The Groom, the Bride, the Best Man, the Groomsmen and their Wedding Speeches

I noticed many web sites and blogs who are talking about wedding speeches often mention the order in which the speakers should deliver their speeches. Well, isn't that obvious. Anyway, as my blog is about wedding speeches, groom speech to be specific, I thought I should also remind you the order in which the wedding speakers generally deliver their wedding speeches or wedding toasts.

  1. Father of the Bride - The Bride's Father is the first speaker
  2. Groom - The Groom's Speech is next
  3. Bride - A short and sweet Bride's goes here between the groom and his best man.
  4. Best Man - The all important Best Man Speech follows
  5. Groomsmen - Though not very common, the Groomsmen's Speech come next
  6. Maid Of Honor - Last comes the Bridesmaids' Speeches.
There could be more speakers like mother of the bride and brother or sister of bride and so on who could come and deliver their speeches there after. But, the Father of the Bride Speech, the Groom Speech and the Best Man Speech are almost delivered in every wedding ceremony and are the most important of all wedding speeches.

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