Basic Guide to Write a Groom Speech

Most of the grooms have no idea where to start and what to do with the groom speech, nevertheless the groom have to prepare the speech, so the bride. It is hard and very important speech as the groom the second speaker after the bride’s father. So here is some base point of the speech.

First of all and this is the most important: You have to thank and praise your beloved bride
  1. Thank the father to raise a lovely girl to a beautiful woman.
  2. Thanks both families to help you and your bride, to achieve this day.
  3. Thank the bridesmaid in honor /Bridesmaids, and families and the best man to help you trough your journey to the wedding.
  4. Thank all the audience and helpers for they present and to help you to organize the wedding.
  5. Thanks all the peoples who helped you and your bride to become whoever you are.
This is the 6 main turning points in your groom speech. However never forget the fact; you have to thank so many peoples. Keep your speech short and pay attention for the details.

Never leave any of the bride’s parents out of your speech and never praise to much the bride’s mother.

Keep your groom speech nice and simple. Longer speeches often tend to get boring. So, keep your speech short too.

Last but not least: Answer all your questions to yourself, and if you have the answers write it down, this will give you the blueprint of your speech.

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