Sample Groom Speech - An Example

I want to make it sure that this sample or example groom speech won’t be a very fancy groom’s wedding speech. It’s because the more it’s fancier the harder it gets especially for the first time grooms and, jokes apart, the ones who are not very fond of public speaking. But if you want it that way you can always spice up your groom speech with your stuffs like one-liners and quotations. The other thing I’d like to mention here is that the groom should portrait an image of himself as a responsible person and I don’t think there is much scope to make a groom speech as funny as a best man speech. If you are a groom you should depend on your best man or groomsmen for the fun part. So, let’s start with a sample groom speech. But, I don't think that I could complete this example groom speech in one shot. Sorry, if you are a groom in a hurry. But, nevertheless, this could surely get you started.

Hi everyone! (Ladies and Gentlemen)

Firstly I’d like to sincerely thank everyone present here. Your presence is so important to both of us. My special thanks to those who have travelled a long way, Harry, Ann, Mr. Stevens, (these are the persons who came from distant places) to be a part of this wedding ceremony. Without your best wishes and blessings our marriage wouldn’t be complete. Thanks again.

Before anything else I’d like to say thanks to Suzanne, my lovely bride, from the bottom of my heart. She is the most wonderful girl I have ever met. In fact, she, as a woman, is as amazing as you could ever think of. I’m not saying it as she is my bride today but anybody who knows her would agree. I heard someone saying that marriage is like a gamble, you never know what’s in store for you. But all I can say is, if marriage is a lottery, I have hit the jackpot. Can’t describe it better. Thank you Suzanne for saying “Yes”. You have made me so special. You made me feel like a winner. I can’t describe how happy I am. This is the happiest day of my life . . . no wait . . . this isn’t, because tomorrow will be happier and day after tomorrow even happier than that. This is just the beginning of a happy journey where every passing day is happier than the preceding day.

As I’m delivering this groom speech, I can well remember the day when I first met Suzanne. I used to visit an office at that time for my business; it was like 8 years back. I met Suzanne in that office and soon we began to like each other. We were dating and going places, I was so happy. By the way, if you don’t know already, we were in the same business and used to share our thoughts in spite of being business rivals. I can’t exactly remember when our respect and admiration for each other turned to love for each other. Businessman finds his love in his rival – that could have made a great headline should we were celebrities. By the way, I think Suzanne has got everything that is required to make a celebrity. . . but that’s another story. The rest of this story should more or less sound familiar. After couple of years of dating we finally decided to tie the knot. This is about six months ago and here we are finally in front of you . . . as a groom and the bride.

(to be continued)

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