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I want you to watch this groom speech video. In the video you will find the groom giving his groom's speech in front of the guests, friends and families who were present at the wedding reception. Before i come to the speech I would like you to notice the quality of the video. It's way too dark inside. There's hardly any light, at least not enough to shoot a video. You can hardly see the groom and the bride is lost in the dark. It would have been great if we could see the groom and his facial expressions while he's delivering his groom speech. And, yes, the bride too.

OK .... watch it first

Now, let's come to the groom speech. While the groom seems to be pretty confident and prepared for his speech it's hard to believe that he begin his speech thanking the stuffs and the wedding planners. Well, they deserve it undoubtedly but generally their names are mentioned towards the end of the speech and that's how groom speeches should be planned. What about the guests especially those who traveled long just to attend the wedding? What about thanking the father of the bride for his speech (I am sure there was one just before the groom's speech).

However apart from that the speech was quite good and the groom seemed to be in control. And he did get some very spontaneous reactions from the audience which means that they were hearing to him and they liked the speech.

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  1. Great info here for the Groom. You have really covered all aspects of what he needs to know to make his wedding a success.


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