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In my last post I promised a sample groom speech. Well, that's almost ready but meanwhile i have something else for you. If you don't know already I have several blogs and a full fledged website on best man speeches. So, I thought, why not tell my readers who are mainly grooms from around the world ( actually they are mainly from the English speaking countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa ) about the best man speech sites that I have. May be they could recommend them to the best men they have already selected or will eventually select. I have also put together a best man speech video which tells you about some very informative and helpful best man speech resources. You can watch it on YouTube by going there. Here is the link - Best Man Speeches Video

And you can watch the best man speech video here on this blog, just below -

And if you are looking for the Best Man Speech ebook and CDs mentioned in the video you can get that by clicking the link below.

Great Funny Best Man Speeches and Toasts - fast and quick

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