Groom Voice - The voice of the Groom does matter

You get to hear the groom voice, I mean the groom’s voice, as he slowly stands up and to give his groom’s wedding speech. Next time when you attend a wedding reception make it a point to listen to the voice of the groom carefully or could it be that you have listened to it and realized it already? I mean you can tell from the groom’s voice if that particular groom has prepared for his groom speech or he is trying to create an impromptu speech. The groom voice would certainly reflect the confidence or uneasiness in him. Besides as a groom you would always want your voice to remain good during the wedding and avoid doing things that may lead to shore throat or similar troubles. So, when it comes to the groom speech, the groom voice does matter; may be you only realize it when it is not in the right shape.

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