Groom Speech and other Wedding Speeches

What are the major speeches? And what do they have in common?

There are four major wedding speeches viz.

Best Man Speech
Groom Speech
Father of the Bride Speech
Maid of Honor Speech

Apart from that there are other wedding speeches like the bride speech, father of the groom speech, mother of the groom speech so on and so forth.

All wedding speeches have characteristics that are common. Wedding speeches are almost always addresses either the bride or the groom or both. All wedding speeches begin with a introduction and often end with a wedding toast. You will every wedding speaker sharing anecdotes during his or her speech. The best man wants to give a funny best man speech and so does the groom and searches for appropriate groom speech jokes.

But apart from those similarities every wedding speech is different from the other. A groom wedding speech is obviously not the same as the best man speech or father of the bride speech. The groom speech is formal and straight forward in nature until it reaches the stage where the groom pays tribute to his bride.

The bottom line is you should also study other wedding speeches also if you want to make your groom speech really special. The wedding reception party livens up only when all the wedding speeches are in harmony with one another. Just imagine how you would feel if your wonderful groom speech is followed by the best man’s lackluster speech. It might not be bad for you as you delivered a pretty decent speech but it’s definitely bad for the mood of the evening.

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