the same groom speech -

If you play the groom audio and listen to it you would immediately notice the amount confidence that is reflected in the groom’s voice. He seems to be a natural good speaker and more importantly spent quite some time in preparing the groom speech.

Groom Wedding Speech Questionnaire

The Groom Wedding Speech

Q. What is a Groom Wedding Speech in short?
A. The Groom’s Wedding Speech is the speech given by the groom at his wedding reception to thank almost everybody for several reasons (which are quite apparent, I guess) and welcome them to the event.

Q. Who gives the groom wedding speech ?
A. The Groom, obviously.

Q. When does the groom gives his wedding speech ?
A. Right after the father of the bride has given his speech. The groom wedding speech is generally followed by the best man speech. To be precise, the groom speech falls between the father of the bride speech and the best man speech in the wedding speech order.

Q. What could be a perfect beginning of a groom speech ?
A. Thank the earlier speaker namely the father of the bride. Welcome the guests.

Q. How to conclude a groom’s wedding speech ?
A. Introduce the best man and invite him to the podium to give his speech.

Q. Whom does the groom toasts during his wedding speech ?
A. The bridesmaids and, if he wishes, several other persons.

Q. Wait a minute, what to say in between the introduction and conclusion of the groom speech ?A. Good question. Here is your answer – Groom Wedding Speech

By the way, I am sure that you might have a lot of other questions to ask regarding groom speech and I hope that you will find the answers somewhere in this blog.

Without Groom Speech Wedding Planning is incomplete for the Groom

While planning for your wedding make sure that is complete in all respect. And every plan requires that you take action and a wedding plan is no exception. By the way did you include your groom speech in the list? Don’t underestimate it. Without the groom speech wedding planning is incomplete at least for you, the groom. It is absolutely necessary that you plan and prepare for your groom speech right from the word go otherwise you are asking for a huge trouble. Many a grooms just keep avoiding their groom speeches until it’s the evening before the wedding day and pay the price by ending up with a poor groom speech. So, remember to include groom speech while planning for your wedding and prepare for it giving it the importance it deserves.

Do You Really Think This is the Most Sentimental Groom Speech Ever Delivered ?

This is the First Part of the Groom Speech

And this is the Concluding Part of the same Groom Speech

Watched both? Now tell me what do you think of the groom speech? To me it is pretty good but . . . . okay, let me hear from you first. Do comment.

Celebrity Grooms and Brides - Part 1

Celebrity Groom I
Ivanka Trump married real estate tycoon Jared Kushner

Celebrity Groom II
Australian-Canadian Model and Actor Tara Moss weds poet and philosopher Berndt Sellheim

Once of the most clicked Celebrity Groom, or Celebrity Couple
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

A Groom Speech is As Good As You Are Prepared For It

A Groom Speech can make you nervous only if you drag your self to that position. Groom Speech resources are available all over the internet and you can prepare yourself by following them. These are best delivered when they are well prepared.

If you are a groom and need to deliver a speech and you just do not know how to do so, there should be no reason for you to panic. However you might really wonder how some others are so easy on stage. While some have a flair for speeches, some grooms may be tongue-tied. There are ways out of this dilemma however.

Every groom needs to begin with spending a little time with the preparation of the groom speech. This will go a long way in helping you feel comfortable, and as a result the groom speech will be delivered in a better way as well. You will need to prepare a speech by having it written in a very systematic way. Drafting a speech is crucial. Never expect to deliver your speech extempore on your wedding night. You can just split the speech into four or five parts. Welcome the guests, thank both the sets of parents, all the other speakers and every one involved in the wedding, praise the bride (and the bride's maids) and lastly conclude by inviting the next speaker (the best man for the best man speech in most cases).

Groom speeches are not so difficult to prepare, as it might seem. You can begin with a short and effective introduction. This is sure to get the attention of those around you. It can then move on to welcoming the guests and thanking them for attending. But you should make sure that the speech doesn't get too lengthy either. Even though the length is short, the choice of words should be very strong.

The words used must have a great impact on those listening. A complete conclusion is essential at the end of the speech as well. No one would want you to leave abruptly from the stage. Don't try to be too innovative, but concluding your groom speech in style is very important to leave a very positive impact. The smart way to conclude speeches is saying something about the best man and inviting him for his best man's speech.

