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As a groom you possibly know it well that if there is anything which is holding you back from fully enjoying the most important day of your life is nothing but your groom speech which you have to give at wedding reception. You haven’t spoken to so many people before and you know that the father of the bride, who is going to deliver his speech just before you, is a good speaker. I don’t want to sound scary, but your groom speech has the full potential to spoil the party unless, of course, you are ready for it.

Don’t tell me that you never recited a poem or did a bit of stage acting in your school play. Well, you might not but that doesn’t mean that you can’t deliver a nice decent groom’s speech on your wedding night. Believe me you can do it if you act smart. Fortunately, groom speeches are one of the easier wedding speeches.

To start with, keep in mind that groom speeches don't have to be lengthy. Actually you will discover that keeping your groom speech precise helps you to memorize it easily. A good speech by the groom shouldn’t be more than 5 to 6 minutes long. And if you really hate public speaking (the guests present in the wedding ceremony in your case), you don't have to go over a couple minutes. Bear it in mind that the people you are addressing none other but those who are close to you and your family; they love you and care about you. They have come to the wedding ceremony to wish you and share the special moment you rather than expecting to hear long hysterically funny speeches. All you want to address to them is a short decent speech and are more than happy to hear whatever you have to say.

In a typical groom speech you would want to say thanks to all the people who helped you to make everything possible for you from arranging the wedding reception party to reserve your honeymoon tickets. Thank your family for raising you and the bride’s family for raising her. Thank the bride for marrying you and the parents of the bride to let you marry their daughter. Thank the best man and the groomsmen, the maid of honors and the ring bearers. Thank everybody else for whatever they have done to you and even if they haven’t. Do a bit of introduction for the bride and if possible share with the guests some light moments you shared with the bride. Finally say thanks to all and invite the best man to give his speech. That’s all you need to do – a groom speech is all about thanking a lots of people. Don’t remember all? Just take a look around – there they are listening to you. Just look at them and say thank you for what they have done. Sounds a lot easier? Didn’t I tell you that a groom speech is probably the simplest among all wedding speeches?

But at the end of the day you have to give it. So, it would be a huge blunder if you neglect it thinking that’s it’s easy and you can manage it extempore. Nope, sorry, that’s not a good idea at all. You need to prepare for your grooms speech. However if you don’t have enough time or simply don’t have the patience to write up a speech and rehearsal it for a couple of times I suggest that you get yourself some sample speeches and groom speech templates which will help you to get ready with your speech almost instantly.

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  1. I totally agree about the speech only needing to be 5 or 6 minutes long. At a recent wedding the speeches were sooo long many of the guests went outside for some fresh air! Everything else was gorgeous, but the complaints about those lengthy speeches could be heard echoing well into the night!

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