Groom Speech Structure

Typical reception programs require the parents of the bride and groom to say some things about the newly wed couple. Naturally, the bride and the groom and the best man also have turns in speaking in front of families, friends, and guests. The bride and groom speech are usually the highlights of the reception program.

Although the bride speech does not follow a certain structure, groom speech encompasses certain parts. Traditions suggest the following parts of a groom speech.

First, the groom must begin by welcoming everyone who exerted much of their time and effort in coming to their wedding.

A groom speech includes thanking the parents of his new wife for bringing up such a pretty lady and for giving him the hand of their daughter in marriage.

This is also an appropriate time to say a few things about how the newly wed couple first met and share to the people the common things that the couple shares. The groom may choose to add an anecdote about them. It is the task of the groom to thank the groomsmen for being with him throughout the day. He shouldn’t forget to express his gratuity to the best man for his presence and to say something about him. A few words about the best man and the bride are also appreciated.

The groom’s speech ends with thanking the bridesmaids for attending to his new wife and by proposing a toast to the bridesmaids.

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