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For long you had intricacy expressing your feelings to your girlfriend. Now that finally you have decided to tie the knot, it's one of your duties to express your love and loyalty to your bride and that too in front of more than hundred guests. Until now you have enjoyed and often laughed at the grooms when they fumbled while giving their groom speeches. Now it's your turn to prepare and deliver a perfect groom speech. And since you found this blog on groom speeches I assume that you realized that your reputation is at stake. I have seen smart guys faltering while delivering wedding speeches. Good for you that you are aware of that and try to find a solution. This blog is all about groom speeches and if you scroll down you will find several posts on how to write, prepare and deliver wonderful groom speeches. If you understand why a groom fails to deliver even a simplest of groom speeches you know what you need to make sure so that you don't. Once you learn the basics it wouldn't be that complicated to find the words you always wanted to say to praise your newlywed bride.

While brainstorming different groom speech ideas I suggest you begin by remembering how you met your girlfriend, the bride now, for the first time. However, the groom speech is not about the bride alone so don't get carried away while paying tribute to her. In fact you should begin the speech by greeting the guests and thanking almost everybody for something or the other. Keep your speech short, express your gratitude to both sets of parents, share a couple of nice anecdotes, don't forget to complement the bridesmaids, the groomsmen including the best man and for God's sake don't try to be fancy if you don't know what you are doing …. And that's it. Do that and you will do justice with your groom speech. By the way, as I have already written in my earlier posts on groom speech, it will work out better for you if you first draft the entire speech first - an outline or blueprint on which you can build the final speech.

My next blog post will be on duties and responsibilities of a groom. So, come back again after a few days. However, if your wedding day is prior to that you can check this resource on groom speeches and toasts to get more help on the topic.


  1. Where can i find some samples from your groom speech, i want to know if its any good.

  2. "My next blog post will be on duties and responsibilities of a groom"... hmm responsibilities kind of takes the fin out of the party....

  3. This should be taught in school. Imagine how cute it would look when the kids in speach class give a Groom speach.

    Seriously, great info and things to think about.


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