Write a Heart Filled Groom Speech in less than 10 minutes

So you are about to get married, CONGRATULATIONS!! Now, I know your brain has been on maximum overload the past few months, and you have not taken much time to think of your groom’s speech. But it’s okay. Don’t panic, I have been a part of plenty of weddings, and I am here to help you write and deliver your groom’s speech.

How to write a Groom Speech

  1. Thank your family and friends
    Thank everyone for their support and for coming to the reception.
  2. Thank your parents
    Thank your parents for how wonderfully they raised you, for their support and advice in making this day perfect. Share a story or an example of how your parents have supported you throughout your life.
  3. Shine the light on your bride
    Clarify why you two are so amazingly perfect together. Tell a short funny, romantic moment you two shared or maybe even share the two of your dreams with the guests.
  4. Direct the attention towards the best man
    Explain to the guests why you chose him as your best man, and then introduce him and allow him to make his best man’s speech.

How to deliver a Groom Speech

  1. NEVER read it off a piece of paper. Make your speech from the heart; it will be easier to remember.
  2. You’re not being judged. Relax and let your speech come from your heart.
  3. DO NOT make it long. Short and sweet is the key.
  4. When talking about someone, look in their direction.

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