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Taking into consideration what you are going to say for your groom speech at your wedding reception scared the hell out of you once the initial excitement (of getting married) is over. A few simple tips will make sure that your groom speech is no worse than anybody else’s. The audience wants you to speak from heart. And you need to oblige them with a sincere yet light-hearted speech. The groom speech generally falls in between the father of the bride speech and the best man speech. The father of the bride speech is typically more somber while the best man speech often has several funny and even somewhat awkward stories.

It is conventional to expect a groom speech to honor and express thanks to everybody who has attended or assisted in arrangement of the marriage. However, the last thing you would want is make your groom speech sound like a monotonous checklist. Despite the fact that preferably you would prepare for your groom speech ahead of time, it is vital that you listen to the father of the bride speech and take on from there.  Similarly, towards the end of the speech, after you have said a few words of praise about the bride (and don’t forget the bridesmaids) and done with the toasting you can say a couple of line about the best man again (you should have mentioned about him already in your speech) and welcome him to deliver his speech. This is a nice gesture from your part and would give the best man a cue from where he could take on and begin his speech.

If you can talk you can give a groom speech - it's as simple as this. Do you say "thank you" when somebody congratulates you for something or wishes you on your birthday? I am sure you do. And you will be happy to learn that almost half of a groom speech is about thanking several people including the guests, the groomsmen and the bridesmaids and everybody else who is present at the wedding reception. So, the main difference between saying thanks to your buddy and thanking the guests at the wedding is nothing but the difference between the number of people you are addressing to. Yes, if you are a bit introvert by nature you could feel shy why praising the bride in the presence of so many people. But practicing it several times would definitely make it easier for you.

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