Groom Speech - UK, Australia, Ireland version ?

I have recommended Dan Steven's Groom Speech a number of times in this Blog. That's because I feel like it's the best resource you could have downloaded from the internet. And it's universal, means it remembers that there are Grooms from outside the USA also who might want to listen to him. So, keeping that in mind, his book Groom Speech, meets the expectations grooms from all over the world especially from countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa who needs to deliver a groom's wedding speech on their wedding day.

If you are British living in the UK, an Australian or an Irish and you having your wedding these groom speeches are ideal for you because they mention places or events that will be perfectly recognizable to a audience from England or UK, Australia and Ireland alike . They express your love for your bride and your appreciation of both your parents and your in-laws. These groom speeches also mention your best man in a light-hearted way and end with an appropriate toast to the bridesmaids/maids of honour.

Here is the link to Groom Speech one more time ( even if you are from the UK, Australia or Ireland )

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