This is probably the most interesting part of the speech, but you must not get carried away at the same time. Adding a touch of humor in your groom speech will do no harm. In fact you should be looking to spice up your speech with humors, suitable one-liners and interesting quotes.

Using significant words must be another important part of the groom speech. The happiness you feel at the event must be reflected as well, as this will bind you instantly with all those watching you. Every word that emanates from you should sound genuine and exactly the way you feel. Else the groom speech is not even worth having a glance at, as one would have realized by now.


Ameet regularly writes for his own Groom Speech blogs. He also writes for quite a few Wedding Blogs which cover the other areas of wedding speeches. The Groom Speech blogs include excellent Titles like Groom Speech, Groom Speeches and Grooms Speech.

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Groom Speech Rehearsal Dinner

If you are having a rehearsal dinner considers it as your Groom Speech Rehearsal Dinner as well. I mean it’s an excellent opportunity to test your groom speech. Though groom speech you are going to give at the rehearsal dinner is less formal and quite different from the one you intend to give at your wedding reception, but this is your chance to get familiar with wedding speeches. Your speech at the rehearsal dinner should be like a dress rehearsal of the original groom speech. If you are wondering after all what are you going to speak in your rehearsal dinner groom speech, it’s pretty much similar to your groom speech – welcome the guests, especially those out-of-town friends and relatives, show your gratitude towards your parents, thank the bride and her parents, introduce the wedding party to the attendees and that’s it . . . don’t make it long.

Here's a nice write up on Groom Speech Rehearsal Dinner

A rehearsal dinner is a pre-wedding ceremony in North American tradition, usually held after the wedding rehearsal and the night before the wedding ceremony.

The guests generally include the couple to be married and others who form the wedding party, but may also include extended family and out-of-town guests. The rehearsal dinner costs are traditionally incurred by the parents of the groom. However, modern traditions allow for either side or for the bride and groom to incur these costs.

The purpose of the rehearsal dinner is for the relatives and friends of the bride and groom to meet and have a good time. The couple generally takes this opportunity to thank everyone who has put work into helping them with the wedding preparations. Activities generally include toasting (or roasting) and the presentation of small gifts for those who have helped plan the wedding.

Source: Wikipedia

Thoughts on Funny Groom Speech

Are you sure you want a funny groom speech? Or do you actually mean a groom speech that would reflect your sense of humor. There is a slight difference between the two. As a groom you do not have enough scope to be out and out funny with your groom speech like the best man does with his best man speech. You should also consider if a funny groom speech suits your basic personality. If you are known for your funny bits in your family and friend circles your groom speech will eventually turn out to be funny.

Anyway, if you are determined to give a funny groom speech, try to include a few customized jokes and one-liners ( you will find a few here in this blog ) in your speech. Share those anecdotes which you think are funny and interesting. Practice your speech enough because a lot will depend on how you deliver your speech. If you are not confident you can’t deliver a funny groom speech.

Using Free Groom Speech Information to Create your Groom speech

Typically a groom, after he realizes that he has no other option than to prepare for the groom speech he has to deliver at his own wedding reception party, begins to wonder how to get some cool ideas about writing a good wedding speech for the groom. Sooner or later you will find him sitting in front of his computer searching for groom speech resources on the internet. He normally doesn’t consciously look out for the so called free wedding speeches but soon discovers that there are websites where you have to pay to get information on groom speeches. Everything else out there on groom speeches is free. There is indeed excellent free groom speech information including samples, templates, guide, tips and ideas that are available online but you need to work hard with them to make a unique groom speech out of them because when it comes to sample speeches remember hundreds of grooms are using the same speech examples for years. On the other hand a few people spend less than 0.01% of their wedding budget to purchase a groom speech package which help them to get ready for their groom speech fast and easy.

Are You Still Wondering How to Write a Groom Speech ?

Once the excitement of getting married is over and you are already planning for the wedding ceremony and reception, you suddenly remember that you need to prepare for your groom speech. Groom speech is the wedding speech which a groom delivers during the reception parting. But how to write a groom speech – that’s the question which the groom keeps asking to himself. And I guess that’s exactly why you are here too. In fact this blog is all about how to write a groom speech. Here you will find step-by-step guidelines that would give you all the ideas you need to create your groom speech.For example you would want to check this article on how to write a groom speech.

