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So, you are tying the knot, right? Congratulations. Since you are here reading this I hope that you are eager to know how to write a groom speech and deliver it with absolute confidence. But that is only if you are different from most grooms. Most of us would look for a quick solution and try to grab a free groom speech thinking we can use it as our own speech. I used the word "we" because I was also one of those groom who grabbed a free groom speech from somewhere in the internet but later discovered that several others also used the same free groom speech at their wedding. There's nothing wrong in using free groom speeches but did you know that most of the free groom speeches that you see in the internet are actually sample speeches published to woo the end user (the groom) to buy the original pack?

Everyday more than 300 grooms search for "groom speech" or "groom speeches" or similar key phrases and returned with almost the same result every time. Imagine how many grooms everyday are delighted to find the same old free groom speeches ? So, if you are using one of those free speeches don't be surprised if one of your friends complain that you have copied his groom speech (which actually is not his speech either . . . it's the same free groom speech). Well, it may sound like a bit exaggerated but it could happen to anybody.

So, what's the solution? Simple, customize the free groom speech as much as you can. Copy as many free groom speeches as you manage to find from the web and read them carefully. The sole purpose of this is to get ideas on how groom speeches are written and then based on that you can write your own speech. It's perfectly okay to adopt the style but you should put your thoughts into it. In a nutshell, customize the free groom speech to suit your style and personality.

However, to get the groom speech written is only the half job done. You still have to deliver the speech at your wedding reception. The only way to master it is to practice or rehearse it several times until you are confident of yourself.

So, I hope you have realized that leveraging free groom speeches is not a bad idea provided you are ready to customize it thoroughly. But if you are looking for a faster solution I suggest you spend a little ton get yourself the whole lot of easily customizable groom speeches. And guess what? Most of these packs are accompanied by excellent "How to do it" type guides. I think it's worthy and produce much better and faster results than free groom speeches.


  1. Great site about how to give groom speeches, a good place to know about when or if I get ready to get married. will recommend to all my single friends.

  2. I agree--there's nothing wrong with getting your inspiration from other speeches but use your own words in your grooms speech. It would be terrible if in the middle of giving it someone yelled out -- "Hey, that's the same speech I heard at the last wedding".

  3. With this guide, a groom will really shine on that special day.

  4. I've Been to a few weddings and I have seen some of the guys really sweating it out when it comes to making a speech. I know lots of people who are not comfortable in front of people. I'm one of them. You can take out a lot of the uncertainty in your speech and reduce the stress level a bunch if you have the right tools and do a little rehearsing. This my friend will put the right tools in your tool bag. Go out there and grab that special day it's yours !

  5. I love your site. My best friend had to make a groom speech recently and he looked so uncomfortable. Groom speeches are really tough for most people especially when they have to try and come up with the content by themselves. Ive recommended your site and products to another friend who has to make a speech next year. I know there are free groom speeches available on the website but you get what you pay for right. I don't go in for freebies- especially when it's something as important as a groom speech.


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