Traditional Groom Speeches

An usual wedding program consists of giving opportunity to the parents of the newly wed, the best man, the bride and groom to speak before guests and families.

From Victorian times, women are not expected to speak. That explains why there is no formal structure to a bride’s speech as with groom speeches. Here is a simple in making your own.

Groom speeches usually start with welcoming everyone who tried their best to attend their wedding. At this point, the groom should highlight people who traveled all the way just to join them in their special day.

The groom also speaks of his gratefulness to the people who have raised his new wife-the bride’s parents. He must compliment on how appropriately they have raised her and that he is more than grateful for allowing him to marry their child.

The groom then focuses his speech towards his beloved and will again thank her for choosing him as her partner in life. He may add a few words about how they first met or have an amusing story about the two of them. He should also share with the guests the activities that he and his bride enjoy going together.

The groom, in his groom speech, also expresses his thanks to the groomsmen who have been with him all throughout the day, as well as the bridesmaids to accompany his wife.

Groom speeches also include proposing a toast to the bridesmaids and introducing the best man as the next speaker in the lack of a master of ceremony.

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  1. The groom speech on behalf of his new wife and himself. He will express thank the bride's father for his toast. He will then thank the guests for coming and for their wedding gifts, and he will thank both sets of parents. He should make sure he compliments his bride, thanks his best man, and then he thanks and toasts the bridesmaids.
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