The Making Of A Perfect Groom Speech

It was less than 6 weeks that my friend Jason was getting married and my friend had given me the task of penning down his groom speech. As I surfed the net for information on groom speeches I was amazed to see how would-be grooms get nervous on the thought of delivering a groom speech, specially if they have not prepared beforehand and the marriage party is one or two days away.

An interesting story that I remember to have read is about a young man who was going to be married in a few days and he knew not what to say in his groom speech—he was literally puzzled. If my friend, you are also on your way to marry your sweetheart and groping in the dark about how to put down a mind-blowing groom speech I can put forward some points which you can remember:

  • The groom speech would generally be the second speech of the day after that of the bride’s father. So you may start by thanking the previous speaker.
  • it is the turn to thank all the guests. You can get a probable list from your parents. Forget not to thank the junior members in your groom speech.
  • you should thank the bride’s family for making you a part of their family. This part of your groom’s speech should really be passionate. You should also thank your parents for making you what you are.
  • you are done with this you should in short thank the bride’s maiden and groom’s men. To make your groom speech alluring comment on how beautiful the maiden looked, but don’t make the bride jealous.
  • this point you are half way through your groom speech. Try not to make it too lengthy. It is proper at this junction to tell some funny stories connecting you and the bride and also the best man for his speech will follow yours.
  • is the most crucial point of your groom speech. You should turn to the bride, compliment her, and thank her for making the wedding possible.
  • you have to say something about the best man in your groom speech—you can tell some jokes connecting him, but don’t make him feel embarrassed.

In the final analysis from my experience I can assure you if you can follow the above mentioned points, your groom speech will be a memorable one. But better groom speeches require that you brush up your speaking skills. But you needn’t get too worried about it because all you need to do is present yourself properly and practice your groom speech a few times before actually delivering it on the big day.

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