Thoughts on Funny Groom Speech

Are you sure you want a funny groom speech? Or do you actually mean a groom speech that would reflect your sense of humor. There is a slight difference between the two. As a groom you do not have enough scope to be out and out funny with your groom speech like the best man does with his best man speech. You should also consider if a funny groom speech suits your basic personality. If you are known for your funny bits in your family and friend circles your groom speech will eventually turn out to be funny.

Anyway, if you are determined to give a funny groom speech, try to include a few customized jokes and one-liners ( you will find a few here in this blog ) in your speech. Share those anecdotes which you think are funny and interesting. Practice your speech enough because a lot will depend on how you deliver your speech. If you are not confident you can’t deliver a funny groom speech.

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