Groom Speech Ideas that Make Your Groom Speech

Everyday scores of grooms search the Internet for groom speech ideas. An idea can make or break your speech. A brilliant groom speech idea could help you make your speech outstanding while if the idea is terrible it will reflect in your groom speech. But how do you know which going to rock your groom speech? Well, for that you have to brainstorm several ideas and then stick to the one which you think is most appropriate. But whatever the idea is basically all groom speeches have a definite format - welcoming the guests, thanking the bridal party, express gratitude to both sets of parents, praise the bride and the bridesmaids, show appreciation for the groomsmen and the best man. Well, that’s one of those bare minimum groom speech ideas for you already. Now you can read the other posts of the blog to make your groom speech around it.

How Does Groom Speech Example Help ?

Groom speech example can teach you how to produce the groom speech you intend to give at your wedding reception. Lately I posted a short article on groom speech sample where I explained why one should study groom speech sample to write a groom speech of his own. Groom speech sample and groom speech example of similar terms but still I'd like to give you a few more tips. You can find several groom speech examples from the Internet but there aren't too many of those sample speeches that are available for free. So, when you choose a groom speech example keep it in mind that the same groom speech has been used by several grooms just like you. To avoid this make sure to individualize the groom speech a lot or spend some money to buy a groom speech kit which has a good groom speech example collection packed with it.

Groom Speech Jokes

Including groom speech jokes in your groom speech is definitely one of the most useful ideas. But being said that, you have to keep in mind that humor is not easy especially when you want the audience to laugh to your speech. Groom speech jokes could help you to some extent in this situation. But you need to be cautious while picking the jokes for your groom speech. Try to create some punch lines by combining the groom speech jokes with your own experience. A funny groom speech will also depend on how you present or deliver your speech. You should also avoid jokes that embarrassing or could hurt somebody. Here are three groom speech jokes that you can use –

There are two times a man doesn’t understand a woman, before marriage and after marriage!

A young man, who was in love with a girl and wanted to marry her, went to his dad and asked: "Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?

His father replied, "I don't know, son. I'm still paying for it."

Bachelors know more about women than married men; if they didn't, they'd be married too. - H. L. Mencken

There are several others that you find all over the internet. Here is one resource that not only has a huge collection of groom speech jokes but also shows you how to use them effectively.

Groom Speech Sample

An excellent way to get your groom speech done real fast and easy is to first get hold of a groom speech sample and then customize it to fit your style and personality. This is a great approach if you are one of those grooms who didn’t bother to prepare for your groom speech until you realized that you hardly have any time left for it. But ideally anybody who wants to impress the wedding audience as well as the bride should at least study a few groom speech samples because such example speeches would give him some instant ideas on how to write a groom speech. Scroll down to find the groom speech sample posted somewhere in this blog. For more samples check this site.

The Groom Speech Blog Wishes You A Happy New Year

A very Happy and Successful New Year to all the grooms and all our readers from around the world. I have resolute to publish more groom speech content than ever before to this blog. That’s quite a challenge since the Groom Speech Blog already has everything you need to give excellent groom speeches. So I need to be extra careful such that you don’t get rehashed content in any way. I would also request you to post comments mentioning what else you wish me to post regarding groom speeches. And if you have a suitable article on groom speech written by you please feel free to contact me, I would arrange to publish it here in this Groom Speech Blog with a link back to your site / blog.

Groom Speech UK - Wedding Speech Ideas for the United Kingdom Groom

How does a groom from UK differ from his counterpart from the US? Well, traditionally most UK grooms would give a groom speech at the wedding reception while several grooms in the US would give it a miss. If you are searching for the specific term groom speech uk most probably you are looking for groom speech ideas that are suitable for grooms who are from United Kingdom. But honestly I think there’s hardly any difference between the so called versions of groom speeches. So, rather than looking around and wasting your time to find a perfect “groom speech uk” you would do a lot better if you study a few good groom speech resources and create your speech out of them.

Okay, since you insist to learn more about groom speech UK, here’s a video that you may find interesting. By the way, I liked the style the UK groom delivered his speech. He is confident and seems well prepared. Watch.

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