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A successful Groom Speech should include a little bit more than what normally is consider being enough, before culminating in toasts to the bridesmaids, parent and his new wife. A smart groom will make up for his lack of experience by seeking help on what to deliver and how to deliver. After all, most men hope to make only one groom’s speech ever. The bridegroom's speech is one of the most significant public speaking occasions in his life. Experienced help with getting it right need not be expensive, and is readily available.

The groom's wedding speech is often the second speech (after the father of the bride) to be made. Here is a comprehensive guideline on how to compose a classic Groom Speech. I hope you are going to like it.

  • You can begin your Groom Speech, like any other occasion, by thanking the previous speaker. Generally it's the father of the bride.
  • Welcome and greet all the guests. Thank them for attending the ceremony and for the wedding gifts they have brought along.
  • Thank the parents of the bride for everything they have done to raise their beautiful daughter and for accepting you as a part of their family.
  • Thank your parents for the love and support they have given you over the years. Share a couple of pleasant memories you shared with your parents.
  • Now thank the people who assisted you with the planning and preparations of the wedding ceremony and the reception. Here you could be general or specific, or may be the combination of two. Just make sure no one is hurt.
  • But make sure that your Groom Speech doesn’t become an unnecessary long list of “Thank You-s”. Thank only those who deserves. You may not say thanks to the commercial suppliers here in your wedding speech. Still if you can’t avoid reading out a long list, put on your thinking cap and be a little humorous. Add a line or two (even some quotes) in between. This will do the trick and keep the audience interested.
  • Now it’s time to compliment and praise your bride. Turn to her and say something that will make her smile and feel proud. And congratulations, you have already reached the half way mark of your Groom Speech.
  • Don’t forget to say thanks to the younger attendants for participating in the wedding. You know the ring bearer, the flower girl and so on.
  • Thank the groomsmen for their support.
  • Now that you are almost done with your Groom Speech, it’s time to thank the Best Man. Thank the Best Man. You can mention a couple of funny moments you shared together.
  • Finally, thank Bridesmaids who have helped your wife through the day. Comment on their charm & beauty - not too much, though, as you may make your new wife jealous!
  • At this point you may introduce the best man and welcome him to deliver his best man's speech.
  • And why not honour your groomsmen asking them to deliver a short crisp Groomsmen's Speech.

Again, to deliver like a true maestro, I recommend Groom Speech. It will not help you but literally get you prepared.

By the way if you haven't yet seen my Groom Speech video, scroll down and watch it.

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