Don’t Forget About The Father Of The Groom Speech

At a wedding, you are going to hear a lot of speeches. There is the best man speech, the groom speech, and the father of the bride speech. The father of the groom speech often gets forgotten, but it still has a large affect on the wedding.

Although typically the father of the bride gives the speech first, some weddings have the groom’s father speak first. Even if the bride’s father speaks first, sometimes people wander off for more food or drinks. Because of this, it is up to you as the father of the groom to write a speech that is worth listening to.

Right from the start it is up to you to set the tone. You want to welcome the bride into the family and thank the bride’s parents for everything they have done. Let them know you are happy to include them as part of the family.

You want your speech to be a mixture of emotion and humor. It is up to you to determine which you want to start with. You can start with a quick joke or one liner, or you can start by telling a story about the bride and groom. Either way, you want to have an impact immediately.

It is common for the father of the groom speech to include a somewhat embarrassing story of the groom. Make sure to make it clean and not over the top, but there is nothing wrong with making him a little red.

The last thing you want to include is some advice. Give your son advice that he can take with him the rest of his life. You can also include advice for the couple as a whole.